AYYYYY It’s finally here! This is in celebration of me reaching 500 followers ^_^ 


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That took much longer then expected…BUT HERE IT IS YAY! If you think that you should be on here, you’re probably right. Some people may have changed their urls/icons and i didnt recognize them which is why they may not be here, or I may have been more careless than I thought and passed over somebody. Sorry if either of those are true for you >_< just because you’re not on here doesn’t mean I don’t love you and your blog, REMEMBER THAT. 

Hi, I kind of love so please go and follow him! I really want him to see this fansign! <3 <3 <3 He is soo nice to his followers, has awesome themes, and makes for a great dashboard! :)

So for the past month or so I’ve been waiting for the right time to do my first follow forever, I hit 500 followers a couple days back so I guess now would be the time to do so! Thank you to everyone for helping me become so successful in just two months, I never thought I would gain so many followers and I appreciate every single one of you <3 These blogs are my absolute favourites, and everyone should go follow them!!! oh and I’m not sure if ou are supposed to do this in a follow forever, but some of these blogs ARE NOT following me back so if you are tagged don’t be surprised…


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Super Special Mentions

manuisourking for the wonderful edit!

neuers for being the blog that inspired me to start a second account for football!

basicallybayern for having the best tags, being a super sweet person and having the best blog on this site hands down!

ohmyhazard for also having an outstanding blog!

chasin-bacardi-chasers for putting up with my football stuff, ily <3

soccer-oe, oranjemannschaft, mainlymarco, lionhearted09, and kyapii for being my tumblr crew, the people who I am closest with and who have made my tumblr experience wonderful! You are the best <3 

Sorry if I forgot anyone and once again, thank you all!!!