marauders one shot

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Request: “Could you please write something where the reader is best friends with the marauders, especially Remus and Sirius? And at a party after a won quidditch game they all get drunk and end up in a threesome.”

Pairing(s): Sirius Black x Reader, Remus Lupin x Reader, Sirius Black x Remus Lupin, James Potter x Lily Evans

Word Count: 3k


The pounding music had been ongoing throughout the entire night since the end of the Quidditch match, your dorm room door barely muffling the sounds of constant laughter, chatter, and overall rowdiness. Your friends had been prettying themselves up, hoping to at least make out with one of the boys or girls on the team, since everyone downstairs was too drunk to care who they had a little fun with.

“You coming (Y/n)?” Your roommate giggled after taking a shot of Firewhisky.

You huffed, rolling your eyes as you had stuffed up your lipstick for what had to be the third time. “In a sec. It was probably a bad idea to start drinking before I started my makeup, huh?”

Your friends laughed at your crooked grin, promising to meet you down there. You waved them off, knowing for certain that by the time you got down there, they would all be off getting laid.

After you finally finished your makeup, sprayed a little bit of your favourite perfume, and checked to see if your hair looked good, you filled your flask and headed out of your room. Standing up after having pre-drinks with the girls shook you into the reality that you had consumed a lot of alcohol, as the stairs wavered and you had to hold the wall as you descended into the Gryffindor common room.

“Hey! Look who finally decided to show up!” James exclaimed drunkenly as he spotted you, pushing past the crowd of girls that had grouped around him. Lily Evans was in the corner of the room, with her arms crossed and a shake of her head.

“Congratulations on the win, oh great Chaser.” You mockingly worshiped the boy who wore a wobbly smirk. He glanced over to the redhead who was not-so-subtly eyeing him, and chuckled as she blushed and looked away.

“Looks like I have a bit more chasing to do.” He said, nodding his head towards Lily. “Remus and Sirius are looking for you. They’re by the fireplace.” And with that he left you, staggering over to the now wide-eyed ginger.

The common room always looked so different after Quidditch matches, the boys having managed to add an extension charm to the place to enlarge it. The only bit of light that wasn’t artificial was the fireplace, which stayed the same, serving as a chilled-out section where the stoners hung out under a quieting charm. As you approached, you saw Remus sitting down and smoking a joint, and Sirius sitting on the arm of the chair with a glass in his hand.

“Good morning gorgeous!” Sirius smiled, his cheeks flushed from the Rum he was downing.

“It’s not morning yet Sirius. 2 more minutes left.” Remus noted, then turned to you. “My, you do look ravishing.”

Oh, you thought, so it’s going to be that type of night tonight.

“Stop it, stop it.” You hid your face. “…Okay, go on.”

“Delicious.” Sirius cooed.

“Sexy.” Remus added.

“Arousing.” Sirius tested with a cocked brow towards Remus.

“Fuckable.” Remus retorted.

“Is that even a word?” You questioned with a furrowed brow, sighing as Sirius pulled you towards him, running his hands over your sides.

“I’m fairly certain. I’ll have to check the dictionary when I get the chance-“

“You’re such a nerd Remus.” Sirius interjected.

“Hey,” you frowned, “I think nerds are quite fuckable, don’t you?”

“I never said they weren’t.” He winked at Remus, then pushed himself up to stand. “Alright, who wants to go dance?”

Remus blinked a couple times, his cheeks heating as a rogue smile creeped onto his face. Both you and Sirius had made quite the game out of teasing the consistently flustered boy, and to be quite honest, it endeared him like nothing else.

“Y-yeah let’s go.” He said, taking the hand you offered him.

The three of you clumsily made your way over to the tent flaps nailed to the wall, Sirius pushing them to the side to reveal an energetic dancefloor lit by flickering fluoro lights. Remus almost stumbled as you turned to him, his reddened eyes blinking a couple times as he took your face in his hands.

“You’re glowing.” He said, mesmerised. Sirius chuckled as he looked, cocking his brow at the way your red lips lit up under the black light.

“That’s just brilliant.” He said. Then a new song started, and he perked up. “Shall we have this dance, darling?” he purred, mockingly bowing at the waist and extending a hand. You giggled, taking it, Remus following close behind and keeping a hand around your other wrist as Sirius manoeuvred through the crowd to find a good spot.

You finally settled as Sirius stopped, turning around to the both of you when he found an area in the middle of the crowd. You began swaying your hips, then ultimately deciding that you weren’t drunk enough to really dance, so you took out your flask and began gulping down the burning liquid. Sirius bit his lip as he watched the amber liquid spill down your chin, coming forward after you were done to lick the wetness from you. He groaned, gripping your hips, then smashed his lips into yours. He snatched the flask from you while you were distracted, resulting in a scoff from you. Remus took this opportunity to begin dancing behind you, wrapping an arm around your neck as his height allowed him to do so. His hands then slipped down, tracing your curves as your bodies moved in sync. He leant down, beginning to suck on your neck as he grinded into your ass, his little whimpers only just audible over the loud music.

Sirius returned, pressing his front to you now as he attacked the other side of your neck, leaving it in glowing kiss marks as your lipstick had come off onto his lips. The loud music thumped through your body, adding to the stimulation you were currently receiving. Then Sirius turned his head, capturing Remus’ chin with his finger and thumb and pressing an open-mouthed kiss to his lips. Their tongues had their own dance, their breathing laboured as they kissed. Then Remus faced you, turning your head to the side so that he could make out with your glowing lips. His hold on you loosened as he moaned into your mouth, Sirius’ hands working to squeeze at your ass, and simultaneously at Remus’ bulge. The tall boy behind you made beautiful sounds as he bucked his hips into the touch, biting at your lip harshly to try to control his growls. Sirius pushed his face into the midst, initiating a three-way kiss where teeth clattered and tongues circled. You were sure your panties were soaked through by now, with your two best friends thrusting themselves into you from both sides. Eventually you had to pull apart to take heaving breaths.

“I’m going to cum in my pants if we keep up like this.” Remus mumbled, scraping his teeth over the pulse in your neck.

“I’d love to see that.” Sirius tittered, reaching round to squeeze Remus’ ass. He reacted by jolting his erection back into your behind.

“Remus is right.” You uttered, beginning to palm Sirius’ growing tent. “Take me to your room.”

Fuck.” Remus whispered. “Sirius?”

Sirius grinned, still swaying a bit as he relished the way you both looked; desperate and stirred. “I’d love to see you both cum in my bed.” He hummed, taking both your hands and leading you out of the crowd. Remus kept a hand at your ass, kneading your cheeks as you walked. Some of your peers turned and watched the three of you leave towards the male dorm rooms with glowing lipstick stains covering your faces, and although it was still a hot topic of gossip, everyone already knew about the type of relationship you three had.

Once you reached the room, Remus pounced, pinning you to the wall as he pressed needy kisses down your neck and towards your breasts. Sirius shook his head, turning on the light to find the both of you stained in red from the lipstick. He took a glance in the mirror, arching his brow as he cleaned himself up with a tissue, pleased to see his two friends going at it in the reflection.

“Come on Sirius.” Remus breathed, palming your breasts. “Don’t you want to join?”

“Mr. Narcissist would rather fawn over himself.” You replied, unzipping Remus’ pants. “But you can have me to yourself Moony. Would you like that?” He whimpered, nodding as you stroked his length through his boxer shorts.

“Oh no. That’s not happening.” Sirius announced, standing from his position. He stripped himself, both of you watching wide-eyed until his cock was finally released, springing against his stomach. He made a come-hither motion with two fingers, sinking back onto his bed. Remus scooped you up, carrying you over and dropping you onto the mattress. You squeaked, landing on something hard. You reached under your back, retrieving a bone.

“Seriously?” You threw the bone to the other side of the room, Sirius’ eyes following it there.

“Yes, okay, my bad.” He threw his hands up innocently, shrugging. Then he laughed to himself, “Looks like one chew toy is replaced by another.”

You rolled your eyes, patting the bed. “So… are you going to undress me, or do I have to do it myself?”

“Lazy girl.” Sirius chimed.

“Oh Merlin, yes please.” Remus piped, his hands immediately grabbing at your clothing. Sirius worked on your top while Remus pulled off your pants and underwear, both leaving lingering kisses and grazing touches wherever they went. When they were done, Remus licked a thick stripe over your slit, causing you to shudder. Then Sirius pulled you into his lap, the both of you turning to your still clothed friend.

“Moony.” Sirius uttered, licking his lips. “Your turn.”

Remus gulped, awkwardly fumbling with his top. The scars on his face turned stark white against his blushing face, and you couldn’t handle torturing your dear sweet wolf boy. You stood, silkily walking over to him. Sirius started stroking his dick as you began to kiss Remus softly. First on his nose, your lips dragging over the scar there. Then his lips, leaving a peck on his slightly agape mouth. He was a tall and lanky boy, with toned arms and a healthy weight, but he always seemed to be ashamed that he could never amount to Sirius’ level of “physical appeal”, as he put it. Sirius had rippling abs, the muscles in his arms protruding as he played with himself. But you made an effort to show Remus that he had beautiful prominent veins, and that all of his scars turned you on more than anything. So you kissed each part of him, each scar and bruise, helping him take off his clothes until he was bare and you were kneeling before him. Then you showed affection to his most prominent vein of all; the one that ran along the underside of his dick.

Sirius adored the way you gently handled Remus, because he thought it balanced out how rough he was with him. And watching you on your knees, taking Remus’ length with a ready mouth, and Remus’ head falling back to almost howl out your name; it was a sight so beautiful he wished he could capture it. But it was also a sight that drove him insane, and soon he was curling his toes, only lightly running a thumb over his leaking, swollen tip because he knew if he did any more he would be cumming right there and then. Then Remus grabbed a fistful of your hair, thrusting his cock into your mouth, and Sirius had to stop altogether because your choking sounds were too much to handle. He let out a string of curse words, jumping up and pushing Remus to the wall, restraining his hands above his head. Your mouth popped as his dick left your mouth.

