a closing note

edit: shit i just realized today was a horrible day to post this. i wasnt kidding.

im really sorry to everyone who enjoys this blog still, but i think im done. its not because i dont like marble hornets anymore, i still love it a lot, its pretty much just personal reasons. i dont really have time or motivation right now, and im pretty sick of feeling guilty for not updating much. this blog was supposed to be fun, but now i find myself dreading posting anything because someone always seems to find fault with it. i just want everyone to be happy. i know i cant make everyone happy, but i just really want to. its stupid and weak and really selfish, but i think its for the best to stop posting altogether. again, im very, very sorry to everyone. i guess i had a good run.

if anyone wants to know my personal blog for whatever reason, feel free to ask, but please not anonymously.

thanks to everyone who stuck around, despite all the bullshit. love you.


Hate against marblehornetsconfessions

I really have to jump in and say how pathetic I think it is that someone with a great blog makes one slip and is denied any support.  I mean I can sort of understand a few hateful messages, but come on guys, how long has this shit been going on?  I feel really bad because they just keep getting these waves of hate even after they admitted fault.  That’s an admirable thing to do but this insipid bullshit just keeps piling on.

As soon as one of these shows up in my dash I just have to lay my head in my hands in disbelief.  You guys CANNOT be this hateful, it just can’t be so.

Okay, whoever sent that horrible message to the admin of the blog, telling her she should kill herself, you’re fucking pathetic. Really, you are. How dare you tell somebody that they should do that and expect no harm from your words. That is a real person you’re talking to. You’re telling her to end her life, which you know nothing about, and think that if she does kill herself then you will be satisfied by her fatal action which was caused by you and other people who told her the same thing. You should feel ashamed of yourself and should try to get some fucking common sense for once.