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What’s Normal Anyway?

She knew she shouldn’t be in this home but it was too tempting to not show when she received a message from the man she had been seeing now for five months secretly that he was home and free from his sport obligations.

It was obvious he was eager to see her too. His kiss was strong, so strong he nearly bit her tongue until it bled before she pulled away, her hands at his chest to serve as a warning to his strong affection. Not that she generally didn’t like it.

The rough sex, the passion, it was everything she wanted from him and he provided it with every thrust, bite and tug he could. Today’s choice of the sofa wasn’t as comforting as his California king but knowing she was strapped for time, she didn’t dare complain. Her hand simply slid up his shirt to run her nails against the warmth of the man she had missed so much in his brief absence.

The scruff of his beard rubbed against the smooth feel of her skin, his lips angled to meet her neck with a kiss and a tug against that same plot of skin as his teeth lightly gripped onto what he possessively called his.

She wasn’t sure whether it was the brief flinch she felt feeling his teeth tug a little too hard or her memory that caused her to drift and pull away from him, now staring into the eyes of a man she knew was trouble for she had been told so many times.

He wanted marriage, a house, kids, happiness…with her.

She wanted sex, passion, attention, happiness…with him.

And though maybe once upon a time the two had been on the same page, they were now on two entirely different wavelengths.

He had begun to think about life with her and without her, willing to now take the jump of leaving behind the pictured relationship he had with the other woman he called his girlfriend but treated like a disposable for the woman he was now infatuated with.

And as his kisses moved lower and lower along her skin, she couldn’t help but think about the man left behind at her home, now their home. The man who had probably spent an hour fixing her dinner only to have her come home with the peculiar smell of another man on her neck he would either choose to ignore or be too oblivious to ask about.

A shiver of guilt crept down her spine at the thought. The thought of knowing the man that was giving her his all and was waiting for her stomach to creep up into a ballooning size to represent their blossoming love would have to wait even longer, maybe forever.

What had really got her mind going made her brush her lips away from his as he leaned in for another kiss, the cool touch she was just welcoming now causing her to shy away. “Can I ask you something?”

With a disappointed groan emitting from his lips, he sighed once more and dropped his head so his lips were no longer near hers. Eventually he looked back up to the woman he had been craving, his mind thinking of other things as he waited for her lips to move. “What is it?”

“I want you to come to my company’s party. It’s no big deal. Just a fundraiser and they try and get a few big names out. I…”

He quickly interrupted her as a smile spread across his face, trying to fill in the blanks for himself before she could for him. “You told them you know me?”

“Well…no. Not exactly. I just…thought it’d be a good idea if you just show up.”

He chuckled, his head leaning back some to reveal his adam’s apple as his hand draped along the backside of the couch. “And how will you explain that? Me randomly showing up to your company party? Are you going to explain that to your boyfriend too?” There was a slight but noticeable pause before he spoke that word, always feeling the bitter taste on his tongue whenever he did reference the man that currently had the woman he wanted.

Not like he wasn’t taken himself.

“I’m not going to have to explain anything.”

“So you expect me to just show up and not speak to you?”

“Actually, that’s a great idea.” The thought of having to explain how she knew him seemed like trouble waiting to happen. “I can’t tell him I know you. His first question would be how did I meet you, a world class footballer? Am I supposed to just tell him that we met and since you’ve been trying to trap me in your bed?!”

Yes, was his first thought but he didn’t dare to say that to her. “You don’t have to even say that part. Just say we’re friends or something.”

“I would just feel better if we didn’t have to do any of that. Bring your girlfriend! Make it normal.”

It should have been obvious then to him how different their feelings were to one another. He would have never thought to bring his girlfriend around her, not fearing that he’d be disrespecting his girlfriend but instead the woman he had been secretly falling in love with ever since he laid eyes on her.

But instead she was making the suggestion that he should do just that, that she didn’t have a care in the world that he could show up with another woman. While his jealousy would rage, hers would be nonexistent because he wasn’t the man she was in love with. He was the man that simply satisfied her lustful cravings.

“Normal,” he sarcastically chuckled before speaking his feelings under his breath. “What’s normal about us?”

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Sundance Drama, White Girl, hits theaters in the fall.

My Favorites.

I’m a bit late to the party this month but better late than never, right? I haven’t done much writing this month but here are my favorite postings. These are pretty much the plots I enjoyed the most and the posts I enjoyed writing.

