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Can you recommend me a list of rad wolfstar AU's? I have a special place in my heart for AU's. ☺️

Can I rec you some AUs? Haha. *cracks knuckles* Let me hook you up.



Stars next to some of my favorites, but they’re all worth checking out. Enjoy!

They Don't Mind

Title (link): They Don’t Mind
Author: fallofthereichenbach
Word Count: 2,045
Rating: Not Rated
Era: Marauders Era

Summary: James, Peter and Lily are sick to death of Remus and Sirius not being a couple yet being desperately in love.So, they decide to take matters into their own hands.
fell in love once and almost completely

Fest: RS Games 2015: Team Moon 

Author: llassah
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 4,424
Type: Marauders!AU

Summary: When Remus is four, his father kills a werewolf in front of him. Eleven years later, he meets an unfamiliar boy with a scarred face and a secret.

Comments: Oh, I loved this so much. The language is gorgeous, Remus’ voice and his gradual, and at the same time instantaneous, feelings of love for Sirius are so perfectly rendered. Their relationship is quiet and comforting. You rarely get a werewolf!Sirius AU that truly manages to show how becoming a werewolf would realistically effect his character and interactions with the other marauders. Definitely one of my favorite pieces from the Games so far.

Favorite Lines: 

“I know,” he says portentously. There are in fact many things he could know, from the colour of Evans’s underwear to the exact number of the giant squid’s tentacles, so Remus waits patiently for enlightenment. “You’re in love,” he explains. Remus’s stomach swoops, then drops. He blinks. 

“Yes, I suppose I am,” he says. “How terrible.”

He doesn’t know quite when it happened. At some point, between lessons, or in the witching hour when neither of them could sleep, or perhaps at breakfast, watching Sirius scowl at his coffee as if it had mortally offended him, Remus fell in love. Hopelessly so.


Title (link): Messages
Author: Stella Lupa
Word Count: 26,318
Rating: Teen
Era: Modern AU

Summary: Remus Lupin and Sirius Black live very different lives. Remus finds a phone in the street and texts the only person who isn’t listed by first name, the brother. What happens next is argued amongst their friends. Lily calls it fate. James calls it a miracle. Peter calls it just good luck. Sirius and Remus don’t really care.

Rita 001

Rita frowned as she picked up the mysterious piece of paper on the foot of the bed. Holding it carefully, she smirked as the content of the note became clear. As she held a hand to her mouth, she giggled loudly. 

Looking around the empty room for safe keeping, she read aloud: “There are unregistered animagi at Hogwarts.” 

Whoever had sent that to her, obviously did not know how she acquired most of her information. Slipping the small piece of parchment into her pocket, she pouted. All she really needed to know was how many there were. She knew the Marauders all were- except for Remus, and there was herself. Perhaps there could be one more and she just didn’t know. 

Grabbing her bookbag before she exited the dormitory, Rita let out a loud sigh. Secrets, secrets, secrets, so many to discover. 

Modern Marauders AU : Fabian Prewett

Fabian liked a lot of things, he liked rugby, he liked overusing the word “wicked”, he liked having a twin, but most of all Fabian Prewett liked skating on thin ice. The thrill of pushing boundaries, of taking risks, of putting everything on the line for a greater good (be it an actual cause or just a laugh), oh, he loved that.