“Dammit, why are you both so fucking hot.” Sirius, grumbled, biting hard on the edge of Remus’ jaw. Sirius turned to you, a demanding strength in his tone. “Get on the bed, babygirl.”

You did as you were told, Sirius following you, pulling Remus along by his throbbing cock. You loved the way they looked right now, their faces filled with pink and their hair tousled crazily. You also admired that they weren’t afraid to touch each other, they didn’t limit their affections just to you in order to maintain a “straight” reputation, as you had heard numerous other people’s threesome experiences being limited to.

“Now.” He purred. “Moony, my beautiful boy,” he paused to press a kiss to the sore spot on his jaw, “get underneath our sweetheart and fuck her silly.”

Remus didn’t need to be told twice, he climbed onto the bed, pulling you on top of him. Without hesitation, he pushed his long cock into you, his thighs trembling as he cursed at how amazing you felt. His arms had wrapped around you tightly, moaning into your mouth as he pressed up into you, his body shuddering to finally be joined with yours. Remus then hummed in confusion as he felt his arms being plucked from around you, and your body being lifted from his. His cock stayed buried inside of your hole, except now Sirius was propping you up, sitting behind you with his legs now over Remus’. His hands gripped your waist, helping you bounce on his best friend’s cock.

“Let him see those beautiful tits bounce, babe.” He said, biting on your shoulder. You moaned, loving the added delight of Sirius’ hands all over you while Remus’ dick twitched inside of you. Sirius then moved, rolling over to stalk Remus, moving down to lick the white stripes that littered his torso. “Gorgeous. Handsome.” He noted, giving a new compliment with each lick and suck. He reached his mouth, licking into it with a pleased sigh. After all the action, Remus finally came with a loud cry, his fingernails digging into both Sirius’ face and your shaking thighs.

“Holy-“ Remus said, out of breath. “I love you both so much.”

“Aw, baby.” You cooed.

“We love you too.” Sirius smiled. The two of you leant over, giving him a sweet kiss on each cheek. When you pulled back, there was a calculating smirk on Remus’ face. Your core jolted with excitement.

“You’re so great to me… I think it’s time to return the favour.” He sat up, pulling you easily to the side. He sat you up against the plush pillows, quickly going over to his own bed and grabbing extra ones. He bundled them under your head and back. “Comfy, darling?” You nodded, biting your lip. Remus then got on all fours, pulling your hips towards his hot mouth. His heavy breath against your wetness caused a tingling, but before he divulged into your eager pussy he turned his head, looking to his friend. “Sirius, fuck me hard, alright?”

Sirius gave a toothy grin, winking, “Don’t I always?”

And with that, Remus began ravenously eating you out, using his long fingers to fuck you while doing so. Your fingers laced through his mousy hair, pulling at the strands as his teeth nibbled at your sensitive bundle. The view was also a great asset, Sirius’ sweaty chest rising and falling rapidly as he pushed himself into Remus. The boy subsequently moaned loudly into your clit, stimulating it more to the point where you were writhing in your spot. It was a mess, with Remus desperately trying to keep you still with his strong arms, while he himself was struggling to keep it together with Sirius pounding into him. The breaking point seemed to hit you at the same time Sirius gave a taught slap to Remus’ ass, his cumming aligning almost exactly with yours. Both your orgasms rang out loudly in the room, tangled with rapidly uttered confessions of love and appreciation for each other.

Sirius placed a kiss on Remus’ scarred back before pulling out, collapsing beside you on the single bed. Remus haphazardly squeezed in on your other side, trying not to fall off. You giggled, pulling him into you and wrapping your legs around him, while Sirius spooned you from behind. A naked, sweaty mess of entangled limbs and fatigued lovers, and you wouldn’t have had it any other way.

With an adorable yawn, Remus asked, “How’d I do?”

“Amazing.” You said.

“Phenomenal.” Sirius rasped.

“The best yet.”

“You were entirely fuckable.” Sirius added.

Remus smiled, pressing a kiss to your forehead while stroking Sirius’ cheek. His movements then paused as the door to their dorm room opened, a staggering James walking in with his arm around Lily.

“Shit guys.” James slurred, covering Lily’s eyes with his hand. He then muttered an “oh” and covered his own eyes, slowly backing out of the room. The three of you burst into laughter as soon as the door closed. You’d all awake the next morning to find numerous bite and kiss marks all over your bodies.

Dating Sirius Black Would Involve
  • Running your fingers through his hair. When you kiss, when you cuddle, when you hug, all the time.
  • Sirius whispering in your ear a lot. He’ll nibble on your ear and kiss your neck and then whisper a random comment which would of course make you laugh. He would love your laugh.
  • Wearing his jacket because he thinks you look really hot in it.
  • He would tell you how hot you looked, a lot.
  • Sirius taking you for rides on his motorbike but he makes sure you’re safe and he makes sure you hold on tight. He loves the feeling of your arms wrapped tightly around his waist and the wind in his hair.
  • He loves that dizzy laugh you do when you stop riding on a broom or his motorbike together. He loves the way you brush your hair from your eyes and collapse against him laughing.
  • “Shhh.” kisses, “Shhh I love you.”
  • Your “reunions” after class would be so dramatic. He’d pick you up and swing you around and kiss you like he hadn’t seen you in months.
  • When you actually hadn’t seen each other for months, Sirius would be almost crying when he saw you again. He’d be overwhelmed by how beautiful you were so he’d quickly hug you to hide his tears.
  • You would be the really embarrassing, so-in-love couple.
  • Laughing so loudly when you’re together that you get told off.
  • Teasing him for “being a little baby hiding under ten pounds of black leather.”
  • He would grab you when you said this, press a sloppy kiss to your cheek and whisper in your ear, “Ten pounds? Come on, you know I wear less than that for you.”
  • Stealing his jumpers. Sirius pouts and asks for it back. “Can you give my jumper back please darling, it’s cold.” 
    A sly smirk from you then a quiet, “Make me.”
    Sirius glances at the Marauders then back at you. “Maybe later.”
  • Sirius stealing your jumper and showing up with it on one time to get back at you. 
    “Sirius! You’re going to stretch it!” You exclaim, stifling your laughter. 
    “You want me to give it back?” He says with a smirk twitching at his lips.
    “Make me.” He grins.
    “SIRIUS BLACK YOU STOLE MY LINE!” You yell, tacking him. There’s laughter from the other Marauders as Sirius is caught in a fit of laughter and half screams as you tickle him into submission (Sirius is very ticklish, especially on his stomach).
ilvermorny / remus lupin

Anonymous said: Can I have a one shot where you’re from Ilivermorny or whatever and you transfer to Hogwarts and James (or Remus) is asked to escort you to your classes and such until you get used to it oml Im in love with this idea😍😍😍   

the gif tho. fUCK

word count// 1,353

Originally posted by pleasingpics

Dumbledore’s office was quite intriguing. Tall shelves of books stretched to the ceiling and the quirky gadgets that scattered the room sparked your interest. Your fingers ran along the columns as you ascended the few stairs that led up to his desk, admiring and soaking in each detail. As you drew near the polished desk, your eyes met those behind a set of half-moon spectacles belonging to a long bearded man. His eyes were gentle and amused and you suddenly felt embarrassed for gawking at everything.

“Your office is sweet,” You exclaimed excitedly and your fingers itched to run along the spines of the hundreds of books.

The headmaster chortled gleefully and appeared puzzled. “I hadn’t a clue an office could be sweet, but I’m delighted you think so!”

You giggled and shook your head, forgetting you weren’t in America any longer. “No, sir. In America, people use the word sweet to describe something that’s cool or really nice.”

He ‘ah’ed’ and nodded in understanding, his eyes squinting as he smiled. “Y/F/N, the transfer student from Ilvermorny. We’ve been expecting you for awhile,” He informed and held a yellow candy out towards her. “Lemon drop?”

Brows furrowed, you accepted the candy and smiled at the peculiar man. You slid the lemon drop into your mouth and shifted awkwardly, waiting for him to continue and unsure of what to say. 

“Since you’ve no idea of your way around, I have spoken to a student whom is willing to escort you to your classes. He should be here any moment.”

“What’s this student’s name, Professor?”

Dumbledore carefully chose another lemon drop before replying. “His name is Remus Lupin. He’s in the Gryffindor house, as are you, and he’s a very bright wizard.”

Just as he finished and you had pursed your lips, mulling the newfound information in your mind, footsteps sounded from behind you and you spun around curiously. You had to refrain from giggling as the boy you assumed was Remus Lupin stumbled ungracefully up the few steps. When his eyes quickly flickered to you, his head ducked but you still caught sight of the pink tint to his cheeks. He tousled his messy hair further as his long, slender fingers raked through it and a giggle finally escaped when he kept beating his eyes toward you, but never for longer than a few seconds. 

“Ah, Remus!” Dumbledore exclaimed and rose from his seat. “You finally arrived.”

Remus rubbed the back of his neck and nodded sheepishly. “Sorry about that, Professor.” He smiled nervously.

“Not to worry, Mr. Lupin. This is Y/F/N, a transfer student from Ilvermorny.” He gestured to you and the attention in the room turned towards you.

You smiled politely at him. “Hi,” You blurted and sent a small wave his way.

He tried not to gape at your enthralling smile and after blinking a few times to make sure you weren’t a figment of his imagination, he smiled weakly. “Hi,” He replied, but it was less bubbly and sounded like he’d ran a marathon beforehand.

The headmaster clasped his hands together and a creamed colored piece of parchment glided from within his desk when he flicked his finger wordlessly. It flew into your grasp smoothly and your eyes scoured over the words while Dumbledore explained, “This is your schedule. I have put you in the same courses as Mr. Lupin to make him escorting you much easier on both of you. Seeing as how it’s Saturday, Remus, you may show her around the school today if you please. Now, you two can be off!”

