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I'm working on an app right now and I'm torn between so many of the open bios! Hopefully I'll be able to settle on just one and get you an application this week.

Oh my gosh, anon, that’s so exciting to hear!  You have no idea how much we’d love to see an app in our inbox soon.  If you have any questions or comments or even need any input from us on which of those characters we’d love to see the most, just shoot us another ask!  This admin is gonna be near her computer all day so you shouldn’t have to wait too long, plus we’re just always excited to get things in our inbox! 

If anyone else is lurking and feels the inspiration from this awesome anon, take a look at our open characters and our application!  We’re always around to give suggestions or feedback and answer questions, so hit us up, pals! -Admin Lauren

Thank you everyone for making out acceptance weekend amazing, and thank you to everyone who applied. Of course we cannot accept everyone, but there are still plenty of characters left open! With that said, our next acceptance will be this Tuesday, June 6th at 6PM PST. Following that, we will be holding application reviews every Friday, starting June 9th. We are so excited to begin roleplaying, and to see everyone interact on the dash.


Imperium sine fine; an empire without an end.

Cities were burning under our touch, falling and crumbling to ruins for us to step on while we built this new empire. We were victorious, and we believed that this would be a never ending victory.

And if you look back to the year 1980, you too will understand why we thought we had the world in our hands. With the Dark Lord sitting on top of his throne, we were his hopeful Knights of Walpurgis. Our quest almost fulfilled, there was no reason to not believe in the joy that he would bring us when we were done conquering the Wizarding World. We were almost there.

Between raiding Muggle villages, performing Unforgivables and showing up to parties for political purposes, we were winning a war. There is no doubt that we would be laughing if someone told us that in a year’s time, this empire that we built would finally come to its end.

They said that this was going to be the empire without an end, but we forgot that nothing is forever. That everything good must come to an end one day. It was the beginning of a decade, but an end of an era. And this is the story of where we fell.

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                                        NOW I AM BECOME DEATH:

The war is over, and that should be all that matters, except in days such as these, it is fear that floods the cities of the wizarding world. It could be beautiful, perhaps, if one were to only observe the way the pureblood hold themselves, draped in silks, and unable to see what their rule has wrought to those below them. New formed power born of Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic both dead in their offices, werewolves roaming free and ruling streets, and a Ministry that displays its power with the gallows, letting public executions leave blood in their wake.

Over six months in this new world, many witches and wizards have become refugees, hiding among Muggles, and yet, some are not as lucky to escape, hiding underground or making their way through a rule Tom Riddle has created, some of them brainwashed by the new government and the terror they bring. While many work to abide by the law, simply stay alive in hope for safety, others listen for the whispers of a new organization just beginning, the Order of the Phoenix they call themselves.

Burnt, but will rise again. Burnt, but still alive, passing notes through a network of safehouses that have formed even among the highest levels of what the Ministry controls, all unwilling for their world to be taken away.

LIVE LIKE LEGENDS is a dystopian roleplay based on J.K. Rowling’s series Harry Potter and set during the Marauders era.


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Now that Molly is Katie Stevens (who is PoC, she's half Portuguese) can you give alternative FCs for the brothers? Or would they be half brothers or adopted or something?

From my understanding, those who are Portuguese are not considered POC therefore, Cameron would still be a suitable faceclaim for Fabian and Gideon. 

It’s 1979.

Voldemort is getting stronger, though his weakness is finally showing. Gathering followers everywhere, not only in Britain, an age of terror and blood on the streets is set. Muggleborns, blood traitors, purebloods: You can’t hide when they find you, you can’t protect yourself or those you love, prayers won’t work. The only thing you’re able to do is resist and fight back.

Or die.

Those who you call Marauders are finally outside of Hogwarts’ gates, being able to choose their sides and fight side by side with whomever they believe it’s right. Some by love, some by loyalty and some simply by the sake of surviving.

More and more people disappear every day. Their families, not knowing where and how to find them, can only weep and hope for better days.

Those days never come.

What would do you do if you knew exactly how to kill the man behind all the gory and terror?


