Hello and welcome to Luca’s and Hannah’s multilingual network! Our aim for this network is to bring together a group of people with varying different first languages who day by day can help each other and even other people outside of the network to learn a new, different and great language. Are you interested in joining? Then keep reading!

Also, full credit to Luca for even coming up with this idea for a network!

the rules:
  • must be following Luca & Hannah
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  • this post must reach at least 30 notes or we forget this ever happened okay
  • you have to be an active blogger and willing to be active within the network
  • you need to fill out this small survey
network advantages:
  • a whole bunch of new friends
  • you’ll begin to learn a bunch of new words and phrases in other languages which will be awesome
  • it’ll be way more fun than learning languages at school
  • we will be able to help you improve your english language & grammar, too!
  • plus all the other usual network perks including help with coding & photoshop, reblogging your selfies etc :-)
acceptance & post-acceptance:
  • we will be accepting an initial 10-15 members to the network
  • you do not have to follow all the other members but it would be great if you did!
  • be sure to send us your icon (200x200) and a description for the members page!
  • you also have to be comfortable with sending us your email so we can add you into the side blog
  • track the network tag: multilingualnw

and that’s it! go forth and reblog away! :-)


for the maraudering network (x)

The four boys huddled close together on the floor of the abandoned girl’s bathroom, where Moaning Myrtle usually inhabited the place. They had planned this for weeks, keeping track of when she traveled in and out of the bathroom. Books upon books were stacked amongst them on the floor, even on top of closed toilet seats. They made sure to not only lock the door but cast it with a protection spell so no wandering girls would enter and find four boys sitting close together staring fixedly at a lone piece of parchment.

“If we can make this work, Prongs–”

“But we would still need to be careful, Padfoot,” A boy with chestnut brown hair looked sternly at the boys called Padfoot and Prongs, who were staring excitedly at the piece of paper.

“Never mind that, Mooney, when are we ever careful?” Prongs answered, tousling his curly, messy mass of black hair, an annoying habit that the boys had gotten used to.

“We’ve never gotten caught, either,” Padfoot leaned back in his chair, winking at Mooney, who rolled his eyes; Padfoot’s medium-length dark brown hair fell over his eyes, and although he looked slightly disheveled, he was still as good-looking as ever. “This map would only make it easier to roam Hogwarts and make sure we aren’t caught now. We’ve looked through every nook and cranny in this school, after all.”

“Right!” A stouter, smaller boy sitting next to them piped up, his eyes squinty and narrowed.

Mooney sighed. “You always agree with them, Wormtail. But it would definitely make full moon nights easier.” He cracked a smile, as the boys remembered the time they almost completely collided into Peeves the Poltergeist on one of their nights sneaking out of the castle.

“That’s the spirit, Mooney,” Prongs clapped him on the back. “Now, back to this piece of parchment- have we cast all the right spells?”

Wormtail nodded vigorously. “I double-checked everything, Prongs. It should work.” He recounted the list of spells that they had used, breathing excitedly as he crossed off the last ingredient on their four-foot long list of parchment.

Padfoot rubbed his hands together, sitting up straight, his eyes gleaming with anticipated excitement. “What are we waiting for, then?”

Prongs leaned forward, his nose practically on the parchment. His eyes were widened with excitement as he brought his hand up to the paper, tapping his wand against it gently.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

The plain, blank piece of parchment came to life then, as words in fanciful script appeared: Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs are proud to present: The Marauder’s Map.

The four boys looked at each other, pride evident on their faces.

The map showed a layout of Hogwarts, along with seven secret passageways, and where each person was. They could see four small dots clustered on the floor of Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, Peeves roaming the halls, and Dumbledore in his office.

“This is…amazing,” Wormtail breathed, and the others nodded excitedly.

“May I do the honors, Prongs?” Padfoot asked, grinning widely.

“You may, Padfoot,” Prongs clapped him on the back, as Padfoot leaned forward and whispered:

“Mischief managed.”