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Learning to Marble a Silk Scarf

This fall at my town’s annual festival, I had a wonderful time trying my hand at marbling a silk scarf.

Marbling is the art of floating and manipulating paint on top of a thick solution (i.e. water mixed with a natural agent like gum or cellulose), then transferring  the pattern on to an object by placing it on top of the solution to pick up the paint. The technique dates back thousands of years and is practiced with variations in Central Asia and Far East Asia.

This was a fun and relaxing craft, but I kept wondering about a more practical modern application of this technique. Today, hydrographics - or water transfer printing - is a common method of applying printed designs to 3D surfaces. Of course, the paint and bonding chemicals are a lot more sophisticated, but the principles are pretty much the same. Hydrographics method is used extensively in the military industry. I think this gif made it around Tumblr already, but this is still pretty damn cool seeing a camo design applied to a helmet.

I can’t draw but I replied on a few ‘make a squid chewie’ posts and wanted to show what I meant. Instead of the proposed tentacle pacifier part I think making the mantle the suckable part could work a lot better and allow for extra cool things re: appendages.

The mantle could be an long or short as you wanted, provided it was roughly that shape, the necklace string would go through near the eyes (the middle of the animal/chewie) and then the appendages (they have eight normal arms and then two long tentacles that are usually stuck together) could be different thicknesses, have texture via the serrated cups etc.

~~ALSO is it possible to make chewies that are marbled/tie-dye/multicoloured? Because that would be rad as hell, very like a cephalopod~~


Added a New Listing!

*the above photo is an example of what I can make for you, each polo will be unique


You will receive a 100% cotton custom tie dye shirt for you or your friend! All shirts are handmade by Bi witch and artist Hilary Lavenderwhisp.
Included in package…
1. unique Tie Dye polo shirt
2. Washing instructions
3. unique Hecate’s Fairy clothing tag

Styles Available: Polo

Tie Dye Styles Available: Ombre, Spiral, Bulls Eye, Watercolor, Other

Colors: (Please pick 2 to 5 colors) Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Violet, Brown, Black, Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon, Yellow, Neon Green

Sizes: Small – XXL

Please note if you’re buying a bulk order, each shirt will be unique since they are hand dyed.

Upon check out please give me the following within the NOTES section…
1. Quantity
2. Size (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
3. Tie Dye Pattern Style desired
4. Color Combinations desired
5. Any additional info or design request

100% Cotton White Fabric
Tulip Fabric Dye made for vibrant colors on 100% Cotton

Made to order. Ships from North Texas within 3 - 5 Business Days