        1976, Hogwarts, somewhere in Scotland.

   The first Wizarding War is creeping in all over Britain, and it’s finally made it’s way to the Hogwarts walls. It’s quite clear that Dumbledore and the rest of the staff are, like most of the Wizarding World, firmly on the side of the Light. But staff, parents, and students alike are beginning to wonder just how far Voldemort’s reach has spread, and to how many people close to them.

   Some families are already suspected of being supportive of the Dark Lord, like the Black Family, considering they have always been quite open about their beliefs. But- how deep rooted are their beliefs into their children? Certainly the Black children have never been particularly pleasant to be around, but that doesn’t mean they’re Death Eaters… does it?

   Despite the seemingly impending doom of the war around them, there’s never been much talk of it inside the castle. Dumbledore insists that they must all stand united, so perhaps it’s out of fear of punishment that people don’t run around the halls accusing one another of being Death Eaters. Or perhaps it’s the fear of being right.

   Even though the war isn’t inside the walls quite yet, tensions are higher than ever this year, and people are pulled out of class to the news of dead family members at an alarming rate. But, somehow these students still find time to be teenagers, even in the middle of a war. Life inside the castle does, indeed, go on. With a more fervent interest in Defense Against The Dark Arts lessons, perhaps, but carry on nonetheless.

Come join your friends (and enemies) today!

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                                                                          Hogwarts walls were no longer safe. No where was.
                                                                          Death Eaters were everywhere and no one knew who
                                                                          they were. They were like ghosts creeping into your
                                                                          very veins to create hell. Everyone was paranoid. No
                                                                          one could escape the war anymore. Everyone was
                                                                          being effected in some way. There were so many
                                                                          sleepless nights and worried glances and paranoid
                                                                          thoughts. No one knew who to trust anymore. But little
                                                                          did they all know that that was exactly what Voldemort
                                                                          wanted. Because while everyone were looking towards
                                                                          each other no one was looking at him. And if they were
                                                                          they would see him rejoicing as his plan to get into
                                                                          everyone’s heads were working. His forced were
                                                                          growing stronger. His numbers rising. And not even the
                                                                          Order could keep everyone safe anymore.

               ❝ The war was no longer kept outside. It has became a part of everyone’s
                                lives no matter how small. And no one was safe…
                And yet, hope still lingered in some dark secluded corners of Hogwarts
                                with few of the brave, hopeful ones still trying to keep the spirits alive. ❞

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Something unique about us? You write your character’s bio! This insures that you can play them your way, not having to worry about sticking to certain things in a bio you may not like or be able to portray.
In the bios posted there are rumors about them- these can help you get into the feel of the character for writing your bio- but they also don’t have to be true to your character, because we all know how wild rumors can be!
We appreciate trying to do the character’s canon personality justice, but many of these characters we only learn small details about- so the rest is up to you!
Are you up to it? Give it a shot! Come audition today!!

                  Those cunning folk use any means.

With one goal in mind for the type of students he wanted, Salazar Slytherin sought to only take those with the purest of bloodlines. Despite the differences it created after founding, Slytherin took in students who had a certain edge to them – the kind of students who are ambitious and will do anything to get what they want. Cunning, resourceful, and clever, Slytherin has produced plenty of successful and talented witches and wizards over the years, and not all of them were as evil as most would think. But Slytherin has a reputation for turning out the bad seeds, like some so willing to destroy the fabric of the wizarding world right at this moment.

            Featuring: Alecto Carrow, Amycus Carrow, Severus Snape,
                                        Lucinda Talkalot
& Emma Vanity.

Going back to Hogwarts seemed like the best option… at the time. 

The teenage years are never an easy time- secrets, lies, scandals, contraband fire whiskey? A risky combination, indeed.

But during a war that everyone is involved in, whether they want to be or not? Those secrets and scandals can become lethal. 

We’re not just risking detention anymore, kids. Prank the wrong person and it may just cost you your life in the long run.

Keep your friends close, and your DADA book closer. 

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