After the meeting in Dumbledore’s office, your tour of the school commenced. Your mouth remained parted as you walked the corridors alongside Remus, your eyes taking in as much of the surroundings as possible. He had led you to the grand staircase and you heard him chuckling as your head tilted back to admire the portraits lining the walls. The marbling of the stairs as well as the architecture of the arched doorways was simply breathtaking and you found it hard to take in all of the subtle details. 

A palm landed on the small of your back, urging you toward the staircase. He couldn’t stop his eyes from training onto your awestruck face and smiling in amusement. You looked as if you’d never experienced magic in your life as you studied the moving portraits when you passed them on the ascend up the marble stairs. 

Deep within your own thoughts, an abrupt squeak elicited from you when the staircase began to move, gliding through the air to connect in a complete opposite direction. Your body swayed dangerously and Remus instinctively caught your waist to steady you from falling backwards. Your hands gripped onto his biceps and your stomach lurched when his muscles flexed underneath your palms.

“I think you failed to mention that the stairs move,” You joked breathlessly and you weren’t sure if the pounding of your heart was caused by the moving stairs or him touching you. 

Remus licked his bottom lip and bit it, his eyes darting from you for a split second before returning. He smiled sheepishly. “The stairs move.”

You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t bite back a smile. “Thanks for the heads-up.” You laughed and dropped your hands from his arms, placing your firm grip upon the railing instead. “Anything else I should know before I go any further? You know, so I can avoid plummeting to my death.”

“Right. Some of the stairs disappear or will make you leg sink through,” He informed as he continued on guiding you upstairs before pointing at a particular step that you both were approaching. “Like that one, for example. You’ll learn which ones to jump. Eventually.”

“Eventually?” You cried and widened your y/e/c eyes. “Is this school trying to kill it’s students?”

He chortled and hopped over the step with ease. “Hogwarts is one of a kind, love.”

His hand extended for yours which you gratefully accepted. You stretched your leg over the pesky stair and hopped onto the same one Remus stood on. Your landing wasn’t as smooth as his and you stumbled into him a bit. His hand that wasn’t curled around yours went to your waist for the second time and you flushed pink, giggling off the clumsy act. He smiled down at you gently and you swallowed nervously, his close proximity heightening your nerves. 

“Erm, we should probably head to the common room,” He said lowly and your belly fluttered. “It’s getting late.”

Pulling away from him, you tucked a hair behind your ear and nodded. “Lead the way, Lupin.”

The Gryffindor common room didn’t disappoint. 

A fire burned brightly in the fireplace, crackling and popping soothingly. Red couches and armchairs scattered around the room, but the small window seat caught your utmost attention. It had it’s own little nook, little plush pillows perched on top of the seat with a throw blanket folded neatly along it. You could vividly picture yourself practically living there with a book or homework assignments or perhaps charcoal pencils to sketch the view. It was cozy and warm to welcome you as soon as you entered into it. 

“The girls dormitory is that way and the boys is over there.” Remus pointing in the correct direction of the dorms and you watched in amusement as his face flushed. “Not that you needed to know where the boy’s dormitory is unless–”

You nudged him and he closed his mouth immediately. “Maybe I’ll visit you in your dorm sometime,” You teased and winked suggestively, thoroughly enjoying him so flustered.

“R-Right! I-I mean-”

“I’m kidding, Remus.”

“I knew that.”

Smiling up at the messy haired and brown eyed boy, you pushed yourself onto your toes and pressed your lips to his reddened skin. “Goodnight, Remus,” You hummed and just as quickly as it had happened, you had slipped out of sight towards the girl’s dormitory. 

Remus grinned goofily in the direction you had left in. 

He could still feel your lips on his face even as he laid awake in bed that night. 

Owl You Need Is Love

Overview: When you tell Sirius about your upcoming date, the knowledge doesn’t quite sit well with him. Based on the prompt dialogue, “No, I can’t hang out, I’m on a date and you know that.”

Word Count: About 3,500.

Warning(s): Just some language and Sirius being a cocky but cute little shit.

Author’s Note: Set in Hogwarts, not a Modern AU. (Wow, two non-AU’s in a row? Sofia is wildin’.) Anyway, this was so fun to write and I hope you enjoy! :)


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The Moon Loves The Sun-Young!SiriusxReader

Originally posted by sirenscurses

Word Count: 1014

Warning(s): Angst???

Request: hello! I dont know if you do any marauders oneshots but if you do can you write one where the reader and sirius are dating and they get in a huge fight and remus is the one to push the reader back to sirius???? 

A/N: This was hella fun to write

“No, you’re right Sirius! It’s always my fault! I’m always the bad guy!”, you yelled tears threatening to pierce through your eyes as you slammed the palm of your hand against Sirius’s chest.

“I never said that! This is what I am talking about! You always jump to conclusions without consulting me first!”, He yelled back not daring to break eye-contact. All you saw was blue. Blue like the tears streaming down your cream-colored face,  like the stone necklace that Sirius gave you for your first anniversary that seemed to now burn at your throat, and like the roses Sirius would give you after whispering ‘I love you’. You distinctly remembering the first time you two admitted your feeling towards one another. It was during the fifth year, somehow the two of you went from talking about how you managed to fail your potions class to confessing your acquired adoration for each other. With him asking timidly at the end, ‘can I kiss you?’.

Tightening a grip on Sirius’s jumper, you held him close to you.

“And you, you bastard never take my side! You’re always so kept to yourself! Never once have you came to me with a problem! I trusted you enough to let you in, but you couldn’t do the same! The only thing I ever needed was for you to need me, Sirius! That’s all I ever needed! Because I deserve somebody who gives a shit!”, you screamed even louder on the top of your lungs, causing your voice to crack. Sirius tried to take a step back, but you held onto his jumper even tighter not letting him leave. Straightening up his posture, Sirius glared at you, a hard cold glare. A glare he would give to someone like Bellatrix.

“Don’t you even dare Y/N! I loved you through everything, and you don’t even care! And you know what Y/N! I deeply wish that I never met you!”, Sirius screamed at me even louder with each sentence, his body trembled as his voice croaked with broken cries, before ripping your hand off of his jumper and running away. All you could do was stand there, sobbing loudly to yourself, grasping onto the single chair for support afraid that you might fall to the ground.

“Go after him Y/N”, You heard a raspy, cool voice of Remus lupin. Turning around to face the werewolf that you have became close mates with, you realize that you could barely even see him through your teary eyes.

“You know that it only hurts more when you stop pretending. ”, Remus continued on not bothering to move from the staircase that lead to the boys dorm, “So stop pretending that what Pad-I mean Sirius said hurt more than what you are letting on. Go after him and I predict that when you see him it’s going to hit you. Hit you like a muggle bus just crashed into your body breaking your soul into pieces and your heart in shattering glass fragments.”

“W-What are you talking about Remus”, you choked on your sobs trying to make process on what the lad was saying.

“I’m saying that it’s always been you and Sirius. Always. Ever since first year when you hated each other, no matter what you two will always love each other, so I don’t see why you are forcing him away, and him visa versa. But knowing how stubborn the both of you are, I am not telling-I am demanding that you go after Sirius and tell him. Tell him how you are feeling now. Or else I will drag you by your hair to him”, Remus didn’t say another word before storming back up the stairs.

Numbly you moved forward, towards the portrait that would lead you out of the common-room. Once outside the sound of a broken cry filled your ears. Sirius. He was more then crying, he was cursing to no one but himself. There he sat at the top of the moving staircase cursing and cursing to himself, and crying even louder. That’s when it hit you, it hit you harder than a muggle bus crashing into your body. It hit you more painfully than the curico curse. You collapsed down to the cold stone floor, clenching your chest above your heart. The pain was unbearable. Seeing Sirius the way he was puffy eyed, tear stained cheeks, messy destroyed locks of crow black hair, paler skin than the snow falling outside, and the look of death itself shadowing over his handsome face. Your heart was smashed, beaten, crumbled, torn apart, and shattered to the base of your chest like fine china.

“No-please. Please don’t leave me”, you cried broken and torn like your vocal cords yearned for fresh cool liquid, “Please Sirius, you’re the only good thing I have. I can’t-Don’t leave me”

You didn’t know if he could hear you and you sobbed on the hallway floor, it wasn’t until you felt those cold strong arms around your body. engulfing your body in a cold chill. The cold chill you have grown custom to after so many years of hugging, holding hands, colliding in the middle of the hallways, and sneaking kisses at midnight. Moving your body around so you would be able to hold onto the person who was your first kiss, your first love, your first friend, your first enemy, and the first person who you beat the crap out of when they accidently called you a ditzy little girl.

“It’s okay, I’m here. I’m sorry.”, Sirius’s wobbly voice spoke almost like the wind in the summer, soft and almost unnoticeable, “I will never leave you. Never. Just promise you won’t leave me”

His grip grew stronger around your body pulling you closer to him. Crying into his shoulder, all you could do was nod.

“Never, I would never leave you. Never. I love you”, You whispered over and over again. I love you.

You love Sirius the same way how the moon loves the sun, dying each day so the sun can live.

Too Hot (James Potter x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: Implied sex? Idk it’s basically just James being James

Plot/Summary: “My food is too hot to eat!” “You’re too hot and I still eat you.”

Word count: 386

Anon asked: Could you do a James x reader and it’s like Reader-“My food is too hot to eat” James-“You’re too hot and I still eat you” And everyone is just shocked cause omg James

Request here!

“I’m starving.” groaned Sirius, plonking down onto the bench where the Marauders sat for dinner. “It’s been at least three hours since I ate something.”

“Wow, you must be famished.” said Remus sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Keep rolling your eyes Moony, maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” quipped Sirius, ducking to a avoid a half hearted punch from the werewolf.

“Boys, do you mind?” you chuckled. “I’ve just come from herbology, repotting Mandrakes. I do not need you two to start a fight.”

