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Unspoken | Part 2

Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean is unresponsive and kind of a dick in your relationship lately and you decide to finally leave. Events cause a bond with Crowley. What happens when Dean finds out?

Words count: 1816

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7 ½ hours later, 2 gas stops and 1 long cry session along the side of the road and you had finally made it to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Jody had always said you and the guys were welcome had you ever needed it, and well, you needed it. At least just for a few days until you figured out just where you intended to go. She welcomed you in with open arms although she had grimaced a little when you told her you left Dean and would appreciate her not telling him you were there if he called. “Just while I’m here. After I leave I don’t care what you tell him, please” you begged. “All right, all right. Go put your bag in the guest room and get some sleep. I’ll make breakfast in the morning and we’re going to talk about this” she mothered. Rolling your eyes, you thanked her and went back to the guest room.  

After a hot shower you tried laying down to sleep but instead tossed, turned, and cried so much there was no sleep to be had. You got up, threw on a clean pair of jeans and t-shirt and grabbed your jacket and keys before heading out the door for a drive.  

You sat at that crossroads for what felt like ages deciding whether you were making the right choice or not. You got as far as actually putting the box in the hole 3 times, but couldn’t bring yourself to cover it with dirt, summoning a demon to make a deal with. You felt like you had walked 3 miles with the amount of times you walked from the car to the hole to the side of the road to sit and cry or throw up.

“Darling I have never had someone debating a deal so long in my life…well after life” you heard Crowley’s distinct accent and annoyance from behind you. You turned to see him leaning against the street sign inspecting his fingernails as if he might have gotten some disgusting mortal dirt on them.  

“Gee sorry to bother you. I’m sure you had nothing nefarious to do” you scoffed.  

“Well I did have plans but then some of my minions came to me complaining of this pull at a crossroads that kept snapping back at the last minute. Thought that sounded like something that might amuse me. So spit it out sweetheart. I haven’t heard any chatter about those two dolts being on a hitlist… well not any new ones at least, so this can’t be about them” he rattled on.

Again you just started crying uncontrollably without being able to get any coherent words out. Crowley sighed and rolled his eyes before stepping over to you to wrap his arms around you in a caring hug. “Now now pet, what’s got you blubbering about” he asked sincerely. You had been one person Crowley didn’t hate even though you were a hunter. He had this small soft spot for the boys, but since you had helped him out and not been a douchebag hunter like most and actually got to know people/monsters before just blowing them away or chopping off heads, Crowley had always liked you. That and you could dish out as much crap as he gave, especially to Dean and Sam, he genuinely didn’t want you hurting. As soon as you could stop crying enough to tell him what happened, he insisted you two talk somewhere other than the side of a dirt road. “This is a Tom Ford after all”’ he boasted about his tailored Jacquard stitched suit.  

With that he snapped his fingers and you found the two of you sitting at a large white marble and glass dining table in the middle of an impressively large white dining room with minimalist art flanking the side walls, a gigantic beautiful kitchen behind you and a floor to ceiling glass window overlooking a gorgeous lake in front of you. You looked at him wide eyed and he simply shrugged his shoulders “What, I have a summer home, sue me”. That’s so Crowley to say. A fruit platter, bread and cheese platter, and piping hot tea was splayed out in front of you. You snagged a slice or melon and started talking about everything that had been going on, like he was one of your best girlfriends, not thinking that he could use this against Dean or you in fact at any time he saw fit.  

The two of you walked for about 3 hours when you had started yawning. He snapped you back to your car at the side of the road in South Dakota a few miles from Jody’s house. He gave you a phone with his number in it, since you left yours at the bunker not wanting it to be tracked, and told you to call when you thought about his offer and disappeared. You drove back to Jody’s and went straight to bed, feeling a little better since having talked to someone, even if it was the King of Hell himself.  

When Jody had woken you up to ask if you wanted breakfast you politely declined and went back to sleep. You actually stayed in bed moping all day. Jody had brought in a plate of breakfast anyway and had sighed disapprovingly when she saw it had been untouched later that day when she brought in some lunch. “Honey I know you’re upset but you gotta eat something” she rubbed your arm as you stared out the window from where you were still lying in bed. “Do you need me to stay home with you? I should just call out. I’m going to call out” she prattled. “No. I’m fine Jody. Go to work. I was just going to get up anyway” you lied to appease her caring nature. “All right, but you had better get some eating done missy or I’ll shove it down your throat when I get back” she threatened unconvincingly. You grabbed the sandwich off the plate and took a bite of it, giving her a cheek filled smile “happy”? She shot you a pissy smile and left for work. As soon as she was out the door you spit out the sandwich and laid back down.  

