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Batman retired to let his protégés defend the streets of Gotham City, but his peace is threatened when an old enemy comes to town. Will our heroes thwart Ra’s al Ghul and save the ’70s? Tune in for the epic finale!
On sale JUNE 28 • 32 pg, FC, 6 of 6, $3.99 US • RATED E • DIGITAL FIRST

(with Ra’s doing his best Burt Reynolds’ pose)

(and Catwoman doing Farrah Fawcett’s poster)


The action heats up in 1970s Gotham City as the Amazon Princess arrives in Man’s World in search of her old ally, Batman! Instead, she finds a new hero: a motorcycle-riding daredevil with a familiar face and a new crime-fighting costume!
On sale MAY 24 • 32 pg, FC, 5 of 6, $3.99 US • RATED E • DIGITAL FIRST

just imagine for a second if marc guggenheim wasn’t an incompetent idiot who only cares about fanservice to a vocal minority and could actually think of an interesting storyline for once in his life and in doomworld, instead of vigilante f*licity, we had vigilante iris

like how awesome would it be to have candice finally make a goddamn appearance on one of the other dctv shows and we’d also get to see iris “strap on some leather” (candice’s words not mine lol) and kick some ass and be a fucking bamf

like come on marc i would be a better showrunner than you oh my fucking god

Model Susan Forristal wearing a knit culotte dress by Laura for Joan Arkin and crisscross bracelet by S. Freirich, standing with the British band “The Nice” in a London street. Photo by Marc Hispard.
Mademoiselle Magazine 1968

ż radio 001

1. bryson tiller - don’t (thrdeye rework)
2. baby bash - suga suga (royal refix)
3. jmk - mcclenney version
4. future x the weeknd - low life (osho remix)
5. aerosmith - dream on (griz remix)
6. dee edwards - why can’t there be love [ż edit]
7. drake - all me (stwo remix) [ż edit]
8. drake - all me (aztek instrumental) [ż edit]
9. karol conka - e o poder [ż edit]
10. bob marley - jamming (luxx remix)
11. mo vibez x creepa - dr777
12. tory lanez - r.i.d.e. (falcons remix)
13. ty dolla $ign - blasé (louis the child remix)
14. goldlink x falcons - vroom vroom
15. show clothes - pool party ft gavriella
16. jamie xx x young thug - i know there’s gonna be good times (katmandu remix) [ż edit]
17. mac milller x miguel - weekend (tadeo flip)
18. stephen - crossfire
19. trance (atlantic) ft. 160046
20. 6 a.m. - juice
21. post malone - mood
22. anderson paak x asher roth - make it work
23. quinn xcii - full circle
24. vanilla ace x adam baum - throwback
25. brandy x monica - the boy is mine (choys remake)
26. rihanna - work (vandalized cover)
27. marc e bassy x ty dolla $ign - that’s love (matt dimona remix)
28. kehlani ft. lexii alijai - jealous (no sleep remix)
29. drake x future - change locations (devault w/ opvs remix)
30. troyboi x diplo - afterhours (empia remix)
31. snoop dogg ft pharrell - drop it like its hot (anka flip)
32. flume - never be like you ft. kai (ktwice remix)
33. lapsley - love is blind (sam gellaitry remix)
34. soysauce x lil aaron - bout time [ż edit]
35. kanye west - real friends [ż edit]
36. gallant - bourbon
37. jmsn - cruel intentions
38. quinn xcii - new wave
39. eden - gravity


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Swinging London, Fashion and Psych Group The Blossom Toes. Model Susan Forristal wearing a striped knit shirtdress with silver snaps by Laura for Joan Arkin, with silver chain necklaces by S. Freirich, standing with the British band Blossom Toes on a London street. Photo by Marc Hispard, Mademoiselle magazine 1968

Why Arrow Killing Laurel Will Prove That The Flash Is The Better Show

In this season of The Flash, writers have set up the character of Iris West largely outside of her iconic romance with Barry Allen. It’s a good move - people are invested in her character and her growth beyond Barry, and The Flash is richer for it. Iris’ confrontation and reconciliation with her ailing (and now dead) mother, and the introduction of Wally West as her long lost brother, ties Iris West to the narrative on multiple levels beyond her relationship with Barry. The introduction of Earth 2 Iris West and her role in Jesse Wells’ rescue is another way that the writers are telling us that Iris is present within the narrative, in every way and in any way. There was no reason that Earth 1′s Iris West should be coming to Earth 2, but the writers found a way to integrate her into the storyline, and checked in on Earth 1 multiple times to show how she and Caitlin Snow were doing.

We’re only getting glimmers of the future romance between Barry and Iris, but each episode is a promise that it’s coming, and meanwhile we grow to love Iris outside of any potential romance as she develops as a character in her own right.

Candice Patton talks about this development - about how Iris is “constantly learning and evolving, and making mistakes and learning from them and becoming a stronger, better, version of herself”. There’s a promise that Iris grows alongside Barry, and that she is an important part of the narrative in her own right, and that her struggles and achievements are important too. 

The Flash struggled with this in season 1, and it was the weakest aspect of an otherwise creative and interesting show. But the writers, and Andrew Kreisberg, seem invested in Iris. Better yet, they don’t only see her as one half of a legacy couple, but a legacy character in her own right.

Meanwhile on Arrow, rumours of Laurel Lance’s death shows a stark contrast on Arrow’s investment in their lead female. 

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