You leant into James who put his arm around you, pecking you on the cheek, giggling away as the boys opposite you bickered like a married couple.

“Oh will you two just kiss already?” yelled James, laughing as they both turned bright red.

The slightly awkward situation was abated as suddenly the table was filled with food, a heavenly sight to your grumbling stomach.

“Thank Merlin, I’m famished.” you muttered, helping yourself to a piece of chicken.

You realised your mistake immediately, experiencing a severe amount of pain for such a small piece of food. Grabbing your goblet, you took a mouthful of icy pumpkin juice, sighing in relief as it soothed your burning mouth.

“You alright, love?” asked James around a mouthful of potatoes. “Did you hurt yourself?”

“My food’s too hot to eat.” you pouted.

“Well, you’re too hot and I still eat you.”

The rowdy table went suddenly silent, before Sirius burst out laughing, collapsing to the table in great fits of uncontrollable giggling, soon accompanied by Remus, making you turn bright red.

“James Potter.” you hissed. “That was completely inappropriate!”

“But you’ve got to admit it was funny.” he snickered, dodging a smack from you.

“You do not need to announce the ins and outs of our sex life to all of your friends!”

“Oh don’t worry Y/N, we can hear you both going at it anyway.” sorted Sirius.

You groaned and layed your head in your arms, covering your painfully red face from view. Soon, you felt James tugging at your shoulder to make you sit up, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips.

“I love you, Y/N.” he grinned.

“I love you too, even if you’re an arse.” you smiled.

“Does that mean I’m getting laid tonight?” James asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Fuck no.”

What Passengers Do In Private

Request: “Hi I’d like to request just some jealous sirius, well not jealous more super protective and possessive (is that the word I’m looking for, idk😅) And the reader doesn’t really mind and that’s what makes them the power couple from Hogwarts. Hope you understood everything 😅💚”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k


Originally posted by ferxxy

The vibrations of the moving train cart caused your head to gently bounce on the glass window you leant against, watching the monotonous landscape sweep by while you waited for your friends to come back after packing their luggage away. You peered up keenly as a knock sounded from the compartment door, only to realise it was one of the prefects, a young man named Johnathan. You nodded at him to come in, and he slid the door, quickly coming to sit beside you.

“How are you (Y/n)?” He asked, sitting a bit too close for comfort. “I couldn’t help but notice you’re all alone in here. I’m just in the cart next door.” He motioned with his thumb. “Would you mind if I kept you company?”

You fought the urge to roll your eyes. Always a million questions with this guy; none of which he’d ever wait for you to answer. It was obvious from the way he spoke in a condescending tone that he only initiated these conversations to get into your pants, not caring about actually getting to know you.

“I appreciate it, really Johnathan, but I’m waiting for my friends.” You forced a polite smile, edging away from him.

“Aren’t I your friend?” He questioned, placing his hand firmly on your thigh. At this point your back was up against the train window, attempting to recoil away from his touch. You opened your mouth to reproach him, but was interrupted by the sounds of boyish laughter flooding into the cart, only to be instantly cut off.

Sirius eyed the scene, analysing your uncomfortable posture, as his three friends stood awkwardly in the hallway behind him.

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How they feel about PDA…

j a m e s  p o t t e r

Originally posted by chasingxprongs

I think James would be completely okay with it, he is not one to mind what people think about what he does or who’s he with. James is the actual meaning of lover boy, and would definitely enjoy not only babbling and boasting his significant other to everyone he knows but he’d also be very touchy. Always a hand on your back, on your waist, on your arms, hands, hair, ass, anywhere really, he’d just have to be touching you somehow, to let you know he’s there and he doesn’t plan on leaving. He’d be the kind of guy that would grin like a huge dork while he chatted his friends if you had his arms wrapped around him or had your head laid on his shoulder/lap/chest just because. Would absolutely ask you at least twice to consider letting him owl everyone he knows to tell them he’s dating you and a list of all your qualities because lover boy is a show-off. He wouldn’t mind snogging in public as well, if you did, though, he’d respect it without questioning it and would never cross the line, but you know what they say about being between four walls, right? Because James knows.

s i r i u s  b l a c k

Originally posted by nellaey

Sirius actually has a doctorate degree in PDA, a lot like James, except he’s worse. Would 10/10 snog you in an empty hallway, would not stop if anyone passed by. He wouldn’t mind it at all, he wouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable for having his lips glued to your rosy ones, long hands wrapped around your waist with such urgency anyone who had to watch that (ridiculous) display of affection would think you hadn’t seen each other for months. Very touchy, very hungry, very sweet. Now, if by any chance you were against PDA or felt uncomfortable and shy Sirius would be extremely understanding. Even if he wanted to show everyone how much he cared for you and be close to you throughout the day, he’d be very sweet about it and understand if all it took you to believe his feelings for you were private reassurances. But he’d suffer if he wasn’t allowed to kiss and snog you, and would definitely eagerly push you against a wall and press his lips to all the places you didn’t allow him during the day the minute you entered his or your dorm. Desperate Sirius is what I’m here for.

r e m u s  l u p i n 

Originally posted by fleursmoncoeur

Remus would be adjacent, I feel as if he’d feel sort of uncomfortable in being touchy and affectionate in public. However, he wouldn’t be adverse having your hand in his, lightly pecking your lips and cheeks every now and then and having his arm permanently present around your waist, since being close to you was by far one of his favourite things to do, he just wouldn’t be fond of snogging in public. Not because he was shy or anything, just a personal preference of his. Nonetheless, privately, whether it was in an empty classroom or in his dorm, Remus would be extremely affectionate and open to show you all he’s been containing during the day, which means heart-stopping dewy lips against lips and playful touches, pink cheeks, muttering how much he missed and longed for you throughout the day, mumbling things such as “m’sweet girl” and praising you for all you are. An insatiable urgency to have you as close to him as he wishes, for as long as he desires.

r e g u l u s  b l a c k 

Originally posted by merlinss

I believe Regulus would mind, he cares a lot about how people see him, specially his parents so I think he’d be quite conservative about the way he acts towards his significant one in public. He’d be almost agonizingly respectful, holding your hand and kissing your cheek and forehead were as far as he went, sometimes if the hall wasn’t so full, he’d peck your lips. He was very apprehensive in public; taught to worry about his status since he came out of his mother, he couldn’t help but feel as if everything he did was wrong, so as an extremely quiet person, he’d keep on that facette in public even if you were right there with him. He’d smile once in a while at you and put quirky strands of soft hair behind your ear when they brushed on your face, but that was it. Privately though, he’d be persistent to show all his affection towards you, clutching your body to his as if he hadn’t touched you in years. 

(Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Potter, Ben Barnes as Sirius Black, Matthew Hitt as Remus Lupin and Tyler Young as Regulus Black.)

(i don’t have a masterlist and i do not write anymore. please! stop asking.)

need you / sirius black

anon request. the end of this is heart wrenching and i apologize in advance for the needy, sad sirius. my heart hurts why did i do this to myself

word count// 1,713

Christmas Eve had arrived and traditions were commencing in your half blooded household. The house smelt strongly of freshly baked cookies mingled with the pine wafting off the tree that was brightly lit and beautifully decorated. Your Mother had charmed wooden spoons to mix batter together whilst pans or bowls washed themselves in the sink and you couldn’t help but laugh when a spoon nearly hit your Muggle Father in the head as it flew to the soapy water to be washed. You watched with admiration as your Dad grabbed your Mom from behind and began to dance to Winter Wonderland, twirling and dipping her while she pretended to be annoyed, but you saw the pink in her cheeks and the budding smile.

The angelic sound of your mother’s giggles drifted into the living room where you were curled up on the sofa, a fuzzy blanket wrapped around you like a cocoon. The sight of your dad dipping her made your thoughts drift to your boyfriend, Sirius Black, whom you had been dating for a little over a year. His relationship with his parents didn’t come close to the bond you had with yours and merely thinking about the glum look on his face as he parted from you at the train station made tears gather in your eyes.. You curled the blanket tighter around yourself and rested your chin on your kneecaps, wanting nothing more than for Sirius to spend Christmas with you rather than in the cold Black household.

In bounded your father, flour in his hair and a gentle smile on his face. He sat beside you and brought you into his chest as if he knew what was bothering you. His head rested atop yours and you smiled ever so slightly at the feeling of being a little girl came over you again. “Why the long face, squirt?” He asked and a genuine smile formed on your face at the old nickname that he resurfaced.

Your head lifted from his shoulder, chest heaving as you sighed. “I’m just upset that I’m spending Christmas with family and Sirius is probably alone.”

“Ah,” He hummed knowingly and raked his fingers through your y/h/c tresses. “His family isn’t the nicest, are they?”

With a mere shake of the head, you pulled your legs closer to your chest and stared sadly at the glowing tree across the room. The small bulbs of light began to blur until a tear plummeted down your cheek. Your dad squeezed you to him and wiped your tears like he had done so many years ago. You mustered up the most pitiful of smiles as you looked into his warm and welcoming y/d/e/c irises and whispered shakily, “I just want him here with me. I want him to be happy and I know he’s not right now.”

The room grew silent for a few moments, only the sound of your oblivious mother singing to carols from the kitchen filling the barren space.  Your heart was physically aching for Sirius and all you wanted was for him to be where he belonged. He belonged with you and he deserved to have a joyous Christmas like you knew Lily, Remus, and James were having.

“Why don’t you bring him here then?”

Glancing up at your father in surprise, your mouth gaped open a bit. “I can’t just show up to his house!” You exclaimed.

“Why can’t you?” He smiled down at you gently, his aging face appearing youthful and happy. “I want you to be happy, squirt, and if bringing him here will do that then we sure as hell will do it.”

Salty tears dried in an instant and a smile quirked your lips into a smile. You wrapped your arms around your father’s neck and felt like crying tears of joy. “Thank you, Dad. You have no idea how much this means to me,” You whispered against his shirt and tried to hold back more waterworks.

