Outfit with lace up flats and a white leather jacket by ferned featuring a black belt

Chicnova Fashion loose top, 58 AUD / MANGO motorcycle jacket, 235 AUD / Current/Elliott skinny jeans, 135 AUD / Aquazzura suede shoes, 910 AUD / Yves Saint Laurent tote handbag, 2 240 AUD / Marc Jacobs wallet, 685 AUD / Burberry diamond jewelry, 560 AUD / Forever 21 knuckle ring, 9.72 AUD / Christian Dior round glasses, 590 AUD / Maison Scotch black belt, 71 AUD / Casetify iphone case, 56 AUD
What happened is that when I met Kate [Moss], and she told me that she had a boyfriend, I said, “Who’s the boyfriend?” And she said Mario Sorrenti, and I said, “What does he do?” She said, “He’s a photographer.” I said, “Oh, why don’t you ask him to come up. I’d like to meet him.” So he comes up and he shows me his stuff. Obsession was going down in the toilet that time—the sales were really sliding—and the fragrance company said, “You have to do something.” So Mario walks into my studio and he’s got a book with him. So I said, “What’s that?” And he said, “Those are my private pictures of Kate.” I said, “Really? Can I have a look?” And I look at the pictures and it just says to me Obsession—he was obsessed with her. So I said, “Why don’t the two of you go to an island alone and you just photograph her and let’s see what happens.” And that’s how I got all of it. I just got so much from Mario and her. Taking a chance, taking risks with the photographers and the models … Often, we had a plan, like, with Dick, when we were doing Brooke and commercials, you had to have a storyboard and the whole thing. But then other times, it was like Diana Vreeland just sending people off.
—  Calvin Klein