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Model wearing white wool beret by Ellen Lockwood, brown and white striped with one blue stripe wool t-shirt sweater and brown wool dress by Geist & Geist, white driving gloves by Marcel Wagner. Photo by Sante Forlano. Glamour Magazine 1966

Holby City Ladies ~ Current cast with some Louise Delamere & Niamh Walsh action, because who didn’t love Colette and Cara??

Many thanks to all these talented actresses for giving us a plethora of women to admire - all  so very glorious and powerful in their own way. 

•Shy Little Girl•|Part Five| - |Rebekah Mikaelson and Marcel|

Genre: Fluff

Pairings: Rebekah Mikaeslon x Marcel and daughter!reader

Warnings: None

Summary: It’s been 1 year since you had moved in with your extended family. You had turned 5 years old, and you were starting kindergarten, so things were kind of hectic.

Word Count: 1, 252

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Just a Girl-Part One

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Summary: Klaus is the original hybrid and (Y/N) is a normal human being. He’ll do anything for power and she’ll do anything to save the man and city she loves.

Klaus Mikaelson x Reader 

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name

Requested: Nope, just a trial run. But hope to do more on this blog.

Part Two


Next Up: Love Triangle- Part Two

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There's a time and place to die, but this ain't it.

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well… Im gonna get around to finish reading all your lovely drabbles and klaroline art very soon, but I have been very rushed off my feet by demanding little kiddies… Here is my gift for the amazing ABBY! @3tinkgemini 

Klaus held yet another monthly faction meeting since he came to New Orleans over a year ago. He had come to seek powerful witches to raise his brother Kol, who had died back in Mystic Falls at the hands of the Gilbert hunter, and to reacquaint himself as King of New Orleans after leaving the city in safe hands in Marcel’s care. The witches were a bit wary and cautious of his demands but nonetheless, his baby brother was brought back to the family, causing carnage in his wake.  

Klaus suddenly stopped talking mid speech, mid pace, and dropped to the floor, the echo of his knees colliding with concrete filling the silence of the room. His right hand came to his chest, clutching at his grey henley, panting hard, gasping for breath. Trying to fill his burning lungs with the very air he didn’t even need to survive anymore. He felt every ounce of life, of light, of love leave him in the piercing cold darkness.

The blood rushing in his ears drowned the concerned voices of his siblings, so much so that he only managed to see blurry figures flash over to him, Rebekah holding on to his shoulders, mouth opening and closing but he couldn’t grasp on reality enough to hear what she said.

The room was growing heavy and dark, and the little he could see was a swirling spiral of colours.

As quick as it came over him, the darkness left him, bringing his hearing and life back into a dull existence. The light in the room was the same but his long life and artistic attention to details told him that the tone of colour he once knew was a few subtle shades more bland.

Klaus finally heard his sister’s and brother’s calls of concern, the ‘what’s going on?’, ‘what’s happening to him?’, ‘help him’ finally reaching him, calling him fully out of whatever had overcome him.

He went to stand up, to tell them he was okay, to demand to know what witch dared try to cast a spell on him, to kill them in retaliation, when his femur cracked under pressure.

Crashing back to the floor, he looked up at his sister in confusion, who stared back at him in horror. His other leg broke into pieces before his shoulders arched in pain, his answering howl bouncing around his home.

He was transforming into his wolf.

Determined not to go through the agonizing change, he tried to will his bones to change back, to stay in his human form. He was in a battle within himself, his mind demanding to stave off the change, but his wolf was stubborn and wanted to protect him.

To protect his heart.

His soul.

He finally put the pieces together, he understood what was going on.

She was gone.


His wolf was turning from the death of his mate and he managed to croak out her name to Rebekah before letting go, growling in torment. His clothes tore into pieces, claws elongated from his fingertips and soft, grey fur covered his bare skin, his eyes becoming golden as his wolf was finally set free.


There wasn’t much that had scared Rebekah throughout her long existence, her immortality ensuring she was the bigger threat. But watching her brother collapse without warning, no stench of magic in the air, had her own heart clutch in fear for him. She watched helplessly as his pain-filled eyes dimmed of all life, much worse than if he were turning the ever-elusive switch off that young vampires liked to pretend they had.

