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The Nine Titan Shifters List (Updated - Chapter 91)

Whew. Keep in mind at the time I’m making this the official translation isn’t out yet. Names and potentially other slight factors are subject to change.

Eldia (Paradis Island)

1. The Founding Titan/Progenitor Titan/Coordinate - Ymir Fritz > 145th Fritz King > Mr. Reiss > Uri Reiss > Frieda Reiss > Grisha Jaeger* > Eren Jaeger

2. The Attack Titan/Rogue Titan - Eren Kruger > Grisha Jaeger* > Eren Jaeger

3. The Colossal Titan - Bertolt Hoover > Armin Arlert

4. The Female Titan - Annie Leonhardt (Neutralized)

*After eating Frieda, the Founding and Attack lines merged into one before being passed to Eren Jaeger.


5. The Armored Titan - Reiner Braun

6. The Beast Titan - Zeke Jaeger

7. The Dancing Titan - Marcel > Ymir

8. The Cart Titan/Quadrupedal Titan - Peak

9. The Jaw Titan - Galliard

From what we have been told, Colt has been selected to inherit the Beast Titan from Zeke in the near future, while the remaining Eldians serving the Marley Military in the war against the Easterners are “competing” to decide who will eat Reiner and inherit the Armored Titan. That’s all for now until the future chapters, or the official translation in case it reveals anything new.

  • Attack On Titan fandom: waits 7 days for a 20 minute episode
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  • * Gay scene is finally animated. Ymir gets jelly when Christa tends to Reiner's injury. Nanaba, Marcel and they're squad looking good and said the thing that musn't be said in the show. Ymir and Christa sharing a moment and finally showing their true identity. *
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Ymir’s teeth before and after she ate Marcel/Berik show significant changes meaning that she did indeed adopt characteristics from his titan. If we take a look at her hands, there are changes there too before and after the incident.

Ok, Halloween is over and everyone is looking forward to Christmas, but does anyone celebrate St. Martin or has heard about it?

It’s the story about St. Martin of Tous who gave half of his coat to a begger. And because this was unusual for a Roman officer, he became a symbol for humility and compassion in middle europe. :-D

It’s a little bit like Halloween, since children go to peoples’ houses to get sweets, but they have to sing in front of them to get the sweets. And they make lanterns in school and usually paricipate in the Martin’s parade to see the Martin’s fire afterward (at least in Germany).
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We celebrate it every 11th November.

Hope you learned something today. °∇°)9


Shingeki no Children - Part 1.

Who do you think wants to kill people? What kind of person do this for fun? Who would want to do this? With what we did, of course you despise us… But please, someone, someone… Find us…

 -Bertolt Hoover

Victims of war they did not started… No matter which side they are.

Thanks @sookashira for inspiration!

Annie was originally not part of the RBA group

This will be a very short theory, but I was thinking recently about RBA and when will we see them again. Then I thought about Annie stuck in her crystal, and when she will come out, if ever. THEN I thought of how she didn’t really seem to hang out with RB, and how in this picture…

Annie isn’t nowhere to be seen. If they’re going to be a group, shouldn’t they be training together? Not with this other ‘warrior’ that goes by the name of Berwick/Marcel. (It also looks like it might’ve been a freak accident perhaps, because it looks like they were training or something, but somehow Ymir broke through. I say this because they are wearing raincoats when it’s not raining, so it might’ve been a simulation?)

My theory is simple, and it’s that Annie was added on last minute to replace the third ‘warrior’. Something to note is Annie is able to bring titans towards her, and presumably used that power to bring a whole mass of them to Shiganshina. So what was Berwick/Marcel’s power, was it similar to Annie’s or did he have a different one?

IMHO there isn’t a need for a third ‘warrior’ if Bertie was there to breach Shiganshina, and Reindeer to breach Wall Maria. Then again maybe that third one is planned to do the kidnapping, much like Annie’s attempted one of Eren. Maybe Berwick/Marcel was really fast, in order to get away from possible pursuers of course, and past that unto Ymir.

Another thing that gets me when I think about this is, if Annie was added on last second, why and what was she training nearly everyday with her father for? This is a WILD guess on it, but I think possibly there are more walls in the SNK universe, and she was planned to go with another group and tear down other walls.

the Titan Trio’s “homeland”

The current arc finally touches on the secrets of the titan trio, and raises flags for their end, so I’ve been thinking about their past and how their backstories will be told in the future chapters. There’s theories that SnK takes place in a world where there’s alternate universes or timeskips, the biggest evidence being the very first scene in the series:

I think this is very plausible, since “dreams” seem to have significance with the shifters. When Eren transformed to move the boulder, as he was overwhelmed by his titan he “dreamed” of being home with his family.

Could the other shifters, the Titan Trio’s “home” be related to the dreams of home like Eren had? Maybe their “homeland” is something psychological, a spiritual state, or indeed an alternate universe or time? It’s a stretch, but as Isayama mentioned, within dreams are the only place Reiner and Bertolt enjoy themselves.

They might need Historia and the Coordinate because when humanity regains the memories erased by the first king, or the memories of the shifters they ate (like Eren did), they can complete and return to that forgotten world that they can only glimpse in their dreams.

Now Reiner, who’s showing signs of being consumed by the Armor Titan in ch. 75, and whose time seemed to be up in 76, might also end up having dreams of “home” like Eren had in his titan. It would be some consolation that even if he and Bertolt completely lose themselves this way, or die in the battle, they’ll be “going home”.

My hope is we’ll get their backstory through those dreams, in the upcoming chapters.