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⚽ Juncà 63’ (Own Goal)
⚽ Luis Suarez 73’ (➡⚽ Paco Alcacer)
⚽ Lionel Messi 75’ (penalty
⚽ Lionel Messi 90+2’
⚽ Inui 7’ (➡⚽ Capa)
⚽ Inui 61’ (⚽➡ Sergi Enrich)

  • ❎ Red Card for Ander Capa.
  • 🏥 Sergi Roberto Groin injury.
  • 🔚 Last Match for Luis Suarez, Sergi Roberto and Marc-Andre ter Stegen this season.
  • 👨🏻‍ Luis Enrique’s last Match at the Camp Nou as Barça Coach. #FOREVERLUCHO
  • ⚽ Leo Pichichi and European Golden Boot.
  • 🔮💫 Andres Iniesta 
  • 🔥 Neymar 
  • 👏 Marlon and Sam 
  • Marlon Santos makes his Camp Nou Debut.

 ❌🏆It was a bittersweet.. more bitter than sweet.. end of a Liga Campaign. Honestly, this match was the perfect summary of how this season was.. a big fat WTF. 

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BTS hyung line Reaction To having a Latina girlfriend

Hey! So I just wanted to do this real quickly to give you guys something! I am so sorry if this doesn’t feel relatable to you, I wanna try to keep it as open as possible for all types of Latinas but I’m fully Puerto rican so some of the stuff might only relate to them?

Jin: Jin would be super excited for the Spanish food that he would get to try while dating you! From arroz con gandules to mofongo and even bacalaitos Jin would be living for when you cook or when they just get to eat any food from your culture! He would find you speaking Spanish really attractive and I’m sure eventually he would even pick up just a little bit so that he can talk to your family sometimes. The music would also be a blast for him because he would just love to goofily dance to Shakira or Jennifer Lopez really badly with you!

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Suga: The music is definitely what Yoongi would love most about your culture. It would probably start with Luis Fonsi and Shakira but then you would introduce him to Romeo Santos and Marc Anthony and then before you know it he’s listening to more Aventura and Xtreme than he is kpop anymore. It would make it even better if you know Spanish and sing along from time to time and he would probably insist for you to be on his next mixtape singing the chorus for him en español.

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J-Hope: Teach this boy how to salsa and bachata and he will love you forever! He would love the language and would literally beg for you to speak Spanish from time to time! This dork would beg for you to dance with him and sing in Spanish but it would be so adorable.

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(idk why this gif is so big ~ please bring back oseok’s forehead with black hair ~ what a look ~ I’m not crying you are)

Rap Monster: I am 99.9% sure the one Spanish phrase that Namjoon will hear for a majority of your relationship is “sana sana colita de rana“ !! God of Destruction will fall, bump into stuff, and break everything so yeah um this phrase will most likely save his life more than once. Not to mention, he loves how sexy you sound while saying it. Namjoon is the guy that will try to master Spanish before the holidays so that when he goes to meet your family he isn’t completely lost and even if you say “Babe they speak English” or “A majority of it is Spanglish don’t worry” he does not care he wants to be 100% fluent! But it’s cute so you let him be and that way you can share secrets in front of the other members in Spanish anyway so it’s lit! 

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I hope you guys liked it! Please tell me if you want the maknae line version? And once again sorry if you are Latina but none of this stuff is relatable? Lots of love and until next time!

Chopped Drinking Game

Learn how to cook, get schwasted.


Chris Santos: “I didn’t get any [whatever thing everyone else got].”
Alex Guarnaschelli: “I love how bracingly acidic this is. That said, I hate it.”
Aaron Sanchez: “I need to correct you bro; [Mole, salsa, other thing said with over-exaggerated awesome Spanish accent] is not [chocolate sauce, tomato sauce, other thing it isn’t].”
Amanda Freitag: “It’s lovely, but I just wish it were sweeter. It’s very subtle.”
Marc Murphy: “This is not an appropriate size for a/n [appetizer, main, dessert].”
Geoffrey Zakarian: “Too spicy.”
Scott Conant: “Too raw onion-y.”
Marcus Samuelsson: “[Something, most likely meat] was not cooked properly.”
Maneet Chauhan: “It’s just so [amazing, wonderful, positive sentiment] how different all these chefs are!”

Hammered. Every time.

IG Post : Favorite Pictures of The Two of You (Neymar, David Luiz, Willian, Cristiano Ronaldo,Rafinha, Oscar, Marc, & Jonathan dos Santos)Requested.

Neymar Posted: She sucks at driving so I had to help her.

David Luiz:She’s my baby, and I love her.

Willian: The happiest day spent with her.

Rafinha:She’s my weakness

Oscar: She’s sassy, and adorable

Marc Bartra:In the streets with mi vida.

Jonathan dos Santos:Giving her kisses is the best part of my day.

Cristiano Ronaldo:She makes me crazy but I love her