She stood back as soon as she saw her brother change into his wolf, enough to be there for him but far enough to flash away if she needed to, not sure if he would recognise her. Nik surprised her though, looking at her sorrowfully before fleeing, Elijah hot on his heels like the ever dutiful brother. He would clean up after their brother while she would hold the fort here.

“Well I take it the meeting is postponed. Off you go.” She dismissed the witches, needing the seclusion to phone for information. She had no idea why her brother would mention her now - after all, they had left that awful, cursed town a year ago and to her knowledge he’d had no contact with the residents. The witches started to leave but Marcel and the wolf girl, Hayley, held back. She knew Marcel was just as curious as he was concerned for her brother but Rebekah had no idea why the wolf would stay.

“I think I know what may be going on with Klaus.”

“Tell me,” Rebekah demanded. She needed to know what was going on, and if the little wolf pup could shed some light, she could be more help to her brother.

“It’s rare-” Hayley started.

“What is?” Rebekah butted in, her impatience showing. She had no time for stories.

“Mates. Wolves are gifted with mates. Alphas mainly, but some betas and omegas are lucky enough to have them.”

“What does that have to do with Nik?”

“If you let me finish,” she paused, “whoever she is, he just felt his mate die.”

Rebekah was shocked.

How had she never been aware that her brother could not only be susceptible to having a mate but to have one too. Could the blonde, baby vampire be his mate? She needed to find out if she had indeed died before she could have her proper answers.

“Thank you for your information, but if you…”

“I would never. No matter how many wrongdoings he has done, wolves would never go after mates or sell them out. We are as protective to other packs as we are to our own. Like I said, they are rare and we don’t take them for granted. No matter the sins of the wolf who had one.” She stood defiantly, her words ringing with truth.

“Clear off then, I have a brother to help.”

Hayley nodded and walked out of the house, leaving Rebekah, Kol and Marcel alone. Rebekah swirled in Marcel’s direction ready to dismiss him, threaten him, or both - she hadn’t decided yet - but he beat her to it.

“I’m here to help. I’ve told Joshua to keep the vampires at bay, not to attack any wolves and that if they see him, to let me know of his whereabouts. Hayley knows to do the same for the wolves. It’s just the witches you need to be careful of, but I’m sure your very own witch siren could play his part,” the vampire said.

“Very well.” She was grateful for his quick thinking while she had Hayley talk her ear off. “Kol, you know what to do. And should you kill anyone, you’re dealing with both Elijah and Nik. If whatever that wolf said was true, Nik will need as much power to bring her back as he can. Be careful.”

“I’m always careful, dear sister.” Kol flashed off, ready to seduce his way to find any signs of betrayal and uprisings.

Rebekah bent down towards the pile of tattered fabric that was once on her brother to find his phone, hoping he didn’t have a passcode on it, and luckily enough, as she turned the device on it was unlocked. She flicked through his contacts to see a number under CF. Clicking the contact, the phone rang and rang before reaching voicemail. Hanging up, she scrolled through to find Stefan’s contact details and she thought she could chance reaching out to him.

“Not now Klaus, we have too much going on here to deal with you too,” he answered. She could tell he had been crying by the tone of voice he was using.

“Well aren’t you lucky it’s me then. I need to speak with Caroline.”

“You can’t at the moment.”

“Why not?” She pressed.

“Um, she’s kind of not here right now.” He tried to avoid the question. He knew she could detect lies and she knew he was trying to avoid the reality of the situation.

“No worries, I can wait for her to return.”

“You may be waiting a while.” His voice quieted a few notches, thick with sadness.

“I know. I just needed confirmation. You’re going to have to bring her down to New Orleans as soon as possible. We have covens upon covens that can band together and bring her back. The sooner the better, Stefan.”


“Nik and his little spies everywhere. Don’t make him tear your tiny pathetic town to pieces to get her.”

“But we have a lot going on here..”

“No excuses. We don’t need the whole rag team. You’ll do just fine. I’m sure your brother can hold the fort for a little while,” she mocked, hanging up on the younger Salvatore, not giving him a chance to argue.

