marc wooton


Perfect Films → Nativity! (2009) starring Martin Freeman, Marc Wooton, Pam Ferris & Alan Carr

“Nobody ever expects enough of the children at St. Bernadette’s. Everyone expects them to go down the drain. And I’m gonna change that… That’s what I said seventeen years ago, and tonight it stands a chance of coming true… All I know is that each and every one of these children is amazing, and wonderful, and a little pocket of stardust.”

Nativity 2!!!

Nativity 2 was one pf the best movie’s that I’ve seen all year. Yes my friend and I were the only 2 teenage girls in the cinema but I couldn’t care less, it is one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time!! David Tennant was amazing in both roles and Marc Wooton was just hilarious! Not to mention the kids were adorable! And yes my friend and I were swaying and clapping along with the songs!! ^_^ You need to go to see this movie!! :D