You were starving, but not for some turkey sandwich and chips. You decided to go check out the fridge. Nothing looked appealing while everything looked appealing at the same time. Ugh, you closed the fridge and went back to your room not having decided anything was worth eating, so you ate the damn turkey sandwich and chips. Then you went back to bed. Thoughts of what you had, what happened, and the options laid in front of you swirled around in your head, making you start crying once again. Good thing that crying often led you to sleep.  

When you awoke again it was dark out already. You checked the time, 9:39pm. You got up to go downstairs, seeing the empty lunch plate was gone, you assumed Jody was home from work and had checked on you so she grabbed it. You made your way down the hall when you heard her phone ring.  

“Heeeey Dean, what’s up?”

“No I haven’t heard from her, why?”

“What did you do?”

“Uh huh, right and elves shrink my clothes while I sleep at night!”

“Yah yah, I’ll call if I hear anything”

“You too, Bye”

She turned to see you leaning against the wall entering the living room. “Thanks” you offered a genuine smile.

“I keep my promises. Now you wanna tell me what happened between you two?”

“Ugh Jody I don’t want to talk about it again” you whined.

“Ok fine, I’ll just call Dean back and tell him to come over so we can all talk about it” she gave you her dare me to smile. You did not want to dare her.  

“FINE!” You balled your hands up into fists at her. Damn her and her motherly ways.

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You followed her into the kitchen where you grabbed some sodas and sat at the dining table while she made microwave popcorn. You started spilling your guts while she listened and gave a head nod and a mmmhmm once in a while.

“Why didn’t you call me, I thought we were friends?” She asked looking hurt.

“How many people in this line of work do you know that are good at sharing feelings with other people?” You retorted sarcastically.

“True. But when your relationship starts tanking after 2 years, I’d think that would warrant a call” she replied pointing a finger.

“Next time I promise I’ll call MOM” you laughed.

“Very funny. So what’s your plan now?”

“I am still thinking about that. I think I’ll just throw a dart at the map and go” you said as you picked at the handful of popcorn in your hand.

“Are you going to play with that all night or actually eat it?”

“I completely planned on playing with it, but now that you’ve uncovered my plan I guess I’ll eat it.”

The two of you talked for about another hour until she retired for bed having to work in the morning. You told her you were going to shower and go for a drive, maybe a bite to eat at the diner in town so she didn’t worry.

And that’s what you did. Showered and went to the diner. Once you walked in you spotted an oddly overdressed gentleman sitting at one of the booths. You walked over and sat facing him. “Kinda not the place I’d expect to catch suck a dapperly dressed man in” you smiled.

“As opposed to the side of a dirt road perhaps?” Crowley responded with his usual sarcastic inflection. “So any news for me?” He asked.

“I want to go over some details, how’s this going to work, any possible loopholes you might be hiding first” you squinted suspiciously at him.

Placing his hand to his chest “Darling I’m offended at the accusation that I would be so devious as to loophole anyone. Ok I have on occasion in the past, but this is a true-blue offer for you. I simply want to help.”

“A wise man once told me the devil is in the details darling” you grinned.

“Oh he sounds quite handsome too” the witty banter never ended with him.

Details were discussed as you downed a double bacon cheeseburger, large cheese fries, a milkshake, and 2 pieces of cherry pie.

The next morning you picked up your bag from Jody’s, left her a note thanking her for the hospitality and friendship but you were ready to start a new chapter of your life and you’d stay in touch. With that, you grabbed your keys and headed out to your car where Crowley waited patiently in the passenger seat.

To be continued…

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Carve out space creatively. A built-in banquette, within your island, creates a smooth transition between the hardworking kitchen and nearby living room. In addition to providing a convenient dining area, the banquette lends a casual alternative to a formal dining space.

Dare - Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Part 22

Part 21

Summary:You and your neighbour Ashton never really got along until he decided to change that, making you two the most unlikely set of best friends. Both of you are dancing on the edge of desire but the question is, who will slip first?

Word Count: 3K

The sun was burning my eyes and waking me up. Why the fuck is it so bright in here? The heat did feel nice across my face but it was too irritating to sleep in. I opened my eyes to find a large empty bed next to me. Thank god. Relief flooded through me instantly as I realised that I didn’t have to wake up to another awkward conversation with Ashton.

We had a bit of a weird night together last night, to say the least. I’m certainly not sure of the proper etiquette used to handle these kinds of situations. I’m not sure if anyone knows to be honest. But for me personally, I’d rather just avoid it and it looks like Ashton feels the same way.

