marble hornets is pretty

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Tim, what do you think of Nick Nocturne(Night Mind)? Have you watched his explanation of Marble Hornets, or any of his other vids? I think he's pretty cool.

i haven’t really watched many of his videos but he seems cool. i remember watching one of his MH videos a while ago and it was mostly right ;)



  1. Lineart: 6$ USD
  2. Flat color: 8$ USD
  3. Full color 10$ USD

Waist Up:

  1. Lineart: 10$ USD
  2. Flat color: 12$ USD
  3. Full color 15$ USD

Full Body:

  1. Lineart: 15$ USD
  2. Flat color: 18$ USD
  3. Full color 20-25$ USD

icon: 3$ USD - All icons will be either lineart or flatcolor


I will draw:

  • gore
  • nsfw (18+ only)
  • self insert stuff
  • shipping (there are a few restrictions, look down below)
  • fandom stuff (ex: eddsworld, marble hornets, everymanhybrid,
  • pretty much anything)

I won’t draw:

  • Animals/furries (sorry I just don’t have the skill for that)
  • incest ships or like pedophilia 
  • porn of anyone under 18 (I shouldn’t have to explain why)
  • Robots, Bara, slander art
  • and some kinks for nsfw (if you are wondering which ones, ask me)

Contact Info and some other stuff:

  • provide reference images
  • I also do short comics, pricing will range so talk to me about this before hand
  • you will have to pay me first, this is due to me being scammed in the past, it has nothing against you.
  • I’m pretty open to anything so if you have questions please just ask me
  • please message me on tumblr for my skype
  • my email is
  • I use paypal for payment just so you are aware

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whats spaghetti ticcimask like ?

It’s pretty much similar to the creepypasta one. However how they met and got together is completely different.

What happened is that they met at a pharmacy where they were both picking up some pills. They were waiting in line for the cash register, and they just started chatting. Toby was 17 at the time while Tim was 23. After that they just happen to keep running into each other. Eventually they became friends. Years go by and Toby wants to go to college but doesn’t want to leave his mom and sister alone with his dad. He tells that to Tim and Tim, without telling Toby, spends like a week trying to convince Connie to divorce her abusive husband. It took a while but she eventually did it leading to Toby feeling comfortable to leave for college. After a few months Tim confesses that he’s had a crush on Toby for a while and Toby says that he’s felt the same way and they get together.

(Holy shit this got long)