marc by marc jacobs resort 2014

Marc should be the main character of a quirky high school comedy. He would be really weird but all the people who mattered would think he was cool and he’d come of age via some weird experience like finally taking down the Jock at a game of Tetris because he had an ongoing Tetris battle with the Jock from second grade. Finally Marc would win at Tetris in a heated battle at the local arcade, and everyone would be there because someone would have made neon fliers and thrown them off the stairwell at school, and some feel good summer hit would play as everyone cheered and Marc bodysurfed home or rode his vespa there or something. Also at some point in the movie, probably after he proved himself to be a true man via Tetris, he would have a really awkward hug with some weird romantic interest but they wouldnt kiss because its actually very hard to kiss someone when you are an awkward high schooler even if you know that they like you back. This is my favorite movie