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based on this post … because I thoroughly enjoy @badhpideas

Lucky Charm Part II

At the game:

James: You are here!

James: And even dressed in house colours.

James: So it’s just for the team? Not for me?

James: What a shame.

James: And how do I know that you’re not just saying this out of pity?

Lily: And now go and beat Slytherins arse!


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Nicknames: Clairebear, Mamabear, Mama Phan.

Zodiac sign: Aries

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Last Thing You Googled: Papa Johns pizza

Favourite music artist: Amy Lee of Evanescence - she is my musical senpai <333

Song stuck in my head: History Maker by Dean Fujioka

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What are you wearing right now: Marauders t-shirt and pajama bottoms

Why did you choose your URL: I’m a space nerd, i love Phan, i became a Phangirl in 2016

Do you have any blogs: Yep. I have one at it’s linked to my youtube/younow account and i also post aesthetics there too

What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You: Not to choose a boy, but a man

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Favourite Colour: Black

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Dream Job: Singer

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Sorry that these drawings are sh*t, I wasn’t going to do anything for the whole day (since what happened yesterday) but since it’s your birthday and I didn’t prepared anything for you I did these two (horrible) drawings, the first one is marauders wishing you a happy birthday (I realize now that I forgot about Peter) and the second one is you with an otter as your patronus (I’m the worst when it comes to draw animals, I’m sorry) because of your amazing gif as Lily doing the patronus.
Also if you want to know, this is what it’s written in the marauders shirts:
Sirius- Doggy style baby
James- I am here, I’m a deer
Remus- Not a Swearwolf

150. During Hogsmeade trips Lily always got distracted by things in shop windows and would get separated from James. Eventually Remus gave her a shirt that said "If lost return to James" and James got one that said "I am James".
  • Sirius Black in dark skinny jeans
  • Remus Lupin in sweaters
  • Sirius Black in a black leather jacket
  • Sirius Black tying his hair into messy buns and ponytails
  • (not saying Beatles but BEATLES)
  • James owning converse in liteRALLY EVERY FRICKING COLOUR
  • Remus and James with totally hipstery hipster glasses
  • Hippie!Lily with flower crowns and tiny braids in her hair
  • Lily in belly button jeans
  • The marauders painting Sirius’ nails with black nail polish as a prank
  • But he thinks it’s hella cool and fucking keeps it
  • Also Sirius with dark eyeliner
Okay Tara, time to be productive!

Take your meds
Get in the shower
Put on your new awesome marauder shirt that you made rob buy you (remember to love him.)
Look good = feel good
Clean a little bit. He’ll be proud of you, you’ll be proud of you.
Take a break to write some fic. The ship crew will be proud of you, you’ll be proud of you.
Walk the dog. She’s proud of you anyway, but just pretend her pride will increase…
STUDY STUDY STUDY. The world will be proud!
And then you get to enjoy the walking dead.
GO Tara GO!

so it’s the third day of classes of this year, right. my new physics teacher walks in and goes “hello everyone, i’m carol”

my friend grabs my arm, “hey lori loRI LORI LOOK AT HER SHIRT it’s a HARRY POTTER SHIRT”

my teacher’s wearing a marauders’ map shirt. naturally me and my friend start going OH MY GOD WHAT HOUSE ARE YOU IN WHO’S YOUR FAVE and my friend, who’s a big dramione shipper, starts gushing over draco.

my teacher goes “i’m not that big of a draco fan, actually. i think he was a bit cowardly at times. you know who’s really fucking brave and underappreciated? neville longbottom!!! NEVILLE!!!!”

and that, my friends, is the short story of how i fell in love with my new physics teacher