He rubbed your back soothingly and chortled. “Go get him, kiddo.”

Standing in front of 12 Grimmauld Place had your nerves on edge. The building seemed to loom over you threateningly and the street’s dim glow only added to the frightening aspect of it. You found yourself wringing your hands anxiously for you knew what lie on the other side of the home before you and your heart skipped a beat when your eyes landed on the window belonging to Sirius’ bedroom. Never faltering from his window, you scrounged up the courage to stalk up to the front door and knock thrice. 

It was silent on the opposite side of the door and you wondered if they were even awake. The thought was forgotten as soon as the ebony colored door flung open and revealed a very stern looking Walburga Black. Your blood ran cold at the sight of her displeasured expression and you could feel yourself sweating despite the impeccably cold night air. It wasn’t the first time you’d met Sirius’ mother and she did not like you dating her son one bit seeing as how you mucked up the pure blood ideology she had drilled into her brain. You, however, were there for one thing only and that was to save your boyfriend of the horrid household. 

“Y/L/N,” She practically spat, her face contorting as if the name left a bad taste in her mouth. “What are you doing here?”

Straightening your posture and wiping your clammy palms on your leggings discreetly, you tilted your chin up as confidently as you could muster in front of such an intimidating woman. “I’m here to see Sirius. May I co–”

“Absolutely not. I suggest you go back home right now,” She retorted snootily.

You frowned, but refused to leave until Sirius was with you. “Please, Mrs. Black. Can’t I see him just for a moment?”

“I realize that Sirius associates himself with mudbloods in his own time at Hogwarts and such, but I will not allow it under my watch and certainly not in my house!”

“I am not a-a… mudblood, Mrs. Black,” You replied calmly. “I’m a halfblood.”

Her lip curled in distaste and snorted as if you had told a joke. “I’m afraid that’s no better, Y/L/N, now if you would please stop wasting my time. I have–”

“Whose at the door? I thought I heard Y/N,” Sirius called from inside the house and you grew exceptionally giddy at the sound of his footsteps drawing near.

“No one, Sirius,” She barked and tried to close the dark wooded door in your face, but he stepped into your line of sight before she could.

The surprise on his face made you smile, but you could see the underlying fatigue and sadness. Sirius shoved past his fuming mother and pulled your shivering body into the house, shutting the door behind you. His arms wrapped around your quivering frame and you melted into him, his incredible warmth radiating off and onto you. His chin rested on top of your head and he found himself sighing contentedly after days of being utterly miserable. 

“Sirius Orion Black,” His mother growled. “She needs to leave this instant. I will not have this in my house.”

You felt Sirius tuck you tighter into his chest and you buried your face into his shirt, breathing in the woodsy scent of him mingled with faint cigarette smoke. “If she leaves, I leave,” He spat bitterly.

“I assume you’ll be leaving then,” She said in the most tranquil tone of voice you had heard yet. 

“Gladly,” He growled and with a swish of Walburga Black’s wand, a bag of his things landed beside them.

Despite knowing how horrible his family was, you couldn’t help but feel a grief deep within you that he was leaving because of you. The Black lineage was certainly not the best, but they were still his flesh and blood. Therefore when Sirius tangled his fingers with yours and pulled you out into the snowy night, your heart sank a bit lower when his mother shouted out five more poisonous words before the door slammed shut. 

‘Don’t bother ever coming back.’

It was silent outside 12 Grimmauld Place. Snow drifted from the sky peacefully as if a storm hadn’t just brewed on the very same street. Fingers still intertwined with Sirius’, you looked up at him to see he was already looking down at you. The white flecks of snow landed in his dark hair and his heavy pants of air came out in clouds of fog and he looked ethereal. His cheeks were warm to the touch and with your free hand you cupped one of them, stroking the rosy skin delicately. Sirius despised his family, but you saw the tiny bit of sadness seeping through because the bond that family had was supposed to be forever. 

The bond between him and the Black’s had been broken for a very long time. 

“Are you okay, my love?” You whispered lowly, almost inaudible. 

His palms landed on your hips and he tilted his head further into your hand that laid on his cheek. “Of course I am,” He muttered and trained his attention on the snowflakes gathering in your hair. “I-I…”

A tear fell onto his cheek, landing near the spot your hand rested on his face. You kissed it away gingerly and heard Sirius whimper before more tears followed. Without a second thought, your arms wrapped around his neck and his went to your waist, crushing you into him.

“I know, love,” You hummed into his ear and raked your digits into his hair lightly. “It’s okay. I’m here, always.”

“Need you,” Sirius croaked in your neck. His voice shook and tears dripped onto your skin. “I love you so much, baby.”

You swore you could hear your heart crack even further. 

“I’m here, my love,” You repeated softly and kissed just under his ear. “I love you too, Sirius. More than you’ll ever know.”

Snow continued to fall as you cradled the boy you loved in your arms. You held him in the middle of a sidewalk on Christmas Eve and you’d continue to hold him and love him unconditionally until the end of time. Sirius Black deserved just that and more. 

House of Cards

Prompt: “You sneezed and blew down my house of cards you have three seconds to run” AU by @the-witch-daddy. (Sirius Black x Reader)

Word Count: About 1,500.

Warning(s): Language, colds, sexual tension.

Author’s Note: Roommate AU. Sick AU. I’m literally screaming can I make out with Sirius against a kitchen counter, too?


“Y/N! Look what I made!”

As you trudged down the hallway of your flat, you wrapped your fluffy robe tighter around your body. With a ball of tissues in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, you took in the view of your roommate staring proudly at the big stack in front of him.

You blinked. “A house of cards?”

Nodding firmly, his lips fell into a smug grin. “I‘ve been working on it since I woke up.”

“And when did you wake up?”

“About one in the afternoon.”

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Draco: My father will hear about this!

Lucius: I am your father, Draco.



The Art of Falling in Love

Pairing: Young!Sirius x Reader

Requests: Hello, can I please request sirius black imagine where gryffindor reader meets big black dog and has no idea it’s sirius, and she pets him and sees him everyday and she paints this dog and marauders (including siris) see the painting in her sketchbook, reader tells them about this dog and they smirk knowingly. after some time she finds out who the dog is by accident, you decide the ending, sorry if it’s too specific ❤ - Anonymous

: Can you please write an imagine with the gryffindor reader being close to all the Marauders boys? not a lot of writers really make enough friendship instances with the marauders and can it be heavy on Sirius tho? - Anonymous

A/N: I personally love Art so this was a lot of fun to write. Also THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO OFFERED ME THEIR FRIENDSHIP. I LOVE YOU ALL.

Word Count: 3.6k (I had too much fun)

Art has many forms. There wasn’t a time in your life that didn’t involve art and your love for it. The art of music plays like the melodies coming from your muggle father’s guitar or the myriad of photographs hung around the walls and kept in albums by your mother. You were exposed to almost all forms of art as you grew up and they never faded from you.

“What about this one (Y/n)? What’s it called?” Peter asked, holding one of your smaller canvases in his hand. It had your repainted version of the ‘Birth of Venus’ by  Sandro Botticelli.

“I believe it’s called ‘Naked and Afraid’, Wormtail.” James commented, patting the smaller boy on the back and shared a smirk with his other friend, Sirius.

They had begun calling each other some odd nicknames just a few weeks ago. Neither you or your other companions could understand the meaning behind them and the four refused to give you an explanation. In the end, you figured it was all some inside joke.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.” You rolled your eyes, taking the painting and placing it back on it’s stand. “You have no respect for the art of painting and the renaissance.”

“I think your work is beautiful.” Sirius said, picking up one of your collections of sketchbooks from the top of your dresser.

“Do you now?” You took a step towards him, leaning over his shoulder. He was busy admiring your doodles of the castle you’d often drawn when you were bored. As an artist, you’d never really considered your art picture perfect. There were always some flaws.

“Exquisite masterpiece, darling.” He laughed, pointing at the drawing of himself. A smirk made it’s way on the boy’s face at his portrait.

The day you decided to draw him was the day he realized how much he fell for you, with your sharp eyes attempting to study his feature as you furrowed your brows trying to sketch his face. You’d bite your lip as you carefully made the curve of his own. He did the best he could to show you of his feelings—with humorous and flirtatious comments layered over one of love.

“Figured you would say that, you narcissist.” You laughed, ruffling his shaggy black hair.

“Is this a repainting of the ‘School of Athens’ but in Hogwarts?” Remus asked from the other side of the room to which you were quick to answer as you sauntered over to him, leaving Sirius to browse through your sketch books alone.

Not long before his grey eyes that were scanning the strokes of charcoal but now of you as you shared a smile with Remus from across the room. He watched as you pointed something in disgust that he would guess is another “flaw” you had made. Sirius smiled to himself before James slid his way next to him.

“If I were you, I’d go for it before she slips away.” The Potter boy said, giving his friend an encouraging nudge.

“Yeah, because you’d have a better chance of not being rejected.” Sirius remarked, sarcastically.

“You know there are a million other girls, Padfoot.” James looks back at you as you laughed at something Remus had said. Your eyes crinkling in the cutest way possible that mad Sirius’ stomach flip.

“But there’s only one girl like her.” He finished, eyes never leaving the sight of your happy state.


Sirius couldn’t understand why he did what he did. He knew it was wrong. Yet he did it anyway. A few days after you had given your four mischievous friends permission to look through your “gallery” as they would say (which was basically just your dorm room that your roommates were kind enough to let you decorate with your art work). You found yourself outside the castle, resting against the wood of a large tree that on the softest bed of grass. Your leg was crossed over the other, your leather bound sketchbook laying down on your lap. One of the reasons why you loved the time of Spring were the changes of nature. The blooming of flowers in their iridescent manner.

“Hogwarts…Hogwarts…Hoggy Watty Hogwarts….” Humming the tune of the school hymn for no reason at all, you began to outline the small patch of lilies that fully grown just a few fee away from where you sat.

