It’s #TrilobiteTuesday! The 518 million year old Latham Shale, located near the heart of the imposing Mojave Desert in San Bernardino County, California, represents one of the finest Lower Cambrian outcrops in North America. Found within its rust-colored limestone layers are a variety of rare trilobite species, including an intriguing assortment of Olenellid types. Taken together with the other assembled fauna, these trilobites provide an unparalleled view of what a typical reef-filled offshore environment may have been like at this early stage of life’s development on earth. Housed within the often inhospitable Marble Mountains, the Latham Shale’s rich deposits have so-far produced evidence of 12 different trilobite species, such as Bristolia insolens (photo) and Olenellus fremonti, which when preserved as complete examples can range between two and five inches in length. Learn more about trilobites. 


호텔의 정돈된 편안함과 휴양지 리조트 특유의 여유로움 중 후자에 더 매력을 느낀다. 엄마와 열대과일로 가득한 조식을 먹고 산책을 하며 덥고 습한 나라의 조경에 대해 이야기를 나눴다. 여행 중 가장 평화로운 순간이였다. (그 뒤로는 걷기도 힘들 정도로 비가 내렸다…) 둘째날 일정으로 간 marble mountain 에서는 아름다운 돌을 잔뜩 봤다. 날 것의 거친 대리석에는 기묘한 생동감이 있다. 에너제틱한 아름다움. 붉은 기가 도는 부분은 집에 가져오고 싶다는 오만한 생각도 잠시 들었다.

Looking towards the Marble Mountain Wilderness from the Klamath National Forest ~ Eileen Kitayama 2016

Fun Fact:  California has 148 Wilderness Areas, adding up to 14% of its land area, and making it #2 (with #1 being Alaska) for the American state with the most wilderness.  There’s a lot to choose from here.   Check them out!