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Thanks for stickign around even in my absence! I have been writing little chapters for this Marco Reus fanfic I thought of and it’s really coming together so I’m excited to share it though it will be a while before I do.

IG Post:Couple Pictures(Sergio Ramos, Oscar,James Rodriguez,David Luiz, Thiago Silva,Marc Bartra)

Sergio Ramos: @y/nig and I being silly in the airport😝❤ 

James Rodriguez: Giving my love warm hugs, on  this cold day❤️        

Oscar: In this world @y/nig is the only thing I need, I love you❤️😘   

Marc Bartra:Mi Vida, I love you so much ❤️When you smile I smile😊

@y/nig: He’s my big cuddly Captain @thiagosilva_33 I never want to go  

David Luiz:Peace, Love, and Being with her. She makes my life complete❤️

@y/nig:When I saw this picture I loved it. Me and my baby @davidluiz_4 dancing in the street💃😂😍


Bring along a TSA-approved scent for your holiday travel—it’ll last longer than your trip.

Sometimes, the last place you want to be is home for the holidays. Daydreaming at the office of sandy shores and urban adventures is what holds us over through rushed deadlines and longer winter nights. So, if you made the move and booked your ticket, then you deserve a new rollerball scent to take with you. The Sephora Glossy has rounded up the best travel-friendly fragrances to match your destination and make the experience all the more memorable. JESSICA VELEZ

If you’re hitting the slopes…

Gloves and scarves are not the only items to pack if you want to stay toasty when you’re heading to Tahoe and the like. A warm scent with spiced notes will make you feel all the more bundled up, and will turn up the romance if you plan on clinking hot cocoa mugs by the fire with your boo. Commodity Gold, a luxurious musky fragrance, will fit right in in the French Alps or Aspen. If you need more of a jolt before you snowboard down the mountain, note that Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium is mixed with coffee in addition to its earthy patchouli essence. And since you’re willing to brave frigid temps, you’re obviously a bit of a daredevil, making Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black your match. Its sandalwood and rich vanilla notes will make everyone who glides by want to know who’s behind that ski mask.

If you’re diving in headfirst at the beach…

Not everyone is dreaming of a white Christmas, and who can blame you for ditching eggnog for margaritas on the beach? Not us! So, with your relaxed spirit in mind, we’ve paired a trio of scents for your balmy getaway. For the island wanderer, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA’s heliotrope- and pink pepper–infused Beach Walk scent is what you should throw in your rattan bag. And THE BLEND 03 Amber Vanilla is like the fragrance equivalent of a coconut bra. Lastly, moonlit boardwalk strolls call for a zesty scent like Atelier Cologne’s Mandarine Glaciale.

If you’ll be bustling in a big city…

You finally took up your cousin’s offer to visit her in the city, and have plans to see the holiday parade. So, you need a scent as chic as your surroundings and as crisp as the weather. Tory Burch is a classic metropolitan brand, and its Eau de Parfum scent will keep you happy and alert with grapefruit nestled in its mixture. If heading to the city park is a must-do, bring along the floral Chloé Eau de Parfum fragrance. And Jimmy Choo’s Illicit scent was made for a glamorous night on the town where holiday lights sparkle from every building. Lastly, a fancy hotel’s tea service calls for British designer Stella McCartney’s eponymous perfume that’s both prim and feminine.

If you’re glamping in the desert…

A nomadic desert trip frees you from both the winter vortex and the pressure of trying on a bathing suit after eating dozens of gingerbread men—what’s not to love? Even though the degrees will fluctuate, you’ll still want fresh, cooling scents here since the dry terrain will leave you thirsty. Victor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb is an incredibly soft perfume that won’t weigh you down if things heat up. On cool nights, when the desert sky gives you a crystal-clear view of the stars, warm up with Narcisco Rodriguez’s romantic For Her perfume. If the thermometer reaches a breaking point, bring Marc Jacob’s Mod Noir gardenia scent to instantly freshen you up. And, if you start seeing mirages filled with sugarplums, Prada Candy’s oh-so-sweet notes will hold you over.


IG Post: You With Your Kids(Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Dani Alves,Marc Bartra,Lucas Silva,Marcelo, Oscar,Willian,Hulk, James Rodriguez, Isco)

Marc-Andre ter Stegen:My wife and kids so beautiful

Dani Alves:Y/N and the kids

Marc Bartra:My growing family

Lucas Silva: He only falls asleep in Mommy’s arms

Marcelo:Family is what’s fun

Oscar:My girls

Willian: A kiss from Mommy & Daddy, and then she’s off to swim

Hulk:Mommy and Kayson

James Rodriguez:My curly fuzz heads

Isco:Our, babygirl


Put down the pumpkin-spiced latte and pick up one of these new autumnal scents.

