Sirius: *is pacing in the common room, super pissed*

James: Pads, what-

Sirius: fuck you

Peter: are you al-

Sirius: fuck you

Remus: *entering common room* hey

Sirius: fuck me


[The sound of footsteps marching up the stairs shook the whole house]

[Eventually, the footsteps fade, and for a moment, Regulus can relax]

A 10-year-old Regulus Black is online.

And for the first time in his life his brother isn’t here to protect him anymore…

James Fleamont Potter AKA. Prongs

(27 March 1960– 31 October 1981)

Only son of Fleamont and Euphemia Potter.

Student at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry (1971-1978)

Gryffindor Head boy

Joined maker of the Marauders map

Quidditch Captain (Chaser)

Member of the Order of the Phoenix ( 1970 – October, 1981)

Dear friend of Remus John Lupin, Sirius Orion Black and Peter Pettigrew

Husband of Lily (Evans) Potter

Father of Harry James Potter

The Bully ~ Part 6 ~ final part

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A kiss. That’s all it took for you to realize your feelings for the Gryffindor Prefect. A hungry, unexpected and passionate kiss, that couldn’t get out of your head for days. How could it? It always found its way to intrude your mind at the most terrible moments. 

For an example, right now during potions when you couldn’t take your eyes off of him. His messy hair sticking up, showing off his sharp jawline, while his eyes are set on the proffesorr Slughorn, explaining the consequences of a strong love potion. 

“Is she watching?” asked James, his eyes still set on the proffesor while his mind somewhere completly else.

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Andromeda: *seething* That vile, repugnant, evil woman! As soon as it's safe, I'll try and get you out, Reg. You and Sirius, both. *she softens a little* You, me, and Sirius would make a pretty good little family on our own, yeah?

Andromeda: Of course I mean it Regulus. So, are you in?

Regulus: Then I guess I could… hang on a little longer. For you and Sirius.

“How come she married him?“ Harry asked miserably. "She hated him!”
“Nah, she didn’t,” said Sirius.
“She started going out with him in seventh year,” said Lupin.
“Once James had deflated his head a bit,” said Sirius.
“And stopped hexing people just for the fun of it,” said Lupin.“

just a few reasons why sirius black and james potter were not ‘stupid’:

  • successfully became animagi at 15
  • was said to be the ‘cleverest students in the school’
  • made a magical map that revealed most of the castles secrets
  • sirius escaped what was supposed to be an inescapable prison and infiltrated a magical school three (3) times on his own
  • james defied voldemort three (3) times and escaped alive
  • sirius was incredibly skilled at non-verbal magic, a skill very difficult to master
  • harry, who became one of the best quidditch players hogwarts has ever seen, inherited his talent from his father so obviously james was an incredibly talented chaser
  • james’s reflexes and skill were fast enough to catch a snitch and make it his bitch
  • sirius was able to stick muggle and magical posters on his wall and not even the wrath of walburga black could remove them
  • he also charmed his muggle motorcycle so that it could fly etc. 
  • james’s wand was said to be excellent for transfiguration, so obviously, he was skilled at the subject
  • james was also so good, voldemort wanted him to join his death eater boy band

so sure, go ahead and tell me that james and sirius were dumb, i’ll just slap you in the face with this post *drops mic* 

McGonagall: Mr. Black, why are you still here? I dismissed class ten minutes ago.

Sirius: Minerva, I’m contemplating what life really means, you know. I’m wondering whether we really have a purpose.



Sirius: Plus, James glued my ass to my chair…

Babysitting Nymphadora Part 7

James:What’s that smell?

Sirius: It’s coming from the business end of that kid. You gotta change it.

James: Pads, I don’t know how to change a diaper!

Sirius: It’s just like taking apart a burrito, and then putting it back together

James: I think I’ve had my last burrito.

Lily and James Potter. 

“We’ll find a way to offer up the night tonight
The indescribable moments of your life tonight
The impossible is possible tonight, tonight.
 Believe in me as I believe in you tonight,tonight.” 
(tonight, tonight -The Smashing Pumpkins)