marble and resin

Spells of Craft Formulas

Here is an oil recipe that I came across a while ago. I absolutely love it and I hope that you will too. You can use it for the upcoming full moon!


Within the three days prior to the actual full moon, but not after! Gather the ingredients required, along with a pestle and mortar to blend them in. If desired, you can use your cauldron, and some sort of crushing or mixing tool.

1 ounce (about 30 grams) of the finest sandalwood powder you can find (santalum album)

5 grams (a marble sized nugget) of amber resin. (NOT the stone! The soft, sweet smelling resin that is often imported from India, available at health food stores, and of course herb and Witch shops.)

3 drops of vanilla essential oil. (NOT the perfume or fragrance oil, only true vanilla from the orchid [Vanilla planifolia or Vanilla aromatica] If this is cost prohibitive or unavailable, use real vanilla extract available at most any grocery store.)

Preferably outside, under the actual full moon, or indoors near a window where the moon is visible: Fill the mortar or cauldron with the sandalwood powder, and crush the amber into it with the pestle or tool of your choice.

Use CLOCKWISE or DEOSIL blending motions. Focus on the energy of the full moon, or if you are making the incense for a specific spell, focus on the goal of that spell alone. You can incorporate your favorite words of power or chant while doing this.

When the powder is smooth and consistent, add the vanilla, one-drop at a time while saying your chosen words of power, (which is best) or the following (which will suffice in most cases): Drop of moon, grant my boon.

Blend in the drops in the same way you blended in the amber resin. Place the mixture in a clear glass jar with an airtight lid. Keep it away from heat, sunlight, and moisture. Charge it under the light of the full moon on the three days prior to it becoming actually full.

The full moon light penetration is the reason for not storing this in an opaque jar. It is ready for use immediately, but can be charged more if desired.