marble room


Angela, the tiny giant octopus girl.

She used to live in the canals with Meg until one fateful day when everything changed. She’s bitter after having lost all she had. She refuses to speak and she harbors a burning hatred for the Master of the castle. 

Meg misses her, even-though their past relationship was somewhat strained by predator’s rivalry. She’s too small to return to the canals (as Meg would eat her instantly) so she’s kept in a cramped aquarium in the Master’s throne room.

Marble is the only one she seems to tolerate.

The Woodcarver’s Magic

The isolation of village life suited the woodcarver. Whirring in tune and whittling with intricate choreography, timber of the forest sang under the guidance of his enchanted hands. In a small hut just large enough to house his great works, he created arrivals and departures, gates and exoduses. Doors of all possibilities were fashioned in that sacred place.

His refusal to take on more than one order at a time was either genius marketing or eccentricity. He spoke with each customer personally and shook their hand, often holding it for longer than was socially polite. Some said he was a palm reader of sorts, and knew what style of door to make for each person based on the way their hand fit in his.

The cost was exorbitant. But workmanship this exquisite and rare was worth it for those of means. Which meant that for some, it was only a status symbol used to flaunt their wealth. For them, the woodcarver often created the simplest of doors. A hint, perhaps, but they generally didn’t comprehend. For others, the door they wanted was a way to close off—to hide. So the carver built them an escape route.  And for a rather small minority, the carver crafted a portal. Where it would lead, was up to them.

Which of those character types applied to the woodcarver’s latest customer was yet to be seen.

The aperture in the third corridor off the main hall was unique. Occasionally, the lord thought the builder of his home had deliberately made this particular opening off kilter just to toy with him. The dimensions were slightly off from the rest of the structures in this wing or any other and necessitated a custom closure. The lord spent many hours searching for the one who could satisfy the particulars of this opening until he heard of the artist in the forest.

The carver’s door fit the open space perfectly. Not a breath could pass between hinge and wood. It was smooth and silent, keeping the room beyond separate from the rest of the great house. Visitors to the lord’s home might think a great secret was beyond the solidity of wood. In truth, the lord just wanted an imposing entrance so as to dissuade the sometimes unruly staff and meddlesome guests from tinkering with his ivory instrument. His plan worked. Wary of enchantments, the staff walked on the other side of the hallway, as far from the door as they could get.

Except for the girl. His ward was often impertinent and did as she pleased.

When she thought no one was looking, she would trace the elaborate design with her fingers, over and over again, an expression of concentrated curiosity beautifying her ever-present grin into a wondrous smile.

The staff thought it strange. She was strange and they called her nosy. She preferred the term inquisitive. Nevertheless, the lord indulged and gave her free reign of his house. She explored unencumbered. But this room, she did not enter. This door, she did not pass through. She seemed content to search its secrets with her palms, as though she were blind.

Perhaps she had been. For a while. So now, she observed with her other senses. Weighed and measured her thoughts. And she felt with her mind as well as her heart. Perceiving more than was visible, her previous volatility was somewhat subdued and the staff couldn’t quite figure her out.

The lord had taken her with him when he met the woodcarver and the artisan shook her hand as well as the lord’s. While their fingers touched, he asked if she knew where the lord desired to put the door. A squeeze of his fingers was her response.

Her knowledge came from hearing. Beyond the door, the expansive room held only a piano. A grand one, to be sure, but that was all. And only the lord was allowed to play.

When the lord was at the keys, she would sometimes sit in the hall. Other times, she would lie down, dreaming. But, usually, she would dance, occasionally touching the design.

The lord on one side of the enchanted door, the girl on the other. Harmony.


Room Escape

What you need to know:

The players are trapped in a room and have a certain amount of time to escape before they are killed.

How it begins:

This room can either be part of a test to join a guild, part of an already existing dungeon or be part of a trap that an evil mastermind has laid out for your players. Regardless what you choose, the room itself will be in a magical ethereal pocket with only one door for an entrance.

Once the players open the door, they are all sucked inside and the door disappears, leaving the players with a set time to find their way out before the ethereal pocket explodes, fills with gas or is trapped far below the earth and thrust into some remote region of space.


You can either give the players a set amount of out-of-game time, like one game session or 4 hours for example, or a number of in-game rounds to escape.

Note: The players should know how much time they have before starting to give then a fair chance.

Red Herrings:

Some things in the room have no purpose other than to throw the players off. To note such items I, will write: this has no use.


The chamber is made of stone and is in the shape of a cube.

  • The first wall has 4 chests.
    The second wall has 4 tables.
    The third wall has a writing desk and a mirror.
    The fourth wall has a book case.
  • The first corner of the room has a stool.
    The second corner of the room has two potted tree plants.
    The third corner of the room has a large wooden box.
    The fourth corner of the room has a large hourglass - this measures how much time the players have left.
  • There is also a secret panel in the floor and a secret panel in the ceiling that the players will have to pull the levers in chest 3 and 4 to open.

–1st WALL–

  • 1st chest is magically sealed and has 4 iron locks.
  • To open them, the players need to place the iron keys in the correct lock.
    12 cm iron key in 1st lock
    6 cm iron key in 2nd lock
    10 cm iron key in 3rd lock
    8 cm iron key in 4th lock
  • Each failed attempt results in the player being shocked for X D6 lighting damage.
  • Inside the chest is a golden key which is used on the gold lock in the secret floor panel.
    Note: the hint to this puzzle is on the stool.
  • 2nd chest is magically sealed and has a red lock.
  • To open it, the players need to use the red key.
  • Inside is a silver key - this key is used on the silver lock in the secret ceiling panel.
  • 3rd chest is magically sealed and has a green lock.
  • To open it, the players need to use the green key.
  • Inside is a switch that when pulled, opens the floor panel revealing an iron hatch locked with a gold lock.
  • 4th chest is magically sealed and has a gray lock.
  • The lock is useless and used to throw the player off.
  • To open the chest, the players need to use the shatter spell cast on the parchment paper on the writing desk on wall three.
  • Inside is a switch that when pulled opens the ceiling panel revealing an iron hatch locked with a silver lock.

–2nd WALL–

1st table: There are 6 white candles in candle stick holders. Each candle stick holder has on the bottom a word. Here they are in corresponding order: many, 2, too, two, are, many.

  • The players must light the candles in the correct order (two, too, many, are, 2, many), then the flames intertwine and form a red key.
  • If the players fail to light the candles correctly, then a burst of flame shoots out dealing X D6 fire damage.
    Note: the hint for this puzzle in on the scroll behind the mirror.

2nd table:

  • On top is an ethereal green hammer - used to smash the mirror.
  • A box of nails - this has no use.
  • An ethereal green saw - used on the stool.
  • A pair of tongs - this has no use.
  • A chisel - this has no use.

3rd table: has a small wooden box.

  • Inside is a white clay mask - this has no use.

4th table: On the table is a scale and a sack of 20 white marbles. The marbles are magic and feel equal in weight to the touch, but when placed on the scale they reveal their true weight.

  • 1 marble has a weight value of 1.
    1 marble has a weight value of 2.
    16 marbles have a weight value of 4.
    1 marble has a weight value of 6.
    1 marble has a weight value of 10.
  • The easiest way to do this is place 20 different dice in front of your players and secretly record their weight.
  • The players can then tell you what dice they are weighing and determine the total score of their weight.
  • You can tell the players if the scale is even, or tilting to the left of right.
  • Through trial and error the players should be able to determine the weight of the marbles from lightest to heaviest.
    Note: The marbles of value 1, 2, 6, 10 are used on the wooden box puzzle in the 3rd corner.

–3rd WALL–

  • Writing Desk: on the desk is a quill pen, a vial of blue, red, yellow, green, orange and black ink and several sheets of parchment paper.
  • The players using all three items have to draw on a sheet of paper the correct sequence of shapes and colors (red square, red square, blue star, yellow circle, yellow circle, green triangle).
  • Once this is done, the parchment disintegrates and casts shatter on the 4th chest on the 1st wall.
  • Every failed attempt to draw the correct sequence will result in the players having to roll a save or lose D6 int - to be regained once they leave the room.
    Note 1: The orange and black ink will have no use.
    Note 2: The hint for this puzzle is in the red book on the 1st shelf of the book case and the brown bottles on the 2nd shelf of the of the book case.
  • Mirror: If the players use the ethereal green hammer on the mirror, it shatters, revealing a black hole sub-ethereal pocket dimension.
  • Inside is a scroll with the words: two too many are 2 many
    Note: This is a hint for the candle puzzle on the 1st table wall 2.

–4th WALL–

Book case 1st shelf: There are 4 leather bound books, one is red, one is blue, one is yellow and the last is green.

  • Red book: Inside are all blank pages except for 1 which has a drawing of a red square, blue star, yellow circle and green triangle.
    Note: this is a hint for the parchment puzzle on the writing desk on wall 3.
  • Blue book: Inside are all blank pages except for 1 which has one sentence written in scrambled letters: ihst enencest efofrs on uecls no who ot csepae - this sentence offers no clues on how to escape.
  • This book has no use.
  • Green book: Inside, the pages have been cut to hold 4 iron keys of varying length:
  • 1 is 6cm
    1 is 8 cm
    1 is 10 cm
    1 is 12 cm
    Note 1: They are used to unlock the 1st chest on the 1st wall.
    Note 2: The hint on how to use them is on the stool.
  • Yellow book: Inside are all blank pages except for 1 which has 4 circles drawn in black ink, their exact sequence is below:
  • First is the largest circle with the number 4 in it.
    Next is the 2nd largest circle with the number 1 in it.
    Next is the smallest circle with the number 3 in it.
    Last is the 2nd smallest circle with the number 2 in it.
    Note: This is a hint for the order the marbles are used on the Wooden box in corner 3.
  • Example: the heaviest marble = the largest circle = the marble with weight value of 10 is used on the 4th slot. So the entire sequence according to weight value is: 6-2-1-10.
Bookcase 2nd shelf: There are 6 brown corked bottles. Smashing them reveals a scroll hidden inside one of them. Written on the scroll is the sentence: two squared stars, too circled angles.
Note 1
: This is a hint for the parchment puzzle on the writing desk on wall 3.
Note 2
: Too is a play on for 2 and angle is triangle for short. Its fairly simple and anyone should get it quickly.

Bookcase 3rd shelf: There is 4 striped clay pots.

  • 1st has one orange stripe.
  • 2nd has 2 black stripes.
  • 3rd has 3 orange stripes.
  • 4th has 4 black stripes.
  • These clay pots have no use.

–1st CORNER–

  • Stool: the stool has 4 legs and when inspected, the legs at the base each have a number carved into the bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • If the saw is used on the legs, the blade will cut them off magically at a predetermined height.
  • Leg marked 1 is the longest.
  • Leg marked 2 is the shortest.
  • Leg marked 3 is the 2nd longest.
  • Leg marked 4 is the 2nd shortest.
  • The leg size corresponds to the iron key size and the number on the leg corresponds to what order the keys are used on the lock on the 1st chest wall 1.
  • So the order is: 12cm, 6cm, 10cm, 8cm.

–2nd CORNER–

  • 2 potted tree plants: the first has no use.
  • The 2nd of the plants,when taken out of the pot, shows entangled in its roots a green key used on the 3rd chest on wall 1.

–3rd CORNER–

  • Wooden box: The box is magically sealed and on top has four small circular indentations labeled: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • To open the box, the marbles from table 4 wall 1 need to be placed in the right order in the right weight-values - weight values 6-2-10-1
  • Inside, the players will find a 3 foot ladder with 2 rings.
    Note 1: The ladder is used on the shaft behind the iron hatch locked with the silver lock behind the ceiling panel.
    Note 2: The hint to this puzzle is in the yellow book 1st shelf of the book case,wall 3.

–4th CORNER–

A giant hourglass: This is there to keep track of the players’ time, so they can reference it as needed.


  • Can only be opened with the lever in chest 3 wall 1.
  • There is an iron hatch underneath with a gold lock.
  • The gold lock can only be opened with the gold key found in chest 1 wall 1.
  • After opening the hatch, the players find a small wooden box and inside, a diamond key.
    : The key is used to open the diamond lock in the shaft.


  • Can only be opened with the lever in chest 4 wall 1.
  • There is an iron hatch underneath with a silver lock.
  • The silver lock can only be opened with the silver key found in chest 2 wall 1.
  • Behind the iron hatch is a shaft rising 1000s of meters - the walls are too slippery to climb and any flight and levitation spells are countered as soon as the player enters the shaft.
  • To climb out, the players need the ladder from the wooden box in corner 3.
  • The ladder elongates to the exact height the players need.
  • Climbing the ladder up, the shaft leads the players to a door at the top with a diamond lock.
  • The door is magically locked and can only be opened with the diamond key.

Once the door is opened, the players escape, popping back out the same door they came in.


  • The ethereal green hammer can be a magic war hammer.
  • The marbles can be pearls.
  • The ladder can remain magically outside the dimension, always being a height the players need or growing up to X meters.
  • The silver/gold/diamond keys and locks can all be sold.


Based on the choice you decided to introduce the room, so shall be the ending.

Did the players escape in a timely manner to impress the guild?
Did the villain’s trap slow the players down, letting the villain escape?
Does the exit of the room instead of leading the players to where they started bring them into a monster’s secret lair?

Regardless, have fun and hope to see you again.