marc usa

Marc Okubo of Veil of Maya


Apparently I “tailored” my last post about #BlackSiren trending in the USA. Thanks to @laurellancetrash

Well now I’ll just show my multiple proofs from different people all over the globe about how #BlackSiren trended. We trended 3rd in the USA, if you still don’t believe look at the “No Service” one. We trended in Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, and god knows where else.

I’d like to make this clear that unlike the Olicity Fandom. We actually trended without using bolts. We actually trended as a united force for a common purpose, to avenge the legacy of the Black Canary. Unlike most of the Olicity Fandom who has 2 accounts making bolts just to get trended.

Might I recall my fellow fans, #BlackSiren started trending before #The Flash in the USA last night. We were there since 8:02 pm. The Flash came at 8:06 pm.

Within minutes, we surpassed to the third as trending. WE ALSO trended #LaurelOnTheFlash and #Laurel :) last night. I just showed you proof since I apparently tailored everything. @queen-benanti @kindofanenigma

Thanks @laurellancetrash for showing me that it looked “tailored”!