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on cultural differences regarding demonlogy, and how it relates to Cypora’s Guide

Christian ideas of “demons” are very different from traditional Jewish ones. Our demons, the shedim, are tempters, corruptors, and destroyers, sure. But the ways they do these things relate back to the different mentalities about sin & wickedness between the two faiths/cultures.

In one old Jewish tale, a man discovers his wife is actually a demon and rejects her—so she uses the law to argue in favor of her rights. In another, a man is abducted by a demonic steed and taken to a mansion of smoke and shadow where he is tempted with objects of great wealth, only to make the right choice and be rewarded for it. Other tales describe shedim that try to snatch and claw, to steal people away when they wander in the liminal hours. They’re shomrei Shabbos, they have a demonstrable sense of honor & adherence to laws and codes yet deviate strangely from human morals and ethics.

An English translation of the memoir of Saadi Levi (from J.M. Benardete’s Hispanic Culture, which i found as cited in Foundations of Sephardic Spirituality: The Inner Life of Jews of the Ottoman Empire, by Rabbi Marc D. Angel) mentions the shedim being else known by the names “those who are better than we”, and “those from below”.

Shedim might be translated as “demons”, but i’m sure lots of goyish Tumblr users will recognize right away that they’re more analogous to the Sidhe.
How to make an audio drama: a conversation with creators Lauren Shippen & Marc Sollinger
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One week ago today, I was sitting in a theatre while something was happening that I hadn’t even fully imagined or dreamed about as a possibility.  On Tuesday, I experienced one of the most painful events of my life.  On Friday, I experienced one of the most exciting.  It was surreal in an explainable way and it will be a treasured memory.  I thought about trying to type out a long writeup about that night, but I don’t think there’s a way to recount it adequately.  I saw him in the hall and then watched the last 15ish minutes of the film with him sitting a few feet to my left, one long leg crossed over the other, hand up to his face in a thoughtful intent pose.  I took a few photos and then tried to soak in what was taking place and truly live in that moment.  

I’ll never forget his smile and flush of pleasure at the applause from the audience when Marc mentioned The Hollow Crown.  I’ll never forget his interaction with Ben and their duets.  I’ll never forget the way he had the audience laughing during the singalong portion of the night.  I’ll never forget him literally trying to take the mic from Marc’s hands to add his two cents to a question.  I’ll never forget him talking about filming certain parts and the explanation of the shower scene.  I’ll never forget his Ethan Hawke impression.  I’ll never forget his wit, his eloquence, his presence.  

I’m so glad that he got to sneak in and sit and hear the audience begin to sing at the end of the film, but I’m especially glad that he heard the applause in that theatre as the last frame faded.  Because his performance is honestly astounding and astoundingly honest and the love and dedication he poured into it should be acknowledged and remembered.  

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Hi, I'm the same anon that asked the worried for felicity ask, thank u for answering, but I'm still so worried, I looked all over the internet and on Reddit and arrow spoilers there is just so much blatant hate for her! Like so much love for laurel (who I like sorta but not close to felicity) and I'm just so scared they will fridge her still! Do the arrow writers even like her? Do u think they will give felicity a storyline independent of a man? I just love her so much!

hola! first of all, reddit is never a good place to check for anything arrow related. not to stereotype, but most of the arrow reddit is filled with misogyny so i’d advice to just steer clear. the arrow writers aren’t idiots, they know that she’s the money maker. also they love emily, everybody loves emily, so they’re going to keep her around. also i really like her current storyline with helix, and i think marc mentioned something about plans for season 6 (i’m thinking smoak tech) but i’d take that with a grain of salt rn. honestly i don’t like everything the writers have done so far, but it’s still enjoyable enough for me to watch. i honestly 100% don’t think they’ll fridge her, they know how big her fanbase is, trust me. no matter how stupid the writers may be sometimes, they’re not that dumb :’). 

You’ll be the Death of me (Dean x reader)

This is third part of ‘Torn Apart’.
Read Torn Apart here!
Rean Memories and Questions here!

Words: 1562

Warnings: swearing, abusive relationship


Hello! I just read the second part to ‘Torn Apart’ and I’m just going to say; “It finally got a second part! :D” I was too shy to ask for another part when it came out, but I pulled myself together and ask if there’s going to do a third part, and if so, will it be soon? You don’t have to do it now! Just when you have time and feel like it. Also, since I’m here, I love your blog! Your writing is amazing, seriously!

Please part three of “Torn Apart” please please pleaseeee
You are an amazing writer!  - true-brotherhood

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˝Why do you think that? ˝ Dean asked, every possible scenario playing in his head. And not one of them ended well.

Castiel tilted his head, eyes set on a small box in Dean’s arms. ˝Is that? ˝ he asked, confused.

˝Yes. Engagement ring. Why do you think there’s something wrong with Y/N?! ˝ Dean yelled, quickly losing his patience. He didn’t mean to yell at Castiel, he didn’t mean anything. Dean just wanted you back, safe in his arms.

˝I can’t find her. I can hear her prayers, but I can’t find her. ˝ Cas explained calmly. He understood Dean’s reaction. He and Sam tried to find you for the last few days and it was eating him that he couldn’t find you and help you.

˝What … what do you mean? She’s praying to you and you can’t find her? How? ˝ Dean asked, afraid of hearing Castiel’s answer.

˝Somehow someone hid her from us. ˝ Castiel said quietly. ˝I think she was kidnapped, Dean. ˝

Dean buried head in his hands, repeating that it’s his fault. If he did something different, if he called you back or ask why are you leaving. Maybe then you’d be safe now.

˝Can we do anything? To find her? ˝ Sam turned to Castiel. He was as worried as Dean, but had to keep himself calm. Dean wasn’t thinking straight now and Sam had to think for both of them.

˝There is a way. But I’m not sure if you’ll like it. ˝  

A loud pop followed and suddenly Gabriel was standing in the room. ˝Well hello. ˝ he greeted, big smile on his face. ˝Deano, I heard you lost your sweetheart … what a shame. ˝

Dean couldn’t help but roll his eyes. ˝Please tell me he’s not ‘the way’. ˝ he begged.

Neither Sam nor Dean had good experience from the archangel. Short story, he was a big pain in the ass for the Winchesters.

Castiel wanted to apologize, but Gabriel cut him off, before he opened his mouth. ˝You want me on this one, believe me. Y/N is in big trouble. ˝


˝You know what I’m thinking… ˝ Marc smiled in a creepy way at you.

A smile like this was bad news. Especially from him. Your body was now covered in wounds, fresh and dried, all made by him. Marc enjoyed seeing you suffer more than anything. He enjoyed when you screamed, when you cried or begged him to stop. He’d just laugh and continue.

˝That boy of yours is going to come here, wanting to save you. I’m sure that his brother and the angel will do anything to find you. ˝ he continued, while walking up and down.

You thought of Dean every second possible. There was no doubt, you hurt him bad. You saw tears in his eyes when you were leaving. He was searching your face back then, trying to find something that would tell him, you were lying. Something that would tell him, you still love him, that nothing has changed.

It crushed you too. You missed Dean more than anything in the world. His arms, cute little kisses he gave you when you were feeling down. And you couldn’t even think about Marc hurting him.

˝He won’t come. ˝ you mumbled. ˝I did my job fine. ˝

˝Oh sweetie… ˝ Marc laughed. ˝He’s already searching for you. And when he comes, I’ll kill him slowly in front of you. Or maybe … maybe I’ll kill you in front of him and then let him bleed out. ˝

You clenched your jaw angrily ˝Don’t you dare to touch him… ˝ Immediately you regretted your words. Marc cut into your cheek, deeply, and you cried out from the pain.

˝Shut up whore! ˝ he shouted, leaving the room.


˝Right before she disappeared, she was in Cleveland. Any idea what she could be doing there? ˝ Gabriel asked.

Everyone was gathered around the table, making a plan. First, how to find you and then how to save you.  All three men shook their heads.

˝No idea. ˝ Dean muttered, kind of desperate by now. That was almost 2 days drive from here and he had no idea why you’d wanted to be there.

˝Well she was calling for help back then. So I suggest, we start searching there. Get your stuff together boys, so we can leave. ˝

Dean was first to jump up and grab two bags. One for him and one for Sam. Most necessary things were always packed in case of emergency. And Dean knew that they don’t have much time left. It was a race with time.

˝Let’s go. ˝ he threw one bag to Sam.

They were in the motel in one second and in next they were standing in Cleveland. Everything around them gave Dean a bad feeling. This place was abandoned, far away from people. It was dark and calling for troubles.

˝How did they even hide her? ˝ Sam broke the silence.

˝A spell, hex bag, there are some ways, but you need someone powerful for that. ˝ Gabriel answered, turning around. He could tell, you were near. But he couldn’t tell where, which made an archangel nervous. It was really rare for him to feel powerless like here. And he really, really hated this feeling. ˝I’m the one to kill the bastard. ˝ he muttered, more to himself than to anyone else.


You were alone in the room and that made you a little calmer. That usually meant that you have an hour or two for yourself and your thoughts.

Marc mentioned that Dean’s searching for you. You couldn’t help but smile at that thought. Maybe he didn’t buy your acting at all. You were happy, knowing that he can find you, sure. But on the other side you were scared. Marc can do horrible things, you knew that much. And if that means he’ll hurt you, he will sure as hell do the worst thing possible.

The door opened, breaking your trail of thoughts. In horror you looked Marc entering.

˝Guess who came for a visit? ˝ he asked, smile resting on his face. Your eyes widened and he nodded quickly ˝Look, she’s not as stupid as she looks. ˝

He was next to you, his hand on your shoulder.

˝She’s near, I can feel her. ˝ unknown voice said.

And then it happened. The door opened, revealing Dean in front of it.  He landed his eyes on you and you couldn’t help but smile. Suddenly all felt fine. Dean was there. Dean will save you. You didn’t see Sam or Castiel next to him. For you there was only Dean.

˝Hello boys. ˝ Marc greeted them, not moving his hand.

˝If you don’t leave her right now, I swear….˝

˝You swear what? ˝ Marc laughed. ˝You think you can beat me? With your angel friend? C’mon, let’s be real, Dean. I’ll kill her, before you even move your finger.

Horror was written over Dean’s face at Marc’s words. He couldn’t stand losing you. Not again.

˝If you touch her, I’ll kill you. And before that I’ll make you beg for it. ˝ Castiel threatened.

But again, Marc just laughed. He took a step closer to them, making Dean clench his jaw. You were right there, few meters in front of him and he couldn’t do anything to save you.

˝Little nervous Dean? ˝ Marc teased. ˝OK, I’ll let you come in here. But those two stay out. ˝ he pointed at Sam and Castiel.

Slowly Dean took a step forward. He had his eyes set on Marc now, waiting for his next move. Step by step he came closer to you.

Meanwhile, you were paralyzed, waiting for Marc to finish his plan. There was not a single doubt that he isn’t going to do it. And it didn’t take long for your fears to come true. In a blink Dean was pushed against a wall and the doors closed, blocking Sam’s and Castiel’s way in.

˝That’s just what I wanted. ˝ Marc was really pleased with his work. He glanced at Dean and then set his eyes back on you. ˝Told you it was going to end like this. ˝

˝Let him go, please. ˝ you begged at the same time as Dean begged Marc to let you go.

˝You two are cute … I’m not letting anyone walk out of this. ˝

Then all of a sudden a person appeared behind Marc. A guy had a smile on his face, looking all relaxed. The weird thing was, though, that Marc didn’t seem to notice anyone behind him.

˝With who shall I start… ˝

You looked at Dean, his eyes meeting yours once again. He had guilt written all over his face. Once again Dean took everything on his shoulders.

˝I love you. ˝ you mouthed, hoping that somehow Marc wouldn’t notice. Dean smiled at you, letting you know he feels the same way.

˝Maybe with the angel standing behind me… ˝ Marc shrugged his shoulders. ˝Or maybe with Y/N. ˝

In exactly the same moment Marc snapped his fingers and a man behind him, put his hand on him. Your eyes widened in realization that someone’s going to die. You just weren’t sure who. Dean, the angel or you.

˝NOO! ˝

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I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

At the beginning of this season, either Marc or Stephen mentioned that by the end of season 3, it will be clear that Oliver Queen will not be “alone;” that there will be other masked vigilantes in Starling City. 

Identity issues + learning you’re not alone = Learning to be both Oliver Queen and the Arrow!!!

When tied in with this season’s theme, identity, this really implies that by the end of this season, Oliver will have accepted both sides of himself. The Arrow side of himself.

And, most importantly, because he will begin to allow others to help him, he will be able to accept Oliver Queen (and all that –or shall I say who– comes with it).

This episode is really the start of that transition. Oliver said it himself in this episode: he cannot be the Arrow any longer, and he cannot be Oliver Queen either. In this episode, he had to learn the lesson in the hardest ways: being kept in the dark about Roy’s non-death.

It really says something that Oliver is so caught up in his own headspace, in trying to protect the people he loves, that he forgets that those people love him back. That they can do something to protect him as well. 

I think this is an important lesson for him. This is an important character development. Part of the reason why Oliver refuses to allow himself to be with Felicity is because he thinks Oliver Queen is dangerous to her and those he loves; that Oliver is who will get those he loves killed.

So he pushes them away and protects them the only way he knows how: with the Arrow. And the Arrow is alone. The Arrow has the burden of saving the city on his shoulders, and what he believes are his shoulders alone.

So when Oliver begins to understand that the Arrow doesn’t have to be alone, he will be able to open himself up as Oliver Queen to the one person he’s been wanting for more than a year now. To the person he loves: his soulmate! His endgame! 

And guess what! He gives in next episode! In 3x20, there is finally Olicity sex. The sex scene will show us what it will be like between them without the Arrow as an obstacle to their relationship.

Because Oliver believes this might be his last chance at being Oliver Queen before that identity is taken from him as well, he’s going to give in.

It will tie in beautifully given what we already know about the season finale, aptly named “my name is Oliver Queen.” Oliver started this season choosing the Arrow, and he went down this hellhole for a LONG ASS TIME.

But now he is finally being forced to learn that sometimes it’s not the Arrow who can win it, it’s Oliver Queen. Most importantly, Oliver LET himself be Oliver Queen in tonight’s episode. As the Arrow, he would’ve done exactly what he said, barged into prison to save Roy. God knows what would’ve happened.

While he was VERY determined to do that this episode, ultimately he listened to his team. Which is fantastic character development.

This mini-theme of accepting help, which fits perfectly into Oliver’s struggle with himself as the Arrow and Oliver Queen, will continue into the season finale. To win, Oliver will have to get the help of ALL his friends. By learning he is not alone and by accepting that, Oliver will begin to accept the Oliver Queen side of himself.

Oliver will win this season’s battles, not with the Arrow, but with Oliver Queen. He will finally learn that both sides of himself are necessary to lead a full and complete life.

PS- Can I just say how MUCH I loved the fact that Felicity almost told Oliver she loves both the Arrow and Oliver Queen. Because at the base of it all, he’s Oliver. Her Oliver.


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what do you think about KC still talking about l/o??????

I think it’s positively embarrassing on her part, to keep bringing it up, when everyone else has moved completely past it, in whatever way they felt about it. 

I mean, what is there left to say about Oliver and Laurel? Oliver has told Felicity that he loves her like 27k times and in 65k different ways. They just made love on a four-post, monster-size bed lit by so many candles, I was in fear of the Fire Marshal showing up to shut things down. There were candles right by the bed-side, I was afraid an evacuation was gonna thwart what is Arrow’s most provocative scene to date, and most likely, ever *until the next time Felicity decides to let him into her panty drawer* *wink*

Katie is reaching and doesn’t have a single cast member, executive producer to back her up. Stephen can’t stop travelling to a city near you to answer questions about Olicity, and just gush about them. David is practically like, “There ain’t nobody else for those two.” Emily is the most eloquent orator when she’s discussing what certain plot-points mean for Oliver and Felicity’s future. Andy K. ain’t even writing for Arrow anymore and he mentioned them in a very telling, and exciting light. Didn’t Marc just answer an anon on here with the definitive, “We have no plans for Oliver and Laurel” or am I buggin’? 

No one is on Katie’s side but Katie, and I guess that’s enough. Oliver doesn’t even notice Laurel. They don’t even share scenes for the most part. No woman truly matters to Oliver more than Thea and Felicity, and Moira if she were still with us. Stephen just said (TODAY) how much he loved the scene when Oliver said he’s done chasing her ass. FREEDOM. I mean, how much more over can it be? 

Katie, it’s time to be happy with the black leather, the collar and the wig, and stop mentioning what is only a friendship now and for the duration. Goodnight.

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Hi Marc, I'm curious. You mentioned in an interview before the S3 finale that you wrote two lines that you think were your best bet for getting into Entertainment Weekly's quotes page. Which ones were they? I've three guesses: Barry's "hot tub" mention, him thanking Felicity for outing him to the "super villain" or Felicity's "If I could figure out how to get this thing off, I would be kissing you right now." Thanks!

Actually, one made it!  It was Lance’s “The City’s under attack.  Must be May.”  I forget the other one.  :)

Arrow Spoilers I Speculations

[Arrow Theory Thursday]

The Arrow trailer was A.W.E.S.O.M.E and came full of details and clues…I know is  not Thursday yet but…Whatever! Let’s start speculating…

- Is the Arrow Bunker at the cellar of Palmer Tech?

If you notice the lamps in the scene where we see Felicity and Oliver together (above)  and the sequence when we see Felicity (shooting) with Curtis are the same.

Also, the floor of the elevator where we see Felicity and Curtis (before of after) trying to escape from Double Down is green marble like in her office (episode 4x03) - [Marc Guggenheim also mentioned in his Tumblr Q&A that the Bunker has an elevator]

I think the Bunker will be built in the Cellar of Palmer Tech  and only Felicity and Curtis will have access.  Maybe this new Arrow Cave will also be a nod to Lucius Fox’s Cellar at Wayne Enterprises…[You know how much the writers love Batman Begins].

I also have the suspicion that the provisional Arrow Cave will be redesigned into the glossy Arrow Bunker by Curtis Holt.

- I think Curtis will be the “Lucius Fox” of Green Arrow. I am almost sure, he will discover early on that Felicity is part of Team Arrow (maybe in the sequence where she fires the gun shown in the trailer). After all he is super smart and also very “crafty” (he built the T-Spheres) …

Later on, I think his role will be pivotal when “little”  Ray Palmer shows up asking for help.

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Episode 15 of Legends of Tomorrow is going to be a HUGE Captain Canary episode from what I’ve heard!

Where is my evidence of it being a good ep? Here are my exhibits:

Exhibit A: It’s called “Destiny”. Yes? Okay, that’s not evidence, but you know what?

Exhibit B: When someone asked Marc Guggenheim about upcoming Sara/Snart scenes to look forward to, he replied with “Ep 115. Big time.”

Exhibit C: When Caity mentioned Sara taking the Waverider for a spin in episode 15, she said “Rip better watch out, cause CAPTAIN CANARY’s coming in!” Okay, yes, I can see that she’s referring to Captain Sara, singular, but hey, you never know. Caity IS aware of the ship name 😉

Exhibit D: You know what Caity tweeted during the filming of this ep? (And it WAS when they were filming it, I checked the dates). “Just filmed a scene that’s gonna make fans looooossseee their minds.” Is that a hint? Yes, please?

Exhibit E: You guys remember those beautifully perfect BTS photos that Caity and Wentworth posted? Those were during the filming of that episode!

Exhibit F: Marc Guggenheim mentioned that there were going to be some great developments of Snart and Sara’s relationship coming up, and since he himself wrote this specific episode…I’m guessing that’s where the developments comes in.

None of these are evidence that it will be a huge, noteworthy Captain Canary episode, but it’s everything I’ve seen regarding it. I hope it’s good, though! And nobody expect something as crazy as a kiss. If it ever actually happens, it’s NOT going to be in season one of all things.