From afar, Sirius’ gray eyes had been focused on you for over fifteen minutes. He had told his friends he had some unfinished business with his little brother, Regulus but that was all a lie just to be alone with you…or alone by himself while observing you that is. He didn’t consider his action as stalking you, more of protecting you if there was anything to happen, at least that’s what he told himself over and over.

The calm atmosphere had prompted you ponder over the current events of your life. Your younger sibling would be attending Hogwarts next year and your parents were ever so subtly debating whether or not they’d end up in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Friends like the four boys you’d grown to love were slowly becoming your family, brothers you’d never expect to have. However, you always thought that one over the other three would hopefully be something more than just a friend.

Sirius was without a doubt one of the most attractive boys in your year alone. Other girls tried to catch his attention but none of them seemed to stand out to him—as he had told you countless times before. It did give you a small pint of hope over the collumn of a little school girl crush.

Just as you had magically twisted your pencil into a self-inking quill, a thick wooden stick had been dropped to your side. Curiously, you turned from the stick to the sky, assuming a squirrel might have caused it to fall. But then a shaggy black furred canine made it’s way over to you in a pounce like manner.

“Hi there…” You smiled, eyes still squinted in confusion but your hand made it’s way to the dog’s head. There wasn’t any sign of the animal being the dangerous, he was calm if not happy so to say, his black tail wagging in excitement.  

“You’re a good dog, aren’t you?” You cooed, scratching the back of his ear then moving to rub his belly once he rolled over. “I don’t remember Hagrid having another dog.”

You were certain Hagrid only had Fang (Who is currently no larger than a quaffle at the moment) and you knew that pup was Boarhound and not a German shepherd. The dog didn’t have a collar of any sort that would aid you in finding his owner of even know the canine’s name. He must’ve been a stray.

“Must be hard not having a name.” You told him. if he wasn’t do adorable, you’d call yourself insane for talking to it. The hound bumped his nose onto your still opened sketchpad, his face clumsily moving the pages until he decided to stop on a certain page that the famous four boys sketched in black ink.

“Those are my friends.” Pointing you each boy, you stated their names. “That’s Peter, he’s kind of the shy type of guy unless he’s told to do something bad then he shows his wild side.”

You pointed to the one with a faint scars, smiling. “This one’s Remus. He’s insanely sweet and charming. Although, i do wonder where he gets the scars from. He said he’d tell me one day.”

When you turned to the dog, his mouth had twitched, almost as if it were smirking.

“The one next to him is James. Bit of an oddball that one, Leader of this little foursome, head over heels for my friend Lily but I know she’s starting to like him too.”

James would be jumping for joy if Sirius told him this, but he knew he couldn’t in case you’d both get suspicious on how he knew.

“This one right here though is Sirius Black.” You grinned, eyeing your own work at the pretty boy. “He’s kinda the second-hand man as I’d say. Causes havoc too many times for me to count. Kinda reckless too and irresponsible no doubt.”

Sirius began to bow his head in shame at your words, until his small head shot up at the sound of you giggling softly.

“But he makes me laugh nonetheless.” You lifted your hand to pet the hound’s fur once more, smiling in content. “I just wish…”

The boy—well dog held on to your words only to watch you sigh and shake your head. You couldn’t admit to yourself that you liked the guy as much as any other girl but even telling a dog that probably couldn’t understand what you were saying seemed to difficult to pursue.

“Never mind.” Sirius slumped his body, pushing his face more onto your hand to urge you one but you only shook your head once more. You turned the page of your drawing of a random girl with a parasol.

“This one is inspired by one of my favorite artists.” You said with enthusiasm. “Claude Monet’s style has always been my favorite. I actually never told anyone that. I even have an unfinished portrait in my dorm of one of his paintings.”

The dog stared at you only to glance back at the drawing before him. You continued to go through the pages until the sky turned dark causing you to frown. “I’m sorry, furball but I best be heading back to my dorm. Wouldn’t want to get into any trouble.”

Closing your book shut, you dusted off the dirt from beneath your skirt and bent down to be in the same level as the black German shepherd. “You should head home now, if you have one. I’d take you in but Hogwarts doesn’t allow dogs in the castle and I wouldn’t want to force Hagrid to watch over you.”

“Just try to find some place safe, okay?”  You rubbed the dog’s head one last time before you stood up but he was quick to give your cheek a quick lick before you did. A laugh escaped your lips as you turned back to head inside the castle. “Bye now…”

Sirius sat on the grass, still an animagus, watching you walk towards the steps of the castle and your (Y/h/c) hair disappearing into the cobbled building. He had a weird feeling in his stomach. He kissed your cheek, as a dog but still, it was a kiss. It felt wrong to deceive you like that. Truth is, he didn’t mean to but something just came over him. A side of him told him it was okay as long as you’d never know, continue to make you smile like he did moments before. But another told him he shouldn’t do it again.

He promised he wouldn’t

And that was the biggest lie he ever told himself.

The week that followed consisted of the same routine from you. After classes you’d go outside and draw while the sun was still shining upon the spring landscape. Everyday, you’d draw something new for everyday you had a different muse. And everyday, that black dog just came back to the same spot you were always on. It didn’t bother you one bit that he found comfort in your presence and company but you knew you couldn’t keep him or anything. When the time comes, you’d have to leave Hogwarts and never see him for a while and your parents wouldn’t let you own a dog. Your father was allergic to dog fur.

Sirius hated himself for sticking around but at the same time he loved himself for doing so.

There’d be a time when you’d play fetch all afternoon and start chasing each other around the area but today you both seemed to be after relaxation. Your was almost finished with only a single page left before you’d have to purchase another. It was a motivation to draw more in the day plus James made a bet to get you a new one if you filled it up by the end of the month.


“I bet you can’t even finish a whole hundred pages sketchbook in less than three weeks.” James said, crossing his arms with a boyish smile.

“Is that a challenge?” You rose your brow, mischievously.

“Don’t do it.” Remus advised the Potter boy but to no avail.
James held out his hand, confidently smiling your way as you set your deal in stone.


You had no clue what to draw of next, the flowers around you were beautiful but none were brand new or stood out. Snuffles, as you secretly called the canine in your head was sleeping soundly on top of your lap. You held your sketch book in one hand and a paintbrush on the other. Remus had aided you in bewitching the brush to spurt out any color you wished, however there wasn’t anything you could paint at the moment.

Your eyes dropped to the black furball that was in deep slumber on your lap, his body curled ever so slightly close to your body. With lips tugged into a shy smirk, your switch to using your quill and began your next masterpiece.


“James!” You called in a sing-song voice entering his dorm room shared with his three other companions. Their fifth roommate always stayed away from the room which was one of the smartest decisions ever made in your opinion.

“To what do we owe the pleasure, (Y/n)?” James grinned, placing an arm over your shoulders, catching the attention of the other three boys. Sirius watched from his bed with the same grin.

“You, Mr. Potter owe me a new sketchbook.” You beamed proudly, watching his sly face turn into confusion.

“That’s a whole lot of crap.” He said before grabbing your sketchbook from your hands. He flipped through them, eyes widened in shock. “That has to be a record. It’s only been what? A week since you got this one”

“I love art, Potter.” You placed one hand on your hip and the other outstretched before him. “Now pay up.”

“Do I have to?” He groaned.

“A deals a deal, Prongs.” Peter sang from his place by the desk.

“I advised you not to challenge her.” Remus quipped not raising his head from his potions book.

“You know you’re just fueling her artistic flames.” Sirius laughed, sliding out of his bed to stand beside you.

“Fine.” The boy caved. “I’ll get you a new one this week.”

Sirius watched your face fill with delight, causing his own to do the same. If only he could just tell you how much he fancied you, but his fear of rejection always dominated his mind one way or another. James tossed your sketchbook over to Peter, knowing full well he’d be the first one to look through it anyway. They both began to scan your new art works, pointing out weird shapes and creating voices for the others.

“Did you draw me recently?” He asked, leaning on the wall beside you. “You can’t expect me to think you’d drawn a hundred pages without my darling face in it.”

“Darling face?” in your opinion, he did have a darling, handsome, beautiful face but he didn’t need to know that. You had a knack for hiding your emotions. “I’m guessing you haven’t looked at the mirror recently?”

“You think so poorly of me.” His boyish grin made you weak at the knees. You heart fluttering at the way his eyes were boring into yours.

“Is there a reason for me not to?”

Remus joined the two other marauders as not to bother you and Sirius. They’ll have enough time to tease the boy about it later on. The three of them shared a smile when they saw the drawing you made of the four of them together but instantly had their eyes wide at the last page of your artwork.

They glanced at the other with knowing looks before calling out to you. “Say (Y/n), didn’t know you had a dog.” This caught both yours and Sirius’ attention, turning away from each other to see the three smirking faces from the other marauders.

“What do you mean?” James turned the book to reveal your portrait of Snuffles sleeping soundly. Sirius inhaled a deep breath at the sight of the black dog. He hadn’t known you’d drawn him. He just assumed you just let him stick around as your company.

“Oh he’s not my dog.” You told them. “I found him- well more of he found me by the field just a top of the hill across the castle. He didn’t have a name tag or anything.”

“Yeah, we know this dog.” Peter stated, earning a glare from Sirius who stood behind you.

“You do?” If you weren’t so interested in the thought of finding the canine a home, you would have seen the playful look in their eyes as they nodded.

“Oh yeah.” James continued. “He’s a real rascal. Seen him causing all sorts of trouble back in Hogsmeade one time.”

“Did he try to bother you? We heard it enjoyed bothering some students once in a while.” Remus said, grinning at his dark haired friend.

“Well, I wouldn’t consider it bothering…”

Sirius shook his head not wishing to be in the same room at the moment.

“He just kinda appeared out of nowhere and kept me company. Although he was a bit playful but he was very entertaining the whole week.”

“You spent an entire week with it?” Peter laughed along with the others.

