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If one has no time, one has also lost oneself. Distracted by the obligations of everyday activities, we are no longer aware of ourselves… Everything is done all at once, faster and faster, yet no personal balance or meaning can be found. This implies the loss of contact with one’s own self. We also no longer feel “at home” with ourselves and find it difficult to persist in any given activity because we are available at every moment.
—  Marc Wittmann

⚽ Lionel Messi 9’(➡⚽ Javier Mascherano)
⚽ Juan Rodriguez 11’(OG)
⚽ Luis Suarez 27’
⚽ Paco Alcacer 49’(➡⚽ Lionel Messi)
⚽ Neymar 65’
⚽ Ivan Rakitic 87’(➡⚽ Sergi Roberto)

⚽ Carlos Castro 21’


 Thank you for everything you have done for this team, for this Club. For your love and your passion towards it. 

 Thank you for picking our team up when we were in our lowest point… Thank you for not taking crap from anyone, especially from the annoying press and their attacks. 

 Thank you for the treble, for the double, and for breaking records. Just.. 

Thank you we are eternally grateful.. And sorry for the few who did not appreciate you and your work.

 Now onto the match..

So tonight was fun ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽.. 

Obviously going into this match as favorites on paper there had to be a statement win.. something that was lacking in the match against Leganes..

🙌🙌🙌 Paquito scored!! 

 ⚽⚽⚽ MSN Goals

 🔙 Masche is back 

👌 Busi looked sharper

This formation is very helpful, considering the struggle in midfield at times..👍 

A populated midfield helps the defense, which is having to do extra work because the balls are not being cut before the last third.🏃🏃🏃|🏃🏃🏃🏃|🏃🏃🏃

Speaking of the defense.. notice that one moment of lack of concentration can ruin everything.. and this is what’s been happening and that is what happened tonight as well.. this lack of focus.. these lapses are deadly.. 😵 

You fix that.. you focus on fixing that and it will solve soo many problems.🔩🛠🔧

Although Marc-Andre was not tested as much tonight.. he did have an “OMG Marc” moment. 👐👐 

 And is it really necessary to praise Leo.. Are there even words left? 👑 

 The team showed that they really wanted this match.. 💪 that they wanted to shake off the images from the last matches… maybe Lucho told them before the match about his decision.. who knows. 🤔🤔 

 But things are getting better.. despite the rival not being a big test… but still.

 And after this crazy match.. between ⚪ and 🐥.. uff.. 

 Now with one match at hand for the ⚪ Barça are on top of the table

We depend on ourselves. 

This is a huge boost for us and we should not take it for granted. 

Every match is do or die. 🎯🎯🏅🎯🎯 


⚽ FC Barcelona vs Celta Vigo

 🏟 Camp Nou, Barcelona 

🏆 La Liga, Round 26 

📆 4-3-2017 

⏰20:45pm CET 

 And as always.. 


Dating Marc Bartra Would Include:

  • Date night? You two love marathoning through different types of movies together. Rather than clubbing on Saturday and Friday nights, the two of you could be found sitting on the couch, your legs lying horizontally across his lap, fixated on what was on the screen.
  • Social media? If there was one thing Marc couldn’t do it was subtlety. His instagram is flooded with sentimental memoirs of you and him, and so is just about every other social media account he has. In fact, you were even in his linkedin profile picture.  
  • The sex? During your most intimate moments, Marc always wanted you to feel euphoric pleasure. Rushing into things or skipping sensual foreplay, was never on the agenda for him. He wanted to memorize every inch of skin covering your body.
  • Who would be the one to get jealous? Both of you. Marc, despite his blithe unawareness to his attractiveness, was always friendly to everyone he met- Including the Borussia Dortmund fangirls who would gape over his ‘perfect’ eyes, and constantly hit on him. Similarly, Marc furiously despised when men would hit on you. Sometimes, all it took was a simple compliment, to provoke Marc’s incessant questioning later on. Ex.) So how do you know him? How old is he? What did he say to make you giggle like a thirteen year old girl? 
  • Morning routines? Borussia Dortmund would train early in the morning, which coincided with your schedule of classes for the day. By 8:00, both of you would be scarfing down cereal, as Marc would be simultaneously looking through his duffel bag, frantically, in case he forgot something. You would be intensely reciting an assigned-reading article that was due in less than an hour. Morning were hectic, but the both of you wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • How he’d flirt with you- The two of you were self-declared experts at flirting through text messages. Because Marc was usually on a plane heading to the opposing team’s city, and you were normally stuck in the middle of a boring lecture hall, the text messages between the both of you were nothing short of an erotic novel. 
  • Who was the spontaneous one? Him. Despite your constant reminders of how it was, ‘unnecessary, but kind of him for buying that new Mercedes you always wanted,’ Marc loved to treat you. You know that Bruno Mars concert you’ve been dying to go to? Well guess who’s got backstage passes with your name on them.
  • Fights? Because you both knew each other like the back of your hands, minute fights could instantly escalate to bitter arguments and low-blows. Marc always made a point of ‘talking about,’ each argument afterwards, which usually entailed mutual apologies. The one time Marc saw tears stream down your face, he instantly wrapped you into his arms and remorsefully apologized. 

IG Elena Galera:

“See you soon princess 👑💕 #apictureisworthathousandwords #friends #E&G”
Marc: “😍😍To many moments like these”
Nuria: “How lovely they are! I could just eat them!😍😘❤”

There were so many emotions yesterday, a bit too much to handle

- Philipp Lahm’s retirement

- Xabi Alonso’s retirement

- Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being top scorer

- Claudia Lahm being pregnant

- Pierreus moment

- Marc Bartra ‘s comeback

- Dortmund starts from losing and ends with winning the game

- Tears, tears and happy tears

- Beer shower

- Manuel Neuer on crutches

- Little football munchkins: Julain Lahm, Marco’s Nico, the Robben kids, the Alonso kids… and yes, Julian Lahm!

So… today… Liverpool, you better don’t mess this up! You better win this game! For the sake of Kloppo. For the sake of the fans. For the sake of yourself.

Părinţii înaintează în vârstă doar până la un moment dat, apoi această imagine a lor ni se întipăreşte în memorie. E suficient să închidem ochii şi să ne gândim la ei ca să-i vedem, pentru totdeauna, aşa cum erau atunci, de parcă dragostea pe care le-o purtăm a avut puterea de-a opri timpul în loc.
—  Hoţul de umbre - Marc Levy