We’d gotten drunk and I was feeling strange about everything. I felt a little out of it yesterday, my nerves had been shot all day as I waited to bump into Jackson, and then when I did finally get it over with it was like I was wound up tighter than a drum. Seeing him had thrown me off completely and everything had just gotten on top of me. I ended up feeling surprisingly needy by the end of the night. I just wanted someone to hold, or to hold me more than anything. So I looked for comfort in Ashton and we almost ended up having sex. We probably would’ve went through with it too if it hadn’t been for me spewing half way through. How irresistible am I.

I don’t really blame him for going with it though, I did kind of jump him. Or was it him who kissed me first? Either way, I knew that I just wanted a night of passion but in the morning I’d have felt worse for it. The wounds from the last time were still a little sore and I don’t think I could’ve looked at him again after another night like that. I mean, one night stands are okay and sure, people have friends with benefits sometimes but I don’t think my heart could take anything like that again. I poured my heart into Jackson and all I got was trampled on. Maybe it’s a blessing that we didn’t go through with it, save myself from more heartache. To top off the night I ended up baring my soul to him whilst we lay in bed face to face. After the day that we’d had I decided that it was best to just tell him everything. He was my little safe haven that I liked to keep all to myself but now seemed like the time. He already knew so much and it wouldn’t have taken him long to piece it all together. There was no point in keeping secrets any longer but I somehow feel worse off for it. I’d managed to forget about it as best I could for such as long time, I buried it deep down and didn’t let myself get swept away with the pain of it. Ashton was like a distraction and now I don’t have that, I keep wondering what it’s going to be like now. Now that the bombs went off and I have to pick through the shrapnel.

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Just a Simple Love

A/N- So this is my first writing piece on this blog, it’s really long (2.8k) and kinda angsty, it’s about Calum and I hope you all like it! If you have any feedback it’d be much appreciated and I’ll take requests if anyone wants and I hope you all like this.


Until now the silence in your relationship was never something that you thought was filled with sorrow, discomfort nor regret.

Usually the silence was one that was permeated with love, bliss and above all, content.

As of lately, the connection between you and Calum had been wasting away. Slowly but surly, and tonight the brink of this sudden dissolve was recognisably evident.

“What happened to us Cal?” You spoke breaking the silence. Voice humble, just below a whisper. However, you spoke loud enough so he could hear, whilst you held back yet another flood of tears, mustering up the courage to speak to him.

To begin with, you unintentionally turned a blind eye to yours and your boyfriends sudden new found awkwardness when in one another’s presence.

The first notification of this occurred roughly over two months ago, when Calum had just arrived home from a walk with your beloved golden lab Arnold. The dog you had both agreed to purchase in November of last year, for no meaningful reason in-particular, but only to fulfil the thirst for a dog the two of you had longed for.

You were sprawled out across your incredibly comfy cream coloured couch, casually scanning the words on your kindle Calum had brought you as a birthday present prior that month for your birthday. Obviously due to the fact that he knew of your sincere liking to reading. And yes, despite your constant schedule, that was mainly over taken by work, going to the gym to stay in shape, caring for Arnold and of course spending time with Calum, you were always able to set a few minutes aside to keep yourself sane by reading, even if it was only a few pages.

Routinely when Calum returned from any outing, the first thing he’d always do, even before taking off his coat if he was wearing one, he would always seek you out and plant his lips on yours and mutter something along the lines of “That’s me back love” or “Hi darling.”

However, this hadn’t happened. Even though you brushed it off thinking it was nothing, when you and Calum sat down to eat dinner that night, in your usual places at your opposite sides of the marble dining table, you had picked out and purchased when you had first moved in, the most awkward encounter you guys had ever had occurred. Even more awkward than the day he had asked you out even when you were just teenagers, unknown to how important one would be to the other in time to come.

The conversation was desert dry. Filled with literally three questions asked on your behalf and one worded answers coming from his end. Unlike your normal conversations, bombarded with precise detail and instant replies, you just considered that he was not himself today. Maybe he was just feeling under the weather? Confused by the going ons in his life? Fed up with his ongoing song writing for the bands new album, considering they’ve been scribbling non stop at the studio for the past month? Or maybe he was just tired and needed a little rest and love, which you held yourself responsible for.

