marc gagliardi

“Croach, are you drunk?”

“Regularly, since I fulfilled my onus to you, Sparks Nevada.” 

“So Croach, you’ve been drinking for five months?” 

“Ever since my first imbibe-ment” 

“On our parting of ways, huh? I see.” 

“What do you see with your limited visual senses?” 

“I mean I understand, Croach. I get it, I’m flattered. But buddy, you do not look good.”

“Pfft, I do not know why you’re flattered. I feel as if I look good. I feel as if I have been designated Croach the Extremely Good Looking And Who Maybe Possesses the Ability to Fly. And who are you, Sparks Nevada, that I put your drink-onus upon my tabulation, and you tell me I do not look good? And why is this establishment spinning? Answer the second question first….Bagropa, it has ceased. As to your ingratitude, perhaps you should be designated Sparks Nevada, the Butt-Milk.” –Sparks Nevada and Croach the Tracker on The Thrilling Adventure Hour: Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars

Drunk Croach in that episode was freaking adorable!

‘I miss my Red from my universe, and I also miss myself from my me.’
'Where’s my Reddy-Red Rider pants gone?’
'I have no friends nor drinks. But yes I am drunk and we are friends.’
'You dreamt about me! Come here ginger beer!’
'Where is my girlfriend you unpleasant cheese from the milk of the single worst and largest butt?’

Also Mark screwing up his line at the start: ’I shall start that all again…. From the song. When there’s varmints….’

Sparks Nevada: Barkeep, what kind of realities?

Barkeep: Well, they’re like this one, only there’s some where we all made different choices. And some where everybody’s got the other gender. Or different preferences.

Sparks Nevada: Whaaat?

Barkeep: Yeah. And there’s one where we’re all teenagers in high school together.

Sparks Nevada: What? Different…choices?

Saloon AI: We…we’re teenagers?

Sparks Nevada: What?

Saloon AI: Am I the high school?

Sparks Nevada: What?

Saloon AI: I’m the high school, aren’t I?

Croach the Tracker: Ugh. Humans and their remedial gender constructs.

 —“Cosmic Sans” (Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars; The Thrilling Adventure Hour #193)

After two sessions (seven months apart) and a total of six hours in the chair, my Thrilling Adventure Hour ink is finally finished!

Thanks to Acker & Blacker, and all the WJ Players and guests for such a glorious show, with extra special thanks to Marc Evan Jackson for writing my POW!. I’m so, so pleased with how this ended up.

(Tatt done by Cynthia at Alchemy Tattoo in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia)



……..I finally post photos from NYCC. These are some of my personal favorites of the photos I took at the Sparks Nevada show I attended! Much love to @annakie and @shannondapper for hanging with me and making my first TAH show a memorable one 💖💕

Thanks to everyone who joined us last night at Largo at the Coronet​. You are our Valentines!
Thanks to everyone behind the scenes, Type 55 Films, photographer Roman Cho, master curtaineer Todd Cooper, everyone at Largo, director-down-under Aaron Ginsburg, and the Andy Paley​ Orchestra!
Thanks especially to the always-wonderful WorkJuice Players: Marc Evan Jackson​, Paul F. Tompkins​, Hal Lublin​, Annie Savage, Craig Cackowski, Mark Gagliardi, John Ennis, and Paget Brewster​!
And thanks to our guests new and returning: Sara Watkins​, Jenny Wade​, Jane Levy​, Lucas Neff​, Keegan-Michael Key​, Lauren Lapkus​, and Janet Varney​!

See y'all March 7 for our 10th anniversary shows!


The Thrilling Adventure Hour - Auckland (May 20 2015)

Such a privilege to be able to see the show in its entirety before the final curtain call this weekend. Expectations exceeded - you can see the fun they have and this just adds to the magic.

A huge thank you to everyone involved with bringing it to the Southern Hemisphere, not sure how it happened but so grateful it did.