The Signs as Songs from ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Belle - Gemini, Virgo

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How Does A Moment Last Forever - Libra, Aquarius

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Gaston - Aries

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Be Our Guest - Taurus

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Days in the Sun - Pisces

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Something There - Cancer

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Beauty and the Beast - Leo

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Evermore - ScorpioCapricorn

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The Mob Song - Sagittarius

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Moo: I’m sorry Evan I’m grounding you, sorry but it had to be done. No more tv

Vanoss: My TV’s broken

Moo: Okay then no computer

Vanoss: I need my computer for our videos

Moo: *sweating* uh…um..o..okay thennn

*looks over at Del*

Moo: no..Delirious?



  • Attack On Titan fandom: waits 7 days for a 20 minute episode
  • Attack On Titan fandom: * is chill about the new episode* oh that episode was great i guess
  • Attack On Titan fandom: *hasn't trend for a 2/3 weeks*
  • * Gay scene is finally animated. Ymir gets jelly when Christa tends to Reiner's injury. Nanaba, Marcel and they're squad looking good and said the thing that musn't be said in the show. Ymir and Christa sharing a moment and finally showing their true identity. *
  • Attack On Titan fandom: THIS IS IT!🙌🙆 THIS IS WHAT WE WAITED FOR!😫 THE GODDAMN GAY SCENE. WE HAVE BEEN BLESSED. 🙏 🎊 👼 👏🎉 God bless the animators for this golden oppurtunity. 💕💕Ymir x Christa💞👌 the only canon otp. Rip. to the squad😖