“You know, (Y/n)…that dog is actually—”

“—alright that’s enough.” Sirius butted in, taking the sketchbook from James’ hands and returning it to its rightful owner. “(Y/n) should be finishing her new Claude Monet painting.”

You smiled at him. “Yeah, I guess I should…” Your voice trailed off, giving him a confused look. “How’d you know that was in progress? I don’t remember telling any of you about it.”

And at that moment, Sirius knew he screwed up. “I um…well…”

“I think it’s best if we leave you two alone, ain’t that right boys?” James and Peter agreed with Remus’ suggestion and swiftly left the two of you alone in their messy dorm room.

“Sirius, how do you know about my painting?” You asked once more. “Have you been spying on me?”

“What? No! Well, not exactly.” He mumbled over his words, eyes glued to the floor refusing to look you in the eyes.

“Just tell me, Padfoot.” You took a step closer, bending down trying to catch his gaze. “We don’t keep secrets from each other.”

With his fist clenched tightly into a fist, Sirius took in a deep breath. He prayed you wouldn’t get mad and end your friendship. God know that’s what hurts even more than rejection.

“I’m an animagus.” He stated monotonously, his eyes checking yours to see if you had understood but only saw confusion painted over your features.

“Okay…what does that have to do with…” You gave him a once-over, taking another step closer at the taller boy. Only now did it make sense and barely above a whisper, you said. “You were that dog, weren’t you?”

“That’s why your named Padfoot.” You continued, your lips tugging into a smile. “Are all of you animagi? Why didn’t you tell me? Is that why you all have weird nicknames I couldn’t understand?”

Sirius was shocked to find your excitement filling the room, he watched your eyes twinkle in delight as you rambled. He shook his head, placing his hand on your shoulders to calm you down. You were definitely different compared to other girls. “You’re not mad?”

“Why would I be mad? This is amazing. How’d you even turn yourselves into an animagus? Isn’t that illegal for our age?”

He scratched the nape of his neck awkwardly. “Moony isn’t really an animagus but it isn’t really my place to tell so…yeah…”

Despite the fact that you’ve been happy over the news, there was still a deep pain deep in his stomach. It may or may not have been the time to tell you but there really wasn’t the right time.

“Also…I’m sorry for interrupting your drawing time as a dog.” He said, staring at you intently. “I uh didn’t know what came over me.”

“Sirius, it’s quite alright.” You placed your sketchbook on their desk before turning back to him. “It was actually a lot of fun hanging out with you as a dog. Although, I don’t know why you did it, I would have joined your company either way.”

“(Y/n)…I like you.” Sirius admitted out of nowhere. His eyes went wide at his own confession checking to see your reaction.

You tilted your head and grinned from ear to ear. “I like you too, Sirius.”

“No, I don’t mean it like that.” He said, taking your hands in his and kept his eyes on them. “I meant I like you as more than friends and I always have. You’re just so beautiful and kind and…”

You used one of your hands to lift his chin up to see him properly. With your heart pounding and stomach churning, you leaned forward. “I never said I did like you back as a friend.”

This made the boy’s own heart do flips at your words. You both stared lovingly at each other switching from your eyes to your lips as his free hand went to caress the side of your cheek. Your lips were millimeters apart until the door burst open to reveal your friends who had been eavesdropping, topple over each other.

“Did you kiss her yet?” Peter lifted his head earning a sigh from both of you but smiling anyway.

The greatest artist spent years upon years of finding their calling and their muse and you certainly didn’t think you’d find yours in a matter of five years.

Wolfsbane Flowers

A/N: So first time writing Remus. I’m kinda proud of this. Let me know what you think!

Summary: A bottle of Wolfsbane Potion mysteriously appears every month. Remus doesn’t know who leaves it there.

Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader

Warnings: Gets a lil heated at the end but none except that.

Word Count: 1,899

Originally posted by nellaey

There it was, a small, clear bottle of Wolfsbane Potion. Remus stared at it with a mixture of sadness and gratitude washing over him. This was the fourth month in a row. Whoever it was, was going leaps and bounds to make sure he wouldn’t hurt himself.

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Worse Than Nicotine

Prompt: “You’re the health-conscious med student and I’m the chain-smoking art student who’s also your barista and you leave me notes on smoking and lung health on your napkins and also a 20-page essay on lung cancer tucked under your saucer” AU. Where Sirius is the chain-smoking art student.

Word Count: About 5,500.

Warning(s): Smoking, sexual tension, kissing, motorcycle ride without all the gear. Don’t accept a ride from someone on a motorcycle unless they supply the proper gear and you’re wearing pants and a heavy jacket, preferably. Do some research before riding!

Note: Sort of a modern, college AU. This isn’t smut, but, I have to warn you, it does end up being smoking hot. Hah. Get it?

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Shower- Sirius Black

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Characters: Sirius Black, James Potter

Warnings: Swearing

Request: Anon-  Could you do a Imagine that Reader and Sirius like each other, and he is always teasing her and once she says that she is going take a shower and he asks if she needs help (😂)??? You can choose the end. Thank you!!!

Word Count: 529

Author: Charlotte

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A Cuddle with A Catch

Request: “Could you do an imagine where the reader sneaks into sirius’s dorm at night to cuddle and then things get a little smutty ;)”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Smut

On the aching points of your toes, every shadow brought a pang of anxiety as you passed each corner. Now would have been an opportune time to utilise the new fancy map Sirius had been boasting about creating, but it was safely hidden in the spot you were headed to: the Marauders’ dorm room.

Since it was too risky to cast a Lumos spell, your stumbled aimlessly in the dark, bumping into paintings in the hallways with confused voices coming from the stirring portraits. Finally, after getting lost about three times down the wrong corridors, you found the Gryffindor common room. Hushing the password to the Lady in the painting, she sleepily accepted your demand, swinging open with a snore. Once inside, your feet patted lightly on the cobblestone stairs, up to the rooms. Counting the doors on the right side of the hallway, since you were afraid you’d accidentally open the wrong one, you came to be in front of the seventh door down.

Taking the handle silently in your hand, you cringed at the way the latches squeaked, hoping that it wouldn’t wake any of the sleeping boys. Tiptoeing in, you shut it behind you as slowly as you could manage. Releasing a relieved sigh, you walked over to the bed by the window, the moonlight flooding onto your boyfriend’s face like he was a sleeping prince.

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A dog person - Young!Sirius x Reader

Warnings : nope, maybe the GIF that personally makes me weak

Words : 2.8k

Request : yes

Note : it’s the imagine that I wrote a few days ago and that was deleted somehow, I’m sharing it again now. I know some people had the same request but anywayyyyy (thank you to the ppl who told me to post it again btw❣️). I just imagined a Patronus for Pettigrew, don’t mind it if it bothers you. I loved this request and got a bit carried away, it was just so damn cute.

Originally posted by bentbarnes

Even at Hogwarts everybody hated monday mornings, as they symbolized the end of the weekend, the return in class and especially, implied a lot of exhaustion. In fact, everybody except the 6th years, because to them Monday morning meant Defense Against the Dark Arts. Here you were, at your usual seat next to the wall on the first row. The classroom 3C had probably the biggest windows out of all the Turris Magnus, unfortunately you were too short to observe the view -everybody was- but you still tried to take a look everytime. You were on tip-toes, taking advantage of the fact that your teacher had not yet arrived to make another attempt.

« You know Y/N, I really enjoy the view you’re offering me when you stand up like this in front of me, but I think you should just sit down as our dear Professor is here. » whispered Sirius behind you. Your cheeks turner red as you did what he said, sighing in exasperation and trying to focus on the tall man standing in front of the class. Sirius knew his little seduction game made you feel a bit flustered and that was exactly why he liked doing it so much, he didn’t want you to be uncomfortable, he was only joking and you knew it. Out of the four Marauders, you spent most of your time with him or Remus, who actually introduced you to the others after meeting you at the library.

« Today I will try, and please notice that I said try, to teach you something that I know most of you have been waiting for. » said your teacher solanemly, holding his hands together behind his back. « The majority of witches and wizards are not able to produce it for it requires patience, concentration and determination. You probably guessed it already, I am talking about the Patronus charm, one of the most powerful defensive charms that exist.»

Immediatly, everybody started to whisper enthousiasticly to their neighbors, and even Lily who usually was the definition of the model student seemed hysteric. You smiled when you saw her, her dazzling hair flying in the air while she turned around towards the boys, already beginning to discuss on the shape their patronus would take. James had already managed to produce one and it was a deer just like his animagus. He could be turbulent, sometimes even insolent, but nobody could deny that he was an incredibly talented wizard just like Remus who was sitting next to him. Strangely, he stayed away from the general euphoria which spread in the class, playing almost nervously with his hands. You frowned, ready to ask him what was going on when your teacher knocked two times on the desk with his fists. The noises stopped and everybody looked at him once again.

« To produce a Patronus, it is necessary to concentrate on your most beautiful memory, and only this one. Find the memory that warms your heart the most and say clearly, wand in hand : expecto patronum. » Suddenly, a silver eagle flew from his hand and in the classroom. It was both beautiful and captivating. « This requires training, today we shall satisfy us with approaching the theoretical side of it and in the next class, I hope that you will be ready. Just know that it is difficult to obtain a corporeal patronus, and that its purpose is not to be beautiful, but to protect you from Dementors. Whether it is a rat, cat or lion, its power will be the same : the partonus is a shield, a messenger and a protector. »

He kept speaking during the whole following hour, adding that even if the animal shape the Patronus took did not define its strenght, it could mean something important for the wizard. Leaving the class everybody had only an idea in head : discover what their patronus was. The four boys, Lily and you had mutually decided to train together by the lake this afternoon. But right now you were going to eat, Sirius and James led the group speaking loudly and walking way too fast. Behind and standing by your side, Lily seemed to explain to Peter the details he had not understood. You left them silently to join Remus who walked at the back, alone, head low and dragging his feet. He raised his head when he saw you were waiting for him and turned the gentle smile you were giving him back to you. Interlacing your arm in his, you jumped at the opportunity to be alone with him to ask him what was wrong. Remus sighed, he seemed embarrassed and you strated to worry. He looked around to be sure no one was listening and then he bent a little towards you.

