smoking-inhaling the smoke of

a bowl- something used to hold food, weed, keys, change, etc.

of Afgoo/Purple rainforest-The names of two different types of weed.

with some-including an amount

OG Full Melt Keif-The name of a concentrate of Tetrahydrocannobinal

and some other kind- with another type

of hash-of a concentrate of Tetrahydrocannobinal

that was really expensive-That costed a lot of money

and I don’t remember the ‘nam’ of- also, I can’t recall the name of it.


This is a bombbbbb bowl- This particular bowl is really good.

So in conclusion, I’m pretty sure that I used nothing but words in that post.

hahah oh no offense taken, I’m just high and thought it would be a hilarious thing to do.
Halfway through typing it I gave up and then I started again after I hit that bowl again.

You’re outta control, maaaaan.

Just got pulled over.

He said he got a call about two suspicious males in a white civic.
And then I told him that I was dropping my ‘boyfriend’ off.
And then he told me that my registration sticker is really faded.
So then, he told me that everything is okay.

And then I left.
And I smiled to myself because of the weed in my bag, the container on my floor, and a marijuana plant growing in my center console.

I’m a lucky soul.