marble yarns


Ramen adores hoarding orbs! Be they bouncy balls, Zenyatta’s, pearls, marbles or yarn, Ramen wants it. The good thing about this is if Zenyatta has one too many missing orbs, finding Ramens stash isn’t that hard as it’s very hard to keep round objects contained and hidden.

Soba and Udon like orbs too.

However Hanzo has curbed their desire to hoard orbs and everything they can in favor of giving them coins. Which works just fine for him because he can easily acquire any kind of coin where ever he goes.

It’s probably best not to ask Hanzo to break any kind of paper money for change. Chances are there’s a tiny dragon trying to get at the coins in his pocket.


Since I have a problem, I figure I may as well post doodles. I have a lot more, but these are some of the better ones. Mike’s really hard to draw! I don’t feel like I’ve captured the bigness of his face.

-Joel in the morning, before the ‘bots get up and start causing trouble. Don’t ask me what he’s planning to build with a box, string/yarn, marbles, some nails, and a screwdriver.

-Mike in the morning because I felt like I needed to draw one of him, too. He’s often shown reading when the 'bots are otherwise occupied. Also, that's a really tiny book.

-The 'bots like to be annoying. And please excuse them being really badly drawn. I was in class and I didn’t have any reference pictures.