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A little treat for those who are still up, my first ever produced music video! Featuring Marc McFly performing “Gone!”. Marc and I went in from the start wanting to create a video that ties to his lyrics and we both knew we wanted to implement at least part of the video in reverse. So the gist of story for the video is that he’s going to tell the girl he loves that he is leaving and she can’t handle it. Sandy, who is the girl in the video, was fantastic and really patient the entire time we were shooting. Marc did a great job remembering how to say his lines in reverse, and everything mostly went off without a hitch.

Now that I’m getting more and more involved with film, expect better and better projects being released on the regular. A short film written and directed by a friend of mine, which was shot and edited by me is coming out next week. Two personal short films that I wrote will hopefully be produced during this month off I have from school, and there’s so much more. I hope you guys enjoy the ride :) All footage was shot on a Nikon D300s.

This Is My Brother Marc McFly, he has been there for me throughout this roller coaster ride we call the “Music Game”. He is a Genius, he Raps, Produces, Engineers,he created the #MGFHC Logo and we come up with Music Video Treatments that I can’t wait to see. His Solo Project “I’m On My Way” will hands down be my Favorite Album this Year. 


My first ever music video. Help and show some support, by reblogging/liking/favoriting/subscribing/etc; It’s a pretty cool video if I must say so myself, half of it was shot in reverse! :) 


The homie Marc McFly and his friends came down to Orlando to work with me on making a music video for his song, “Gone”. We’ve been meaning to work together in a really creative way for a long time and finally we got the song and the extra time to do it. The shoot turned out fantastic, I can’t wait to share it with everyone, everyone who was there did a great job.