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How come reiner bert and annie never took action even though they knew whoever ate marcel was turned into a human and was probably inside the walls ? And that that person knows about the outside world and could tell anyone ? Unless rba thought everyone will think that person is just insane and the reiss/military police would kill them before saying more? that's the only logical thing i can think of . What do u think ?

The warriors aren’t omniscient beings for starters. When Marcel got eaten they were scared for their lives. They probably didn’t think whoever was in the dancing titan would make it to the walls, because the area is infested with titans. Fortunately for Ymir, she wasn’t too far away from the walls and titans not only couldn’t move at night but they were all baited by the humans in the breached Shiganshina district.

Besides, Ymir was thrown decades before Marley made an announcement for the promotions of warriors, but she was wise enough to know the anti-Eldian sentiment was growing strong enough for them to declare war on Paradis. 

But since the masses in Eldia were educated in order to believe outside civilization didn’t exist, Ymir coming elsewhere for them was pure delusion. Unless she didn’t bother that much and was just focused on surviving: stirring disorder is the last thing you want to do when you’re homeless. 

That’s why Reiner and Bertolt’s reaction in chapter 40 was…

“oh shet ur alive” - Ch. 40

I keep thinking they tried to brush Marcel’s death over their minds since they attacked Shiganshina during the same evening. It wasn’t the time to be overcome with emotion. So seeing his killer manifesting herself now was a great shock for both of them.

Ok, Halloween is over and everyone is looking forward to Christmas, but does anyone celebrate St. Martin or has heard about it?

It’s the story about St. Martin of Tous who gave half of his coat to a begger. And because this was unusual for a Roman officer, he became a symbol for humility and compassion in middle europe. :-D

It’s a little bit like Halloween, since children go to peoples’ houses to get sweets, but they have to sing in front of them to get the sweets. And they make lanterns in school and usually paricipate in the Martin’s parade to see the Martin’s fire afterward (at least in Germany).
Aaaand then everyone eats Poffertjes (they’re like little pancakes with raisins) and/or Weckmänner (looks like a gingerbread man, but is like sweet white bread). And there’s also a Martin’s goose! And loooots of sweets!! Ö-Ö)
We celebrate it every 11th November.

Hope you learned something today. °∇°)9

the Titan Trio’s “homeland”

The current arc finally touches on the secrets of the titan trio, and raises flags for their end, so I’ve been thinking about their past and how their backstories will be told in the future chapters. There’s theories that SnK takes place in a world where there’s alternate universes or timeskips, the biggest evidence being the very first scene in the series:

I think this is very plausible, since “dreams” seem to have significance with the shifters. When Eren transformed to move the boulder, as he was overwhelmed by his titan he “dreamed” of being home with his family.

Could the other shifters, the Titan Trio’s “home” be related to the dreams of home like Eren had? Maybe their “homeland” is something psychological, a spiritual state, or indeed an alternate universe or time? It’s a stretch, but as Isayama mentioned, within dreams are the only place Reiner and Bertolt enjoy themselves.

They might need Historia and the Coordinate because when humanity regains the memories erased by the first king, or the memories of the shifters they ate (like Eren did), they can complete and return to that forgotten world that they can only glimpse in their dreams.

Now Reiner, who’s showing signs of being consumed by the Armor Titan in ch. 75, and whose time seemed to be up in 76, might also end up having dreams of “home” like Eren had in his titan. It would be some consolation that even if he and Bertolt completely lose themselves this way, or die in the battle, they’ll be “going home”.

My hope is we’ll get their backstory through those dreams, in the upcoming chapters.