1/? relationships for the marauderingnetwork: Original Order of the Phoenix

"That’s me," said Moody unnecessarily, pointing at himself.  The Moody in the picture was unmistakable, though his hair was slightly less gray and his nose was intact.  "And there’s Dumbledore beside me, Dedalus Diggle on the other side…That’s Marlene McKinnon, she was killed two weeks after this was taken, they got her whole family.  That’s Frank and Alice Longbottom—poor devils, better dead than what happened to them…and that’s Emmeline Vance, you’ve met her, and that there’s Lupin, obviously…Benjy Fenwick, he copped it too, we only ever found bits of him…"

"That’s Edgar Bones, brother of Amelia Bones, they got him and his family too, he was a great wizard…Sturgis Podmore, blimey, he looks young…Caradoc Dearborn, vanished six months after this, we never found his body…Hagrid, of course, looks exactly the same as ever…Elphias Doge, you’ve met him, I’d forgotten he used to wear that stupid hat…Gideon Prewett, it took five Death Eaters to kill him and his brother Fabian, they fought like heroes…"

"That’s Dumbledore’s brother, Aberforth, only time I ever met him, strange bloke…That’s Dorcas Meadowes, Voldemort killed her personally…Sirius, when he still had short hair…and…there you go, thought that would interest you!"

Harry’s heart turned over.  His mother and father were beaming up at him, sitting on either side of a small, watery-eyed man Harry recognized at once as Wormtail: He was the one who had betrayed their whereabouts to Voldemort and so helped bring about their deaths.

The cup was passed down through the Hufflepuff family, and through the centuries made its way to Hepzibah Smith, a descendant who kept the cup as a priceless heirloom. In 1946, Smith showed the cup to Tom Marvolo Riddle, who was at that time employed at Borgin and Burkes. She dazzled Riddle with the cup and fondly stated she could never part with it. Along with the cup, Smith possessed Salazar Slytherin’s Locket. She kept them well hidden even from her family members. 

Smith was found dead two days later. Her elderly house-elf, Hokey, recalled mistakenly putting poison in Smith’s cocoa, however, Riddle had embedded a false memory in Hokey as he himself had murdered Smith for the artefacts. Riddle fled with the cup and the locket. Smith’s family realised the cup and the locket were missing shortly after her death, but by that time Riddle had resigned his post at Borgin and Burkes. Riddle was neither seen nor heard of for a decade.

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