Blackinnon Week Day 1: Hogwarts

  Everyone in the whole Hogwarts knew Sirius Black was a womanizer. He scored girls like James Potter scored points during an easy quidditch game. So much to the point it actually became a habit, and later on a reputation for him to hold on. And as much as Marlene Mckinnon adored the rebel type with all his leather jackets and arrogant smirks she would never allow herself to be one of the many shags. Even though he did look hot right after the training with his muscles still heated up. Marlene even caught herself staring for a few seconds too long, which might have been noticed by Gideon Prewett, who was just leaving the changing rooms leaving the blonde alone with the ever-so-handsome. Not trusting herself she decided to wait a few minutes before taking a shower so Sirius would already be ending his. Just when she was about to enter his tall figure appeared at the door causing her to run her eyes down his fit body.

“If you wanted to check me out Mckinnon, you could have joined me just minutes ago.”

“Don’t get above yourself” she sent him a look and tried to pass him, which he made impossible.

“It’s not even above me. But I bet you’d want to know what is.” He narrowed the space between them to only a few millimetres now, which sent a shiver up Marlene’s spine. She tried to think of reasons to push him away, yet every next one seemed even sillier then the previous ones.

“You’re saying it like it’s some kind of an advert. No, thank you, I’m not into commonly used products.” She smiled sweetly at him, but to her dismay her voice was quiet and a lot weaker than normally. She coughed to clear her throat. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a shower.” She managed to pass Sirius this time as he seemed to be thinking through what she just accused him of. Just when she left him behind and could finally take a deep breath she felt his hand on her arm and before she could react somehow he has turned her around, pressed his lips eagerly against hers while his hands were all over her body. First stunned she replied the kiss after a few seconds with no less passion. She let her hand travel up his incredible stomach, while her other hand ran through his messy, still wet hair. She knew his kisses were supposed to be great, he was known for it for Merlin’s sake, but this was like something she’d never experienced. Somehow he managed to make every inch of her body burn, and man, flames never felt so well. His lips still tasted a bit salty from the sweat, even though he had just taken a shower but that made Marlene want them even more. His mouth started moving down her neck, and then when he reached her collarbone he went back up right to her ear which made the blonde groan with pleasure. That sound ringed a bell in her head and she suddenly remembered all the promises she made herself. She pressed her lips against his once more, kissing him slower this time and after a few seconds she pulled out, untangling herself from his embrace. His eyes were filled with passion, but she could see he tried to quess why she pulled away. She tried to not laugh at his expression.

“I think I’ll better take a shower in my dormitory.”

She didn’t let herself laugh, or even smirk until she walked out of the locker room leaving Sirius Black inside.