If summer is the season of escape, then fall is all about planting your roots locally and strengthening your bonds. It’s why we snuggle up during scary movie marathons and clink glasses of apple cider. It’s also the time of year where we savor our last moments of hanging out outdoors. In short, autumn is a comforting time of year, and we need fragrances that speak to it. That’s why we’ve rounded up new scents that cater to your fall itinerary, from romantic outings to spooky gatherings. Find the ones that fit your to-do list best below. JESSICA VELEZ

THE EVENT: Apple picking

THE SCENT: Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo is light, crisp, and juicy, just like the fall-harvested fruit we love to pluck this time of year. It’s uplifted with notes of Italian bergamot, Casablanca lily, and ylang ylang—yet down-to-earth with a dose of Comoros sandalwood, just like an apple pie rich in cinnamon and spices. But you can skip the à la mode route, as this scent is sweet enough alone.

THE EVENT: Football game

THE SCENT: Dior Sauvage

Is there a sport performed with more savagery than a traditional fall-season football game? We’ll take the players’ constant concussions as a no. So, there’s nothing more fitting than the wild cologne represented by none other than Johnny Depp to wear while watching your team’s first down. Its notes of Sichuan pepper, Reggio bergamot, and Ambroxan will be a welcome surprise among the typical aromas such as fresh-cut grass, spilled beer, and leathery sports jackets normally found at games.

THE EVENT: A midnight Halloween masquerade

THE SCENT: Marc Jacobs Decadence

Sometimes, it’s not only what’s inside the bottle that makes a scent suitable for an occasion, but the actual bottle itself, too. In this case, Marc Jacobs’s new romantic-with-a-bite scent, with its emerald handbag design and snakeskin closure, makes it blend right in at a spooky and palatial masquerade party. You could reapply the fragrance anytime and nobody would even be the wiser that it’s a perfume…until they smell the notes of Italian plum, iris flower, and more lingering in the air.

THE EVENT: Stargazing


There’s something profound and romantic about staring off into the universe with your one and only, and the same could be said when you experience this spicy scent. The fragrance inside this art deco–style black and gold bottle is like a bouquet of exotic dark blooms: floral with a touch of sensuality. Snuggle up in the park under a blanket and take in the smell of nature mixed with the fragrance’s mandarin oil, orange flower, and sandalwood aromas.

THE EVENT: Scary movie date

THE SCENT: Narciso Rodriguez for her l’absolu

The latest addition to the for her collection is unmistakably a date-night scent, but with a dark side—and no, we’re not just saying that because it comes in a pretty burgundy bottle. Notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and musk give it an aroma fitting for the seductress villain you secretly (or not-so-secretly) root for in a film. Wear it for your S.O. for a screening of a slasher flick—that way, your boo can get a whiff every time you jump in fear.

THE EVENT: Friendsgiving dinner

THE SCENT: philosophy my philosophy compassionate

As one of the six layerable scents in the my philosophy collection, compassionate was brewed for the kindest of hearts. Give it a few sprays before heading out to your local farmer’s market to collect squashes and pomegranates in your wicker basket, all to plan the best Friendsgiving ever. Your guests will be addicted to its white orris, coconut milk, and whipped vanilla bean aromas, so no need to plan for dessert.

THE EVENT: Psychic reading

THE SCENT: philosophy my philosophy empowered

Another fragrance from the my philosophy layering collection is the empowered scent, which carries the mantra of “I empower myself to live fearlessly.” Since this confidence-boosting infusion was made for those who can face the future head-on, why not stop in for a mind-opening psychic reading for a little insight? Spoiler alert: notes of cashmere, American cedar, and amber woods are in the cards for you with this scent.

THE EVENT: Weekend trip to a historic town

THE SCENT: TOM FORD Venetian Bergamot

Warm spices, precious woods, and florals contribute to this deep and delicious fall scent. Since it’s so grounded and sparkling, it’s the perfect bottle to pack when headed out on a fascinating trip to a small, almost-forgotten historic town—consider a gold rush settlement surrounded by nature to match its rich yet earthy sensibilities.