07-11-16 by stylishcouture featuring faux fur scarves

Marc Jacobs white cotton top, 1.335 RON / IRO boucle jacket, 1.550 RON / Levi’s skinny fit jeans, 235 RON / Gianvito Rossi ankle boots, 3.570 RON / Gucci crossbody cell phone purse, 6.185 RON / Ted Baker metallic glove, 580 RON / Ted Baker faux fur scarve, 580 RON / Tech accessory, 100 RON
Made with Polyvore

WHY???? This literally looks like silly string on their heads and it just looks ugly??? It makes his line look ugly and he could have salvaged it if he used BLACK MODELS for the show because then it would have actually looked good and made sense. Marc Jacobs and All of the models who aren’t black and people who participated in this show are trash. They need to stop making money off of black culture. Idc if it’s for “fashion” they are still making money off of black culture.