marc & ish

overall though, like, season 4 of arrow is such a shitty season of television. nothing made sense. nothing in that season stuck. everything was quickly fixed in a matter of 2 episodes, except, obviously, laurel dying because marc guggenheim is a steaming pile of sexist shit.

- thea’s bloodlust has no meaning and she left for some reason??
- felicity nuked OVER 10,000 PEOPLE and felt nothing????
- oliver doesn’t even have a son anymore
- everyone forgot laurel died 2 eps after it happened
- why is curtis even there when he’s felicity 2.0????
- donna lied and is now a horrible person and her entire story is shit
- they made us sympathize with the calculator, a villain???
- why was malcolm even THERE?
- the oliver/felicity relationship was SUCH A JOKE. engaged after 9 eps, fake marriage after 16, for the dumbest fucking reasons
- felicity’s a massive hypocrite, point blank period
- the writers had no idea who was in the grave until like ep 16???
- they spent a whole episode with vixen destroying darhk’s totem only for it magically to be a thing again?????????
- the entire back half of the season, especially the season finale, was embarrassing from start to finish
- two series lows that focused on the Olshitty and the Smoakin Gang and yall cant see that yall are writing absolute horse shit
- diggle and felicity both resolved their series long storylines but for some reason THEY’RE STILL HERE??? also anyone know why diggle reenlisted bc im sure the writers don’t
- so many powerful women died like literally so many and for no reason
- oliver randomly became mayor like???? that’s not how politics works but ok
- darhk was done after punches lol
- thea isn’t even thea anymore i_don’t_know_her.gif
- stop the flashbacks 2k16

PSA: It you can’t tell, I’m done with Arrow. I haven’t watched the last few episodes, but this past one was the final straw. Laurel Lance meant a lot to me and a large majority of people, and I’m not going to support a show that is so in love with its own pettiness. With that being said, I will continue to reblog gifs of Thea Queen, Laurel Lance, and general Arrow edits that represent pre-4.18.

Fuck Arrow. Fuck their writers. And specifically, fuck Marc Guggenheim.

i don’t understand why guggenheim thought the majority of olicity fandom would be upset over 3x12 end and break the internet

guy really doesn’t understand their audience or why we love olicity

like felicity was fucking flawless and it made sense, like why someone would even be against felicity’s reasoning???

felicity was the queen i know she is and slayed oliver and that was the best part of the episode