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tell me 5 things I don't know about Harry Potter

Lol this is so hard because I have no idea what you know and what you don’t! hmm fine..

1) JKR originally sorted three muggle-borns into Slytherin (in Harry’s year). One of them even was a Greengrass. This means Astoria, Draco’s wife, almost turned out to be a muggle-born lol (well at least she respects them now, despite being a pure-blood in the Sacred 28.)

-> Pure-blood Slytherins talking to Slytherin muggle-borns on the phone be like:

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2) If you’re wearing a necklace with a golden snitch, in the province of Quebec, people will start saying you’re wearing Marcel Leboeuf. It happened to me a few weeks ago and it was extremely awkward. I won’t stop wearing my golden snitch though haha.


3) Malfoy doesn’t mean “bad faith” in French, despite it being told everywhere. ‘Mal’ can mean bad like in ‘evil’, and ‘foi’ can mean faith (foy would be old French).  However, bad faith would literally be “mauvaise foi” in French, meaning their faith wouldn’t be towards a good person or thing and that they’d be fine with being in the wrong and with being the bad guys. In ‘real’ French, though, that’s not how it sounds, but rather like it’s a mistake and it isn’t going to do them any good in the end. It’s impossible to say mal foi, but if it had to be translated I’d rather say something like “I had faith into the wrong thing”. Mal is in fact a prefix used just like ‘’mis’’ is used in English in words such as ‘misunderstood’ (malcompris), ‘misjudge’ (mal juger), ‘misfortune’ (malchance), etc. (it’s even used in the word ‘mistake’ itself!). This add some more tragedy to the Malfoy’s story and it’s true they actually came to realize they were wrong, and what they believed in was wrong (especially Draco). Foy can also mean abandonned. Malfoy could then be translated as “To abandon evil” too, which is also true. Or we can use the prefix mal, turn it into mis and write ‘misbelieve’ (which would be a literal translation meaning “to have doubts”). Bad faith is the worst translation possible and it clearly isn’t French..

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4) Pottermore can sort you in several houses, or at least it used to on the old website. It once asked me if I wanted to go to Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Huge identity crisis here haha. Slytherin ftw, though. I’ve also been sorted in Slytherin and Ravenclaw. And in Gryffindor too. fml.


5) While on Halloween night in PS Hermione was said to be crying in the toilets because of Ron Weasley – who had made fun of her once again –, in Harry Potter LEGO: Years 1 to 4, she was crying because Draco Malfoy had thrown a piece of chocolate cake at her. (I’m still not over that one tbh hahaha)

-> Draco remembering everyone of the event on their wedding day a few years later.. ^_^

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Ça fait au moins trois ans que mon frère demande «Un poster géant de Marcel Leboeuf» pour Noël. Il l’a enfin eu.

«Écoutez, je porte ce collier double depuis près d’un an et je n’ai jamais attrapé Ebola ni souffert d’une quelconque fièvre hémorragique. Qu’est-ce que ça vous prend de plus? Un moment donné, faut arrêter d’être toujours sceptique»