« I’m afraid my corporeal Patronus gives too much away, if you know what I mean. I already tried with James and it almost worked, and I swear I saw a long hairy tail before the light went off. » He whispered, biting his lip « With you guys it doesn’t matter, but if anyone else sees it… » He didn’t finish his sentence but you knew what he meant. Remus had always suffered because of his lycantropia, his parents and him had a nomadic life before he came to Hogwarts thanks to Dumbledore. Everytime someone started to be suspicious, they left and the little Remus never got to make friends. Even now that he had friends, really good ones, he was still afraid someone would found out. Taking his hand in yours, you squeezed it gently so he knew he wasn’t alone and you were here for him.

« We can practice alone another day if you want to be sure, you don’t have to do it today if you don’t want to. »

« I think that’s a good idea, thank you Y/N. »

Around 4pm, you sat in the green grass which lined the lake, between Sirius and Peter who seemed strangely concentrated into tearing away the petals of a flower one by one. You turned around towards Sirius who was already looking at you. You felt your cheeks burn a little when he did not look away which made him laugh, revealing his white teeth and his dimples.  He was a handsome young man, really, and you never knew if you just found him attracive or if it was something more. Anyway, you came back to reality when James showed up, back from his Quidditch session. A proud smile could be seen on his face as per usual, and it grew even bigger when a bunch of Gryffindor girls passing by stared at him like he was a piece of art, or a piece of meat. It always made Sirius giggle but Lily just rolled her eyes every single time.

« Did you mess your hair up on purpose again just so you can look like some Quidditch rock star ? » suggested Remus, looking quite amused. 

« You’ll be authorized to criticize my hair when your furry little problem will be solved, Moony chéri. » teased James, winking before he spoke again while turning around « Let’s get started folks, why don’t we let the Lilliputian try first. »

Eveybody laughed, James flirting with Lily was the funniest thing ever, especially when he came up with these strange nicknames but you had to admit that for once it wasn’t so bad. She stood up, pointing her wand towards him which caused him to slightly move to the side.

« In fact I’m two months older than you Potter, show me some respect. » Remus, Peter and Sirius giggled while James seemed outraged, but before he could come back with anything Lily exclaimed, her wand pointing to the sky « Expecto patronum ! »

You held your breath just like the others while slowly but very clearly, from the tip of her wand, a bright silvery light started to burst before fading out. She tried again multiple times with James giving her advices and finally, a tall and gracious doe was running in the air, following the rythm of Lily’s laugh. Her green eyes were wide opened, she seemed proud and happier than ever. You all applauded, Peter even took a bow.

« It’s strange, isn’t it ? Your patronus is a doe and Potter’s one is a deer. If it isn’t a sign, I don’t know what it is. » teased Sirius, winking to Lily. Her cheeks turned bright red before she exlaimed « Simple coincidence, that won’t make me go out with you any sooner Potter. »

Finally you formed little groups, James and Lily stayed together, Sirius was with Peter and Remus with you. This way, the others didn’t pay attention to the fact that Moony wasn’t really trying to practice and he was pleased about it. You tried to remember all the informations your teacher gave you this morning, and took a deep breath. You hoped it would work but as Lily said again and again, it was a difficult spell and it was normal if you didn’t succeed on your first tries. For what felt like an hour you persisted, repeating the two little words again and again, sometimes managing to produce a little shiny light at the end of your wand. But no animal, nothing. Frustrated you sighed noisily, which caught the attention of Remus, Sirius and Peter. The two others seemed too busy arguing about who-knows-what, and anyway they did not really need to practice anymore. Seeing your disappointment, Sirius smiled softly before suggesting to the boys to train together and that he would help you. After all if that did not work so well that way, you could try.

« I can’t do it either, you know. Maybe it’s because you distract me. » he suggested, teasing you once more with a grin on his face.

« That’s not funny Sirius. » you whined, a pout on your lips.

He looked at them for a bit too long before coming back at your eyes. Finally he stood behind you, his chest pressed against your back. You were thankful he was behind, at least he couldn’t see your burning cheeks but it wasn’t finished yet because you could now feel his strong hand taking yours, holding your wand with you while the other one was placed on your hip. Your heart was racing and you were probably shaking too because he laughed soflty, speaking soflty.

« Maybe you’re not thinking about your happiest memory. Close you eyes, the first one to come to your mind is probably the good one, focus on it. »

Even if his body pressed against yours and his breath crashing on the thin skin of your neck did not help you at all, his soft and low voice was relaxing and you now thought of nothing else. You no longer heard the sound of the wind in the trees, nor the murmur of the water of the lake, you did not see your friends staring at you a little farther : it was his voice and his body near you that occupied all your mind. You closed your eyes as he had suggested, and with trembling lips you pronounced the two words « Expecto patronum. » You opened your eyes slowly, just in time to see a magnificent light spraying out, more powerful than what you had managed to do until then. It grew larger, Sirius’s hand still held yours and guided the movements of your wand.
After a few seconds, you saw it. In front of you stood a brilliant, tall and perfectly formed dog. But it was not a common dog, you had seen this one several times already and you recognized it immediately. You understood that Sirius did too when you felt his fingers release your hand smoothly and his body move back slowly. Your concentration broke and the big dog disappeared. You did not dare to turn around, both shocked and mute, because you finally knew what your patronus was. And it was him. It was Padfoot.

You stood there, sitting on your bed without knowing what to do or even what to think. After the events of the afternoon you quickly ran away, stammering that you did not feel well and that you were going to rest. But everyone had seen the same thing as you, and everyone knew that your patronus was none other than Sirius Black himself, or at least his animagus form. You tried to convince yourself that it was just a simple dog, but you knew what you saw. Maybe it didn’t mean anything at all, maybe it did. It probably did. Sirius and you had been friends for years and even though he liked to tease you all day long, it had never been more than a platonic relationship. As you kept thinking about this, images started to come to your mind. The day you met, how funny you found him, yet annoying. The first time you sat together in class, and how you spent the hour drawing stupid things on each other’s books. That time in 4th year when he punched a guy who insulted you, and definitely got a detention for it. When one of his pranks hurt you and he brought you chocolate and flowers to make it up. The time he hugged you so tight after Gryffindor won the house cup that you thought he was going to choke you. Maybe he wasn’t just a friend after all, and it took you a couple of years and a patronus to realize it. A knock on your door made you lift your head up, the person did not let you any time to answer and entered the room.

« Can I come in ? » asked the black haired boy.
« A bit too late to ask, isn’t it ? »

Sirius did not answer, he just closed the door leaving you both alone in the dorm. He sat next to you, your knees barely touching, but not a word was said. You looked at the floor for a few seconds before you saw him turning his head to you from the corner of your eye. Slowly, you looked at him too, your heart skipping a beat when you met his dark grey eyes.

« Why did you leave earlier ? You missed something, we learnt that Peter’s patronus is a mole. »
« You know why I left. » you said, smiling slightly at the end.
« You don’t have to be embarassed about it. » he shrugged « But I have to admit that I thought it would be something else. »
« Like what ? »
« A penguin. »

You scoffed, clearly not especting that answer. Sirius looked at you curiously, he didn’t seem to understand why you were chuckling but he still smiled when he heard your laugh.

« What ? They’re cute and funny, everyone likes penguins. » he smirked.
« Nope, you’re probably the only person to fancy penguins that much. »
« Well I don’t try to hide it. You shouldn’t either. »

His last words were whispered in your ear before he placed a soft kiss on your shoulder. You knew what he meant, and you couldn’t act as if the butterflies flying in your stomach weren’t here. He bent down to give you another kiss, on the cheek this time, but the weight of his body made you both fall back on the bed. You laughed as he found himself lying on top of you and for the first time since you met him, you saw a light shade of red on his cheeks. You stayed like this before he kissed your forehead, and then your nose. You smiled and he looked at your lips, and back at your eyes again. Your hands made their way to the back of his neck as he brushed your lips with his own, without ever pressing them together. Your heartbeating probably echoed throughout the entire room, or maybe it was his own. He smirked again when he saw the look full of frustration and desire you gave him, biting his lip and kissing the corner of your lips and then your cheek, before whispering in your ear again.

« I always knew you were a dog person. »

And after that he finally pressed his lips against yours, tenderly, as if you were the most precious thing in the world.

bad day with the marauders ;
  • waking up tired
  • getting stressed over schoolwork
  • not feeling good enough
  • being lethargic all day
  • slowly making your way to the common room
  • walking in and seeing the marauders
  • giving them a sad smile
  • them immediately knowing something’s up
  • remus walking toward you for a hug
  • you immediately breaking down
  • the rest of them join the hug
  • them taking you to their dorm
  • you laying on james bed
  • changing into sweats and sirius’ band shirt
  • remus offering you caramel chocolates
  • peter grabbing your favorite book
  • sirius running his fingers through your hair
  • james softly humming to you
  • knowing not to ask, but just being there
  • eventually all of you are on james bed
  • james on your left
  • remus on your right
  • sirius’ head in your lap
  • who knows where the hell peter went
  • all of you falling asleep
  • waking up hours later
  • sneaking to the kitchen for hot cocoa
  • cracking jokes for the rest of the night
  • knowing they would do anything for you
  • and them knowing you would do the same
Flowers and Inks

Prompt: “I work at a flower shop and you’re a tattoo artist from across the street and you always come in here to practice drawing flowers and you’re really hot” AU by @aesocias.

Word Count: About 3,900.

Warning(s): Swearing, cheesy flower symbolism, all the fluff.

Author’s Note: Modern AU; Sirius Black x Reader. I’m just going to admit that this isn’t my best work and I’m sorry. But I hope you enjoy, nonetheless! Working on a Remus one next. :)


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