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MAYBELLINE - Brow Precise Micro Pencil (Soft Brown)
MARC JACOBS - Velvet Noir Mascara
ARDELL - 252
BH COSMETICS - Take Me To Brazil Palette
MAYBELLINE - Strobing Liquid (100)
URBAN DECAY - Midnight Cowboy
MARC JACOBS - Highliner Gel Crayon (Black)
MAYBELLINE - Dream Matte Mousse (Porcelain Ivory)
MAYBELLINE - Age Rewind (Fair)
MAYBELLINE - Fit Me Loose Powder (Fair)
NARS - Bronzer (Laguna)
MAC - Sheertone Blush (Peaches)
MAC - Extra Dimension Skinfinish (Double-Gleam)
MAC - Lip Pencil (Staunchly Stylish)
ABH - Lip Gloss (Metallic Rose)


2 Micheal Kors lip and Perfume Duo- $27.00 each. ($54.00)
2 Brit Rhythm- $25.00 each ($50.00)
2 Calvin Klein Eternity Now- $22.00 each ($44.00)
Ralph Lauren romance - $22.00
Stella Pink- $21.00
Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance- $24.00
2 Marc Jacobs Noir- $28.00 each ($56.00)
Stella Dark- $22.00
2 Dot Marc Jacobs- $25.00 each ($50.00)
2 Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme- $31.00 each ($62.00)
Acqua Di Giò - $110.00
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream- $78.00
Calvin Klein Eternity Now- $64.00
Flora by Gucci- $70.00
Polo Red- $105.00
Dolce by Dolce &Gabbana- $74.00
Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana- $117
Stella Dark- $72.00
Stella Dark- $50.00

Total= $ 1.195

2 Sephora Favorites the Ultimate Travel Bag- $29.00 each ($58.00)
3 Black Beauty Blender- $20.00 ($60.00)
2 Blotterazzi- $20.00 each ($40.00)
GlamGlow Youth Cleanse- $39.00
Derma Clear Micro Water- $32.00
Formula X Nail Dryer- $15.00
Josie Marran Milk- $56.00

Total = $300

#45- $24.00
#61- $46.00
3 #11- $18.00 each ($54.00)
#80- $15.00
#92- $15.00
#100- $10.00
#81- $14.00
#60- $15.00
#20- $15.00
Anastasia contour light to medium- $40.00
Still Shape & Shade Custom Contour Brush- $38.00
Urban Decay All Nighter- $30.00
2 Urban Decay Gwen Stefani pallets- $58.00 each ($116)
4 urban decay naked pencil- $16.00 each ($64.00)
2 Urban Decay Naked Flushed- $32.00 each ($64.00)
2 Urban Decay Naked Basics- $29.00 each ($58.00)
2 Naked Smoky- $54.00 each ($108.00)
Urban Decay Naked- $54.00
3 False Lashes- $10.00 each ($30.00)
Too Faced Neutral Eyes- $36.00
Too Faced Cat Eye- $36.00
Too Faced Shadow Insurance- $20.00
2 Buxom Lip Polish- $19.00 each ($38.00)
2 Buxom Full-on lipstick- $19.00 each ($38.00)
3 Kat Von D Everladting Liquid Lipstick- $20.00 each ($60.00)
Nars audacious lipstick- $32.00

Total= $1,070

4 Long Holiday Socks- $5.00 each ($20.00)
3 Holiday Gloves- $10.00 each ($30.00)
Pearl Bracelet- $100
Pearl necklace- $20.00
Fuzzy Socks- $5.00
7 Short Holiday Socks- $49.00
Black Tights- $15.00
Speaker- $30.00




French weird tales collection. 261 issues [1954-1974]. The series was printed in much less copies than the other Fleuve Noir series and, if “Angoisse” could run for such a long time (all other french popular fantastic attempts did not last very long) it was due to the success of “Espionnage” and “Special Police” that, in a sense, “paid” for “Angoisse”. And there was undoubtedly a nucleus of faithful readers. 

“Angoisse” remains as my favorite paperback collection among all. B.R.Bruss (Roger Blondel / René Bonnefoy), Benoit Becker (José-André Lacour, Jean-Claude Carrière, Christiane Rochefort…), Kurt Steiner (André Ruellan), Marc Agapit (Adrien Sobra), and even Peter Randa (André Duquesne),….what they wrote here, this very special kind of stories, is not to compare. Angoisse…a magical aura….Its authors were nicknamed “Les Angoisseurs”…

Later on, others will join (not many and not ever so convincing as the formers): Jean Murelli, Dominique-Henri Keller (François Richard), André Caroff (André Carpouzis), G.J. Arnaud, Paul Béra (Paul Bérato), Dominique Arly (Constant Pettex), Pierre Suragne (Pierre Pelot), Alphonse Brutsche (Jean-Pierre Andrevon)…,and Maurice Limat will give here -with his detective of the occult, Teddy Verano - what can be considered as the best of his considerable pulp writer production….

Reproduced here, 10 among the 20 first issues.

cover art: Michel Gourdon

Publisher: Editions Fleuve Noir, Paris

Literary director: François Richard

source:amsaklapper’s collection


Vacation Doodles Part 1

Sorry for the art inactivity!

I’ve been away on vacation before school and while I was gone I managed to do some drawing though it’s mostly doodles of characters I’ve never really tried to draw before or had time to. Though in Vyse’s case it’s more like I haven’t drawn him since I was a kid… it’s weird drawing him after all these years

If you’re interested in seeing my doodles as I do them you can always check out my twitter!



Here is the tutorial for the makeup on my previous post.

Products used:

Beenigma Cream (25% OFF)

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

ZOEVA Concealer Spectrum Palette (Available 12th September)

ZOEVA 109 Vegan Face Paint Brush

ZOEVA 103 Definer Buffer Brush

ZOEVA Contour Spectrum Palette (Available 12th September)

F40 Contour Brush - Blank Canvas Cosmetics - Blank Canvas Cosmetics USE DISCOUNT CODE: SHONAGH for 10% OFF

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Urban Decay Primer Potion

Too Faced Natural Eyes

E26 Blending Brush - Blank Canvas Cosmetics

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F10 Small Socket Blender - Blank Canvas Cosmetics


E23 Pencil Brush - Blank Canvas Cosmetics USE DISCOUNT CODE: SHONAGH for 10% OFF

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

Benefit - Ready Set Brow Gel

MAC #35 Lashes,default,pd.html

Illamasqua Blush - Lover

ZOEVA 114 Luxe Face Focus Brush

Too Faced Cosmetics Melted Matte - Cool Girl

Make Up Geek Kathleen Lights Highlighter Palette


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