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Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (Best url)

YSL, Black Opium Nuit Blanche (Best theme)

Giorgio Armani, Si (Best posts)

Marc Jacobs, Daisy Eau so Fresh (best overall)

Chanel, CocoMademoiselle (Patrycja’s fave)

Jo Malone, English pear and Freesia (best icon)

Estee Lauder, Pleasures (Nicest blogger)

Lancome, La vie est belle (Best new discovery)

Versace, Bright crystal (Best under 4k)

Vera Wang, Princess  (Lena’s fave)


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fayts4  asked:

roses: what’s your favorite perfume or cologne?

roses: what’s your favorite perfume or cologne?

i use a l o t of diff sprays from bath & body works (i layer perfumes and make ~my own scent~) but my all-time fav is daisy eau so fresh by marc jacobs!!

anonymous asked:

Do you know any nice perfume with strawberry? 🍓💘

- The Body Shop Strawberry EdT
- Dior Miss Dior Chérie EdP
- Escada Ocean Lounge
- Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine
- YSL Mon Paris


The designer and director duo got together in NYC for the launch of the new fragrance Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream.

A huge group of international press convened on New York City’s West Side last month to fête the launch of Marc Jacobs’s new scent, Daisy Dream. The charming, romantic take on the original Daisy perfume is floral and fruity, spiked with notes of blackberry, jasmine, musk, and coconut water (which also is an ingredient in some Marc Jacobs Beauty products). Behind a giant indoor MJ-shaped hedge, Jacobs and his close friend, the filmmaker Sofia Coppola—who directed the TV commercial for the Daisy Dream campaign—discussed all things Daisy. Read on for an excerpt. HOLLY SIEGEL

MARC JACOBS: I think it’s a characteristic that exists in a lot of people, maybe in Sofia. A lot of Sofia’s work and the way she portrays women—there’s a bit of strength, vulnerability, and virility—is in line with the Daisy girl. There’s that Daisy quality, although there’s the dark side perhaps.

SOFIA COPPOLA: I was really happy when Marc said they wanted to create some short film commercials for Daisy Dream. It was great because I had complete freedom to make something pretty that I hoped captured the feeling that Marc wanted to portray. So for me, it was a great pleasure to create something beautiful that I hoped Marc would like. I think because we have similar tastes, it was easy for me … I felt that we like the same kinds of things.

SC: I guess because it was Daisy Dream, we wanted it to feel dreamy. Fragrance is so abstract so how you convey it—you know the feeling that you want or the girl—it matters. I do like to think of things as a memory, or an impression.

MJ: I think that sense, that olfactory sense, does take you somewhere. I mean you always go back to a memory. I think certain things evoke certain places you’ve been … a certain feeling you get. We always talked about this when we were making the fragrance: Does it have this kind of freshness, does it have a sparkle, is there a lightness to it? With Daisy Dream, we wanted to create something that was more ethereal, a sophisticated version of this Daisy girl that we first started making.

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