marauders photos

Remus Lupin and Sirius Black at 7:30 AM, both still grumpy about being awake despite it being Sirius’s idea in the first place.

Taken by James Potter and Peter Pettigrew, who knew it was a bad idea last night when they insisted on an early breakfast. 

A devastated and furious Sirius Black. Admitted to Azkaban a short time after losing his James Potter, his best friend for ten years, and Lily Potter, a girl he had grown to adore as his best friend’s wife. 

RIP James, Lily and Sirius (and Remus, of course) (even Peter had some good in him)


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Imagine just being alive and at Hogwarts at the same time as the Marauders. 

You’d see them in halls, Sirius laughing loudly and ruffling Peter’s hair while Peter desperately tried to get away. James would be laughing, but at the same time telling Sirius to “knock it off.” Remus keeping out of it, but at the same time trying to contain his laughter. 

Imagine seeing them in class, passing notes and fooling around as much as they could without actually getting caught. Imagine James and Sirius trying to make up wild excuses while being ushered out of the class by an incensed teacher. 

Not being romantic with them, or even friends, but just imagine being there to hear about the insane things they’ve done and the widespread panic when something got out of control.

Imagine being there to witness the undeniable platonic love that they shared, not knowing how they would grow up without each other.