Real-life clothes as references in Buffy

  • Sesame Street's Count von Count t-shirt
  • Ghost of the Robot t-shirt (GotR)
  • My Neighbor Totoro t-shirt
  • The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine sweatshirt
  • Sunnydale High School t-shirt (Fiona Boyle)
  • dinosaur robe (2 Cool 2 Sleep)
  • Planet of the Apes' Urko t-shirt
  • Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bullocks t-shirt
  • Hellboy's B.P.R.D. patch (Mike Mignola)
  • Batman Forever logo t-shirt
  • Captain America uniform t-shirt
  • Hot Stuff the Little Devil t-shirt
  • Star Wars' stormtrooper hoodie (Marc Ecko)
  • NO H8 t-shirt (NOH8)
  • Star Wars' Boba Fett hoodie (Marc Ecko)
  • The Big Bang Theory's “bazinga!” hoodie