Fire Vase by Martín Azúa and Marc Vidal

A clay vase with a lateral cut that turns into a small tabletop fireplace. The fireplace always has been associated with comfort and home privacy. We have produced an exterior fireplace for gardens and terraces. It can be a good complement for a romantic dinner under the light of the fire and the stars. “Two glasses of wine and a Fire Vase”.


On today’s episode of “Training? What training?”

  • Luisito gets tag-teamed
  • Rafinha gets tag-teamed
  • Aleix is safe this time around
  • Everyone was jumping around
  • Marc was caught in the middle of what seemed a life threatening slap machine
  • Marquitos got a piggy-back ride from his dad, who we can almost hear saying: “Marquitos, you are getting too old and too heavy for this, you are going to throw my back out. get down son ouch my back!” to which Marc replies: “But daaad it’s fuuun!!” we can also notice Sergi trying to talk his brother into getting off of their dad’s back, preventing him from further embarrassment: “Marc, bro, get down from there.. people are staring. Dude stop you are embarrassing me, I mean yourself..”

What will happen next time? Who will get slapped? Who’ll trip and fall and make Gerard laugh at him? Will Mascherano get Neymar and Luisito back?

Find out on the next episode of “Training? What training?”

Ok so I speak like 0 spanish but this is what I got from the stream

Geri and Jordi seeing the stream go live and get super excited about it

Showing Leo to fans but Masche is in the way with his wife on the phone and asks not to film

Geri being an asshole and coming even closer to film them lol

People asking for Bartra

Leo asking for questions 

Geri and Jordi reading the comments to find good questions and not finding any lol

Geri and Masche talking about River

Geri showing Luis for like a millisecond coz he doesn’t want to get filmed and gets really shy about it 

Geri showing Bartra who is watching the stream himself lol

Matheu and Geru looking for good questions and again not finding any (cules really let us down this time)

Matheu pretending he is smoking a cigarette







Everyone playing parchis 

Geri seeing Marc and getting super excited to get him on the stream

Geri asking Marc how to say I love you in german:

Geri: “Ich bein dich? I love you?”

Marc: “ich liebe dich”

Geri: “Exactly”  *I died around here*

Geri seeing “TER STEGEN TE AMMOOOOO” comment and saying it out loud and being super excited about it and I loved this moment very much it was the best I tell you 

Dani Alves getting an appearance and showing us his tongue as always  lol

Geri making fun of Bartra coz he got an appearance today

Aleix playing parchis and being too consumed with the game to talk to you mere mortals

Aleix being sassy in general (I didn’t understand shit but he was sassy af)

Munir trying to look good


some kids in the background were also very cute 

Chef Marc Vidal is bringing a history of Catalan and French food to Boqueria. On this week’s episode of Chef’s Story, Dorothy Cann Hamilton is joined in the studio by Marc to talk about the original Boqueria- a vibrant market in Barcelona. How did the market influence Marc’s culinary senses at an early age? Hear about Marc’s training in France, and how French cooking differs from the Spanish tradition. Why did Marc come to the United States, and what did he learn through working in Miami kitchens? Hear Dorothy and Marc discuss tapas culture, and the idea of small plates in the New York City restaurant scene. Learn all about Iberico ham, bread and tomatoes, and other traditional Spanish tapas. This program has been brought to you by Whole Foods.


“Every single day I work in the restaurant business, I fall more in love with it.” [8:45]

“I would say from my experiences that the French are more focused on the product than the technique.” [19:00]

“In Spain, tapas are a way of life. They’re fun, and they’re easy to share. And people here- they like it.” [27:20]

 Chef Marc Vidal on Chef’s Story