Her and Marcel worked around each other in silence. He had gone to set up some fresh clothing and some much needed alcohol for when Klaus changed back into his human form. She needed to prepare the guest room for her brother’s arrival.

And his mate’s.


Elijah had followed Niklaus to the Bayou. He kept his distance as the wolf hunted deer, rabbit and some fox; thankfully no humans were about for them to become target of his brother’s callousness.

After a few hours of hunting, his brother’s hunger dissipating, the wolf settled down and began to whine at the rising moon. A few bobcats and coyotes responded in kind, not that most humans nor vampires would be able to hear. Elijah’s hearing had been tuned in to detect anyone coming near.

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 26

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 26


Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there!

Enjoy :)

(Taking place in 1x07)

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Elijah stepped out of the Rousseau’s when his phone started ringing. He saw your name on the screen and picked up.


But all he heard was a scream and then nothing.

“Y/N!” he tried to call his girlfriend’s name but there was nobody to answer on the other line.

He rushed back to the plantation and he smelled blood as soon as he stepped in the hall. He entered the living room when he saw you lying on the ground in a pool of your own blood. His heart skipped a beat at this vision and he rushed towards you, biting his wrist to give you his blood.


Your head hurt. It was dark, you couldn’t open your eyes. You felt some hot liquid flowing down your throat. You moan as you tried to open your eyes, the light hurt. Someone was holding you, you figured it was Elijah as you heard his voice begging you to come back to him. You put your hands on his arm that was over your mouth and finally opened your eyes. You tried to push him away, the blood was disgusting.

“You need to keep drinking, you lost too much blood” he says and you could hear his fear, his panic, his hurt in his voice.

Finally, he removes his wrist and you take a deep breath.

“What happened?” you ask, sitting up to look up at him.

“I found you lying on the floor, almost dead” he says, taking your face in his hands, his forehead against yours.

“Marcel” you say. “He left just a minute before… Hayley?” you remember “Where’s Hayley?”

He shakes his head “She’s not here” he helps you get up. “Are you okay?”

You nod.

“I’ll call Klaus”

Klaus entered the house, angry. “What happened here?” he asks, seeing the blood on the floor, on your clothes.

“Marcel payed them a visit. Hayley’s been taken” Elijah answers his brother.

“Well, we’re gonna have to pay him a visit, now” Klaus says.

You took a shower and changed your clothes. Elijah didn’t want to leave you alone in the house so they took you with them to Marcel’s. They weren’t happy, at all.

The crowd was cheering as Marcel was hosting a contest. 2 vampires were fighting in the middle of them. You were holding Elijah’s hand, fingers crossed and your other hand was on his arm, he made it clear you stay close to him.

As the winning vampire was celebrating her victory, Klaus broke her neck which made the entire crowd go silent.

“Good evening! I’d like a word” Klaus says, looking up at Marcel.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Marcel asks, unhappy.

Elijah and you came to join Klaus’ side. “It appears that we’ve interrupted a collection of filthy amateurs.” Elijah answers. “We’ve come here for the girl, give her to us or… We kill everyone here… Starting with you”

Marcel frowns. “You two got a lot of nerve, coming into my home and making demands.”

Klaus chuckles. “You’re home, is it?”

“The girl!” Elijah’s getting impatient “I will not ask again.”

“Seeing your little pet is at your arm” he says, eyeing you and you frown “I assume you’re talking about Hayley? Who is she anyway?”

“She’s an old friend. You know how sentimental I am about old friends.” Klaus says.

“Well, I ain’t got her” he says.

You put your hand on Elijah’s chest and tiptoe to whisper in his ear “She’s not here.” He looks down on you and you shake your head no to confirm what you were saying. You weren’t feeling the baby’s magic, she wasn’t around.

“To be clear, I did pay a visit to the plantation where I used to be a slave. And imagine my surprise when I found out that the Original family of vampires and their girlfriends” he says looking at you “had taken up residence. Your girl Hayley answered the door, she was there too” he says, pointing at you “we exchange hellos, that was it. You don’t believe me? Look around. Hell, I’ll even help you find her. But the question I’d ask is, if Hayley isn’t here, where is she?” he smiles.

The crowd was gone, Klaus, Elijah and you were waiting for Marcel to help you find Hayley.

“Not the most attractive community” Elijah says, keeping you close to him, his right hand on your back.

“You do realize they can hear you?” Klaus says.

“You do realize I don’t care?”

Marcel entered the room and joined you.

“Klaus, my sire, I owe the world, and I always show respect to my elders. If your special lady friend is missing, you can benefit from the help of a witch, and I control all the witches in this town, I’ll grant you one little locator spell. Sabine is the best guide in the quarter. You need to find someone, I guarantee she’s your girl” Marcel says before stepping out.

“Can you find her?” Elijah asks Sabine.

“I can try” she answers. She settles a map on the table and started the locator spell. “She’s in the back country, way out past Houma, deep in the bayou.”

Klaus was pacing next to you and Elijah.

“I don’t suppose you could be more precise?”

“What’s the matter Elijah?” Klaus asks “You worried you might ruin you expensive shoes?”

You sigh.

Sabine tells you the werewolves lived there. You leave to where Sabine told you, you could find Hayley.

“We should head south towards the water.” Elijah says, going into the woods.

“You seem quite determined to find the little wolf.”

“If I’m moving too fast for you, Niklaus, you’re welcome to wait in the car. Even Y/N can keep up with me. Do be certain to leave the windows down.”

“Stop fighting” you sigh and Klaus stop walking.

“Have you found her scent?” Elijah asks.

“No, but I found someone else’s…” he doesn’t look happy. You follow him until you find a truck that he starts tearing apart.

“This vehicle reeks of someone I thought I was rid of…. Tyler Lockwood” he’s not happy at all.

“Tyler is here?” you ask.

“And why would your little hybrid sidekick from Mystic Falls have any interest in Hayley?” Elijah asks.

“He wants revenge because I went after his girl” he shrugs and you chuckle, to show you disagree.

“I assume it’s not all the story?” Elijah says, looking down on you and you shake your head no.

“He killed Carol Lockwood after killing all his hybrids. Caroline told me…”

“You killed his mother. Wonderful.”

“He needed to be taught a lesson!” Klaus says in his defense and you sigh.

“And what lesson will you be taught, Niklaus, if he retaliates by harming Hayley?”

“The lesson is I should have killed him and not his mother. I’ll kill Tyler Lockwood myself!” he says before disappearing.

“God, he’s annoying” you sigh. “Please, don’t let him kill Tyler…” you look up at him.

“Don’t worry, he won’t. He knows your blonde friend will never forgive him. Come”

You go back into the woods to look for Hayley.


Davina Claire was painting when Marcel entered the attic she was currently living in. He had a person in a sheet over his shoulder.

“Marcel, something is happening. There’s a witch doing magic in the quarter.”

“Oh, no worries. That one is Marcel-approved. Besides…” he says before putting the person down. “Got something else for you to handle.”

Josh was getting out of the sheet, confused, scared Marcel would kill him. “Oh, no…” he says, seeing Davina. “You’re the super witch.”

Davina looked confused at Marcel and he smiled, amused. “Say hi to Josh.”

“’Why would you bring him here?”

“Josh has a problem. Klaus compelled him to spy on me. I can’t have that. So I thought, I’ll just killed Josh…”

“Marcel, please, it’s not my fault!”

“Then I thought, “killing a vampire”, that would be breaking my own rules. Smart thing to do is to flip Josh. That way, he can tell Klaus whatever I want. He can even spy for me. All we got to do is wipe away that compulsion. So, what do you think?”

“I can make him forget what Klaus told him…But the more Klaus said, the more it’s gonna hurt.”

“How much pain are we talking?” Josh asks, a little worried.

Marcel left as Davina was taking away Klaus’ compulsion.

“You work for Klaus. Have you ever met the old one’s girlfriend, Y/N?”

“Y/N’s Klaus’ girlfriend?”

“No, the brother”

“Oh, yeah, yeah that makes more sense…”


“Oh, yeah. Great girl! Funny, smart… She’s keeping them in line.”

“What do you mean?” the young girl frowns.

“She doesn’t like it when people get hurt and they know it, so they try not to make her angry because, she has some weird power and things get messy when she’s angry”

“How do you know this?”

“She told me” he shrugs.

“She’s a witch?”

He shakes his head “No”

“Then what is she?”

“I have no idea…”


You have been going deeper into the bayou but still no sign of Hayley.

“I hope she’s okay…” you sigh a second before you feel something. “Wait” you stop and Elijah turns to look at you.

“Can you feel her?”

“Yeah, that way” you say pointing at the direction.

You saw her run but she didn’t see you. She was hiding, out of breath behind a tree. When you got close she almost stabbed you with a knife but Elijah stopped her.

“Hayley!” you shout, scared. “You almost stabbed me!”

But she was scared too, she has been running away from someone.

“Are you okay?” Elijah asks both of you.

She takes deep breath to calm down and then hugs you “You will not believe the crap day that I’m having!”

“Let’s go home” Elijah says but Hayley stops him.

“Elijah…There’s something you need to know about the baby” she says and you both frown.

“What it is?” he asks.

“Its blood can create hybrids”

“What?” you say, confused.

“You know this?” Elijah asks.

She nods “Tyler took its blood and gave it to a werewolf then killed him in front of me. When he came back he drunk my blood and became a hybrid. He said Klaus knew about this and that’s why he kept me around”

“That’s not true” you say.

“How do you know? Do you think Klaus wants to be a father? This baby is just a way for him to get stronger! Klaus must have known! It’s the only explanation! He could care less about the baby!”

Elijah seemed disappointed. “We should go home”

“Are you kidding me? Home to what?” she asks.

“I said that I would protect you, even if need be, from Klaus himself.”

“I can take care of myself. I did it for a long time” she says before walking away.

You sigh “We can’t let her go by herself” and you followed her.

You arrived to a cabin where we found Klaus looking at a dead body, luckily, it wasn’t Tyler.

“There you are. I see you found our wandering stray.” Klaus says, seeing you walking towards him. “Perhaps she could shed some light on the situation. This, would appear to be the body of a hybrid…”

“His name was Dwayne” Hayley says.

“Well, whoever he was I didn’t sire him. Any idea how that’s possible?” he asks.

“I told you he didn’t know!”

“Know what, love?”

“Tyler Lockwood brought Hayley here to test a theory, that the blood of her child could be used to sire hybrids. He claims you knew that. Furthermore, you intended to use this knowledge to build an army.” Elijah tells his brother.

Klaus seemed disappointed and betrayed. “And, of course, you assume it’s true… I mean, why else would I show any interest I my own flesh and blood? A heartbroken little crybaby points his finger at me and my own brother falls in the line, eager to believe it. How quickly you assume the worst…”

“Oh, spare me your indignation, when have you ever demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or her child beyond your own selfish pursuits, and what was it you once said to me? “Every king need an heir.”

“My big brother, so you doubts my intentions. Well…I can’t say I’m surprised. Standing beside the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother, a liar, a manipulator…a bastard?” he says.

“Klaus, that’s not what he’s saying” you say, hurt for him.

“Of course it is! That’s all I am to you isn’t? And to Rebekah? And judging by the way Hayley hangs to your every words it’s clear she feels the same way… No doubt my child will, as well.”

“Klaus, don’t do this. This isn’t…”

“Of course you will take his defense!” he shouts at you. “But we’ve said all that needs to be said, brother…” he smiles, steps back and shrugs “I’ll play the role I’ve been given.” you frown. He was walking away but he turned around and jumped at Elijah to bit his neck. You scream, he startled you.

“Klaus, stop!” You try to push him away but you end up on the ground. “What did you do?” you yell at him after he released Elijah. You go over him and check on his neck. You take his face in your hands, worried.

“You three enjoyed each other’s company. You’ll have much to bond over, once the hallucinations and dementia set in. Consider that bite, my parting gift to you three” he says before walking away.

“Klaus, give him your blood!” you shout but he was already gone. Your thumbs on his cheeks you were so worried.

“I’ll be fine. The bite won’t kill me” he says, taking your hands in his. He sees your worry and kisses you. “I’ll be fine” he says, pulling you into a hug.

You decided to stay at the cabin, to help Hayley figure out where she came from. This place was all that was left of her family. You were still worried about Elijah.