Having been with Calum for five years now, you have become versed to how he keeps what’s bothering him to himself, and with time, when he’s ready he’ll come to you and let loose, tell you how he feels, what’s been bothering him and why he’s not been himself. He eventually cracks, and it commonly doesn’t take no longer than one day. You being his ‘rock’ as he’s referred to you on numerous occasions, would listen closely to his ranting and venting and always offer your take on whatever situation or problem he was experiencing. And this he always acknowledged and valued, because to him “your word is Law Y/N” which would always accomplish a cute giggle from you because you knew he got it from a character you admired named ‘Slim’ in a book by Steinbeck 'Of Mice and Men.’

Acutely, this would either happen at night time when lying in bed next to one another, beginning to drift off to sleep until he’d muffle words to confess what’s got him riled up. Granted, his behaviour on this particular day just fell in line with all the other times he was down and had lots on his mind. Therefore you just waited for him to come to you as he habitually did.

Be that as it may, that night in your king sized bed you stayed awake for exactly three hours, and there was nothing but the same awkwardness you had experienced at dinner. There weren’t even any cuddles, and that freaked you out inside because even when you were both fighting he would always pull you into his embrace regardless. Calum also being awake sensed this too, how could he not for Gods sake? The neighbours next door could probably feel the awkward wall built up between you. Yet he still stayed quiet, and eventually dosed off. You on the other hand began to panic internally.

It never takes longer than a day for Calum to speak freely to you about his problems, even if his problem foundations because of you. Did you do something wrong? Say something to make him feel insecure? Not text him back earlier that day? While Calum’s slumber of soft snores were sounding the room, you were having nothing other than a restless night. On the contrary, you got up the next day, with little to no sleep and headed to work, without bidding goodbye to Calum. You reluctantly brushed off last nights occurrences thinking it was just a one time thing.

Boy were you wrong. The days to follow consisted of the same awkward greetings and conversations. Would you even call them that? The only time he held a real conversation with you was when his parents came over for dinner for a catch up, and even then it was still not the normal communication you guys would often make.

Due to the distancing between you and Calum, not only did your emotional connection begin to disintegrate, but also your physical relationship too. Your sex-life was at an all time low. You were hardly ever intimate anymore mainly because anytime Calum wanted sex he was completely out of his mind drunk, just back from being out with the boys. And this you could never agree to, blatantly because of his drunken state. And then there’d be the occasional time the two of you would indulge in each others bodies, (when he wasn’t drunk, and just needed to get off) you felt that he was the only one being pleased and you were just along for the ride. He didn’t take care of you the way he always would and you began to question whether or not this downfall in your relationship and Calum’s weird behaviour was to do with you.

Because of the decline in sex, and your new found insecurities you had focused a lot of your time in the gym, training harder and longer than ever before, trying to perfect your figure because maybe the sudden lack of affection had to do with the way you looked.

One night you were feeling confident, seriously how couldn’t you? After a ton of working out, even you had to admit you looked good, you slipped on some new sexy red lingerie you’d purchased previously and whilst both in bed you snuggled up to Calum and began to place kisses on his prominent jawline hoping he’d comply and fall into your 'trap’ to seduce him, but you were immediately shut down when he sat straight up, claiming harshly he wasn’t in the mood and for you to go to sleep. Then after his outburst, he lay back down with his back to you without you getting to showcase all of your hard work, which in fact all for him.

This was not how you planned the night to work out and you one hundred percent did not prepare for him to reject you either. Once you could tell he was asleep you allowed yourself to break down, silently. The first tear spilled from your heartsick eyes. This was the first time you had wallowed about this entire situation because you honestly thought it would blow over. Unfortunately it didn’t and you were left feeling insecure, broken and completely confused.

It was that night that something snapped in you. At this point you had felt that if he didn’t want to make an effort then neither would you. The simple 'I love you’ gestures on your side stopped. Morning cups of coffee, you only made enough for you. The weekly shopping list consisted of buying only what you liked or wanted and you ignored his requests on the list. Even the smallest greetings stopped and that’s what led you to where you are right now.

You were laying on the couch where this all started, a little over two months ago. Calum was standing at the fire place, thick Raven curls all over the place as a result of tugging at it, completely out of frustration due to your heated argument consisting of yelling and insults. You didn’t dare to make eye contact with him in fear that he’ll hurl more hateful words at you. But eventually this war between the two of you needed to be talked about and put to bed, and that was now.

It was weird at first. You admitted to yourself. The silence that is. The heated arguments that only led to you and the chocolate eyed boy not speaking, that is until the next time you would both quarrel over something as ridiculous as who’s turn it was to take Arnold out a walk.

“I-I don’t know.” Calum replied back, analysing your bare tear stained face. He could tell you were holding back tears. Hell, he’s been with you since you were eighteen and him nineteen. He could read you like a book and he knew that right now you were at your wits end, breaking point, and evidently on the verge of giving up.

“It’s as if you don’t love me anymore. And I don’t know why. You can’t even look at me, did I say something? Is it how I look? Is it how I am in bed? Jesus Cal please just tell me so I can try and fix this” you pleaded while letting out a muffled sob. You were like someone drowning in water calling and crying to be saved by someone, only you were sinking further and further with every second of silence, and although there were someone there to pull you out, they had done nothing to help only stand and watch.

Over the past while Calum and you had faded from each other, there was no denying but right in this moment he could see just how badly it has effected you, and he can honestly admit he didn’t want things to turn out this way.

He immediately walked towards you, kneeling on his hunkers reaching his hands out for you to take them in yours, but you flinched away, not because you were scared, but because you were hurt and it pained you so much that it’s left you in the fragile state you are in now.

“Y/N, baby please” he pleaded urging you to take his hands and look up at him. It was the first time he’d said your name in so long, and the first time he’d called you baby in forever but you still weren’t sure how to feel, despite how graceful those words sounded rolling off his tongue. Your heart melted. You allowed him to interlock his fingers with yours, but you kept your eyes trained on the glass coffee table in front of you. “Darling, please, I need you to look at me when I say this” he let out an aggravated sigh and I looked right up to him, one or two tears slipping from my sorrowful eyes as he guided his thumb up to wipe them away.

“Look, I’ve been so fucking awful to you lately and I definitely owe you a hell of an explanation. And before I say I need you to promise to not take this the wrong way. Are we cool?” He asked, clearly nervous because of his timid tone, I nodded slowly and he slid one hand on my knee before he continued. The other still holding mine tightly.

“Okay so we’ve been together what, five years? That’s a real long time and I think you can agree with that. The boys and I have wrapped up recording for the next album which means I’ll be gone to promote and then to tour and realistically that’ll all add up to just under a year. And baby we’ve done long distance, in fact we’ve killed long distance but it’s just so fucking hard you know? Not just for me but for you. You’re miserable when I’m not around, and I feel like I’m in hell when you’re not gracing my presence. It’s just painful to even think that we have to spend another year like that, missed FaceTime calls, unanswered texts and stupid pointless arguments because you won’t come see me even though I know you can’t miss work. And I become so selfish. It just makes me question a lot of stuff, like am I holding you back, because Y/N I don’t wanna hold you down, waiting, it’s not fair and you and I both know it.” He explained honestly while letting tears fall down his cheeks now, while my own sadness was evident on my eyes too.

“You and I both believe we’re soul mates. And your work is so important to you, just like mine is and we’re just both so ambitious in what we want to do. I’ve been acting this way because in all honesty I want you to let me go. Experience everything else there is to offer but you won’t and I fucking love you for that because even in the downs of our relationship you’re still right there. Despite that though Y/N, I think we should take a break, and I think you think that too. Like I said were soulmates, and I think that eventually we’ll cross each others paths and become one again. Our love is just so simple and sincere it would be a sin if not.”

At this point you were both crying near hysterics. In your mind though you know what Cal’s saying is right. Five years is a long time and considering you’ve been together since you were eighteen, it does mean that maybe you have missed out on a lot of stuff, but it was worth it right? Your confused state only caused you to agree with him, however in the back or your head, you knew this was the true thing to do and if things were destined to be, you’d fall back in place with time.

That night you both went to bed together, reminiscing your times together whilst cuddling and holding on tight to each other like it was the last time, and maybe it was, but you kept your hopes high and in the pit of both your stomachs you knew it wouldn’t be the last time you fall asleep in each others arms. You laughed at the ups the downs, the memories that will never be forgotten, recalling all the times you had spent. All whilst Arnold laid at the bottom your bed too. You both loved that dog and you would definitely not be the only one missing Calum when he left.

The next morning you woke in Cal’s arms, and already, you were tearing up, but you knew you both needed what was to come. He gathered a few things into a black Nike duffel bag, before you led him to your door, opening it rather slowly to cherish what could be the last time you had with him. You’d both arrange for him to collect his belongings whilst you were at work during the week just to make things a little easier for the pair of you.

Before stepping out the door, Calum pulled you in to a warm hug, both of you tearing up, again.

“I love you so much Y/N” he said in a shaky whisper, trying to control his tears. And with that he was gone. You had closed the door quickly, sliding down, erupting in floods of tears, because you could have just potentially lost the love of your life, whilst he did the exact same when he arrived at Ashton’s ten minutes later.

It’s for the best.