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Living In Sin

Lily: That…

Lily:…is precisely what I said! James!

*James looks away from the Marauders*

James: Yes, Evans?

Lily: Cancel the wedding. We’re living in sin!

Lily: Well, he’s got a point. 

Lily: Not about sexuality.

Lily: *laughing* You tosser. 

Lily: Of course I’m marrying you.

*James relaxes*

Lily: Haven’t you heard?

Lily: There’s a war on. 

Lily: I’m not sending you to your grave a dishonest woman, Mr. Evans.

James: Mr. Potter

Lily: Oh, we’ll see.

James: I love you, Lily Evans. Until death we do part!

Script and Lily Evans by @asktheauror

James Potter by @askthehufflepuff

Sirius Black by @asktheblacksheep

Remus Lupin by @ofemeraldandsilverblood

Peter Pettigrew by Becci @ask-themaraudersmap


                                        NOW I AM BECOME DEATH:

The war is over, and that should be all that matters, except in days such as these, it is fear that floods the cities of the wizarding world. It could be beautiful, perhaps, if one were to only observe the way the pureblood hold themselves, draped in silks, and unable to see what their rule has wrought to those below them. New formed power born of Dumbledore and the Minister of Magic both dead in their offices, werewolves roaming free and ruling streets, and a Ministry that displays its power with the gallows, letting public executions leave blood in their wake.

Over six months in this new world, many witches and wizards have become refugees, hiding among Muggles, and yet, some are not as lucky to escape, hiding underground or making their way through a rule Tom Riddle has created, some of them brainwashed by the new government and the terror they bring. While many work to abide by the law, simply stay alive in hope for safety, others listen for the whispers of a new organization just beginning, the Order of the Phoenix they call themselves.

Burnt, but will rise again. Burnt, but still alive, passing notes through a network of safehouses that have formed even among the highest levels of what the Ministry controls, all unwilling for their world to be taken away.

LIVE LIKE LEGENDS is a dystopian roleplay based on J.K. Rowling’s series Harry Potter and set during the Marauders era.



A week passes and there is still no word from Regulus. Blame is shot from the mouths of those who should know better in various directions: it was his parents’ fault, his estranged brother’s fault, his own fault. There are more questions than answers, more rumours than truths. 

Emma Vanity and Alice Fortescue are helping a group of volunteers scout the area surrounding the Black family home at Grimmauld Place when they find the phone caught in the metal grating of a roadside drain. The screen is smashed and the battery dead, so they take it back to the station and plug it in. It is painfully slow to watch the charge percentage rise but, eventually, it flickers back to life and reveals far more than they were expecting.

PHOTOS >> AUG 2017 

The photos consist mostly of images of signatures. Some are hastily snapped, taken over someone’s shoulder as they sign a document at work. Some are clearer: signatures from birthday cards and parcel collection forms. It’s decidedly confusing until they realise that each one belongs to a different member of the Sacred 28. They then flick to Corban Yaxley’s familiar handwriting and recognise that distinct match between the photo they’re looking at – a disclaimer document that means very little – and one on an invoice for a suspicious amount of petrol.

It doesn’t make sense, and yet–

“Following an investigation into recently gathered evidence, we have reason to believe that Regulus Black was working against those within the Sacred 28, in particular, MP Corban Yaxley, with the intention to make them appear guilty for last month’s Wembley Stadium Arson.”

The official police statement is an uncomfortable one. No longer is Regulus the innocent boy they had all once assumed him to be. The Daily Prophet is quick to take a side and paint him as a villain who wanted to betray friends and family all for the sake of impressing The Order of the Phoenix. Was it an initiation? They ask. Did it all go wrong?

Nobody knows, is the answer. Except there are three people who do.

Bellatrix Black: Nothing stings more than being told that your own cousin was plotting your leader’s downfall. Regulus had intended to expose Tom Riddle but Tom found out and was quick to act. He asked Bellatrix to trick Regulus into meeting her in private, and she did so willingly. The poor boy had no idea what was coming.

Rabastan Lestrange: Tom Riddle gave him two instructions, his voice a soft hiss through the phone speaker: Kill Regulus. Get rid of the body.

Corban Yaxley: It was easy enough to create a second fake document. Whilst they had signed for the petrol, they’d never expected it to be seen by anyone else, let alone leaked to the press. The phone was taken from Regulus’ dead body and the relevant photos uploaded to ensure their innocence was crystal clear. 

Regulus’ phone was found on Friday 1st September. The in-game date will now be from the 2nd-10th September.

The Evolution of Jily; Part 2

2nd year:

The year James Potter faces rejection for the first time

Sirius: So?

Peter: I have to agree with Remus on this one

However, James continues to ignore his friend’s words 

He slowly makes his way to the two friends who’re sat side by side- James looks around and makes sure his steps are going at steady pace, he wouldn’t want to seem too desperate

Severus, however, was the first one to notice James- much to James’ disappointment

James couldn’t believe it- Lily Evans had turned him down? but he could’ve sworn that she was checking him out in potions (ok maybe she was just trying to look at the board which he just happened to be standing in front of) so out of frustration he said the only thing he could think of….

And it just happened to be the wrong thing to say

And there she went- dragging the greasy haired boy behind her

(( OOC: Part 2/7 see Part 1 here))

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Part 6 ½

Part 6 2/2

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Remus: @askjamessirius

Peter: @theyoungroleplayer

Lily: @nah-she-did-not

Snape: @dobbyisafreeblog

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Imperium sine fine; an empire without an end.

Cities were burning under our touch, falling and crumbling to ruins for us to step on while we built this new empire. We were victorious, and we believed that this would be a never ending victory.

And if you look back to the year 1980, you too will understand why we thought we had the world in our hands. With the Dark Lord sitting on top of his throne, we were his hopeful Knights of Walpurgis. Our quest almost fulfilled, there was no reason to not believe in the joy that he would bring us when we were done conquering the Wizarding World. We were almost there.

Between raiding Muggle villages, performing Unforgivables and showing up to parties for political purposes, we were winning a war. There is no doubt that we would be laughing if someone told us that in a year’s time, this empire that we built would finally come to its end.

They said that this was going to be the empire without an end, but we forgot that nothing is forever. That everything good must come to an end one day. It was the beginning of a decade, but an end of an era. And this is the story of where we fell.

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Everyone should come join this RP! It's super inclusive, unique, and open. The admins are very sweet and understanding and everyone is friendly. I have joined so many RPs where I felt left out, but I haven't on this one. I just want to see this RP thrive for a long time and I know all of us would love more characters to interact with!

Oh this is such a sweet message to get! I’m really happy that you feel this way so thank you so much for this!! We’re always looking for and accepting new people to join in on the fun over here and we still have tons of awesome open characters so we really hope to get more new friends to play with~


 she wanders, displaced, like a ghost through all the ages, taking
 on multiple guises, transforming herself... only rarely does the
 princess appear as herself

You are your sister’s good twin, your family’s fairytale princess. The daughter any pureblood family dreams of having; graceful, eloquent, obedient, mild as a morning in spring. The heart that beats in your chest is gentle and like an untroubled sea, you are placid and unruffled. But even the calmest sea may have hidden depths and jagged cliffs inside – it’s just that you can’t clearly see them for the smooth, glass-like surface… You may not be as clever as your siblings, but you are not as naive as those around you believe. It is true you are kind, perhaps kinder than you should be, but they made an error in mistaking your kindness for weakness.



  • The Twin Sister. She is your other half, more precious to you than anyone. You see far more than she believes you do and you have always quietly, secretly looked after her; doing your best to right her wrongs and undo the damage she does. You know about the darker impulses your sister harbors and you will do whatever’s necessary to keep her from giving in to them; even if that means lying to her. Even if it means breaking both your hearts. Even if it means wading into the darkness yourself.


  • The Betrothed. He may be handsome and charming, but you are well aware of all his faults and the black heart that beats in his chest. You despise him and under different circumstances would have begged your parents to break off the betrothal. But you have seen the way he and your sister look at each other and you know your engagement is the only thing keeping Isolde from falling into his grasp. So you feign infatuation and resign yourself to a life with a man you loathe, and hope it’s enough to keep your sister safe from his influence.


  • The Beloved. If you were free to choose he would be the one. But to confess your feelings would mean forsaking your sister and so you swallow them down. You convince yourself you’re content with friendship. With polite exchanges at social affairs and the occasional waltz round the ballroom. But every time he takes your hand it gets hard to hide the way your heart skips a beat. And you wonder how you’ll bear it when he one day belongs to someone else. 


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It’s 1979.

Voldemort is getting stronger, though his weakness is finally showing. Gathering followers everywhere, not only in Britain, an age of terror and blood on the streets is set. Muggleborns, blood traitors, purebloods: You can’t hide when they find you, you can’t protect yourself or those you love, prayers won’t work. The only thing you’re able to do is resist and fight back.

Or die.

Those who you call Marauders are finally outside of Hogwarts’ gates, being able to choose their sides and fight side by side with whomever they believe it’s right. Some by love, some by loyalty and some simply by the sake of surviving.

More and more people disappear every day. Their families, not knowing where and how to find them, can only weep and hope for better days.

Those days never come.

What would do you do if you knew exactly how to kill the man behind all the gory and terror?


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The Evolution of Jily; Part 3

((OOC: I’m back with reasonably good wifi and my laptop so here’s part 3))

3rd year

The year where the Marauders find out that making Snape look like a fool is too much fun

James Potter didn’t have the best ideas- like that time he decided to borrow Sirius’ jacket only to return it with 5 new holes in them and the zipper broken off. Sirius didn’t talk to him for a week after that. Another terrible idea was on Peter’s birthday James decided to try to get Peter a girlfriend and noticed a Hufflepuff staring at him and so he slipped some Veritaserum so she would confess her feelings- turns out she was staring at Remus not Peter and broke his heart. 

This was another one of his awful ideas- bullying his crush’s best friend so she would have to pay attention to him.

All of a sudden the greasy haired boy’s teeth start to grow and he tries to cover it with his hair

Sirius finding the whole situation entertaining decides to join in as well

And within seconds Severus has burst out into laughter and finds himself unable to stop

Lily stomps off to find Mcgonagall to reverse the spell. Well James did get Lily’s attention but that had also come hand in hand with detention. James started to regret his decision later in the year when Lily Evans (the love of his life) had ignored him completely and it was then when James realised he had to find another tactic.

((OOC: and done!! part 4 coming out in literally about halfish of an hour ;) ))

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Part 6 ½

Part 6 2/2

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Chris Wood—— Well, if it isn’t SIRIUS BLACK, the GRYFFINDOR superstar. For those of you who don’t know HIM, you can spot them sitting with the other SEVENTH years. Most people think that they’re ENTERTAINING and ENERGETIC, but they can also seem pretty TEMPESTUOUS and CANTANKEROUