1970s Style Icon: Marc Bolan 

↳ A few short years before Bowie skyrocketed to fame as the alien glam king from Mars, there was Marc Bolan. Decked out in multicolored jackets, bright satin trousers, oversize top hats, glitter makeup and the occasional feathered boa, Bolan was a 1970s Glam dandy. Paired with his elfin features, corkscrew hair that fell into his pretty eyes when he played guitar, and a cheeky grin, Bolan soon became one of the biggest stars of the early 1970s. Young girls couldn’t get enough of him and young boys desperately wanted to be him. As the era’s fashion darling, the likes of Zandra Rhodes and other designers on London’s famed Kings Road often sought him out to wear their latest fashions. Sadly, Bolan died at the young age of 29 in a car crash so one can only speculate as to how his style would have evolved outside of the 1970s but there’s no doubt that his style from that era was revolutionary and inspired none other than close friend David Bowie, who transformed the look into something otherworldly. Nonetheless, the next time you see an artist with smeared glitter under their eyes so that it looks like glam tears, a corkscrew perm or patterned satin jackets, be rest assured that though Marc Bolan may be gone, his influence isn’t.