Black Butler AU (Closed)

Craig walked down a long, marble hallway, opening each curtain he passed with a flick of his wrist. He was holding in his other arm, a breakfast platter for his master. Fresh fruit, scones, a few croissants, and an apple tart, along with tea and other necessary options that would be needed such as butter, sugar, and honey. His posture was impeccable as he walked, chin high with a blank expression on his face. He wouldn’t let it drop for a second. He was a proud butler and he definitely looked like one. He finally reached the tall doors that lead to his masters bedroom. He opened and closed the door skillfully, not making a single noise. He walked over and set the tray down on the nightstand. “Young lord,” he spoke out, his voice soft and melodic, “it is time to wake up.”

it was much later than had been suggested– an hour to be exact before the clicking of heels made it’s way steadily across the library floor. dark eyes as endless as the night sky outside the double doors staring relentlessly about the room where people were few at this hour before settling upon their target. the silver locks were a dead giveaway, messy, uneven && tousled together as if they were merely grateful to be attached to anything at all ( it suited him ). but, troubling now akutagawa seemed to notice too how the longest strands brushed against peach chin, bangs a curtain to marble hues.  .  . he frowns deeply, fingers clenching as the hound almost turns on heel and leaves before anything can even begin because this should not be allowed a starting point in the first place. 

by pure will however, expression blanks itself– gait continuing until finally he stands before the were-tiger, his arrival marked by a harsh and final click, a tear through the silence. only once the other looks to him do thin fingers move to lower the scarf bound tightly around his neck && lips, revealing mouth after a bout of coughs in order to gaze downward from the bridge of his nose. rather haughty for one such as him, although characteristic.  

        man-tiger, you were not awaiting outside as is custom. i believed you had become frightened and fled, in that case it would of been annoying to have to hunt you down and force you to take responsibility for this invitation. regardless, i am already rather disappointed in your etiquette but it cannot be helped i suppose, we are both here now because i decided to check inside. quite fortunate you could say.