marblehead ohio

Pie of the Gods.

For many years the best pie I ever ate came from Avery’s Café in Marblehead, Ohio. I will never forget the slice of home-grown peach pie I shared with my sisters, Elaine and Julie, on our last road trip together. It tasted of summer, and of sunshine. Their cherry pie, made with fruit from just across the state line in Michigan, occupies a place of high honor in my memory as well. (Pie occupies a place of importance in my mind much of the time. The world needs more pie. I digress.) So it is with trembling excitement that I am announcing today that the place of Top Pie has now been conferred to an upstart pie: the strawberry-rhubarb pie I ate at the Cornucopia Café in Bisbee, Arizona. My slice was the generous piece missing from the pie in the photo. It was superlative in crust and filling. Flakiest, butteriest, texture-est (I just made that word up), tartest. I recommend it without reservation. Just leave a slice for me.