marc rosete

NCBD: Van Helsing vs. the Mummy of Amun-Ra #5

Well, not so much new comic book day as it is kinda-oldish-now comic book day, but hey – here we are.

I missed this a few weeks ago in all of the Continuity Entertainment action! VAN HELSING VS. THE MUMMY OF AMUN-RA #5 is in stores now. This is the penultimate issue of the series and has terrific artwork by Marc Rosete & Wp Walter Colorist on the main story, Roberta Ingranata & Fran Gamboa on the flashbacks, and Jim Campbell on letters.

It’s full of vampires, explosions, gadgets, and features two brilliant women, one good and one evil, fighting against each other with everything at stake. Also, there’s a vampire who looks quite a lot like Samira Wiley within, mostly because I miss Orange is the New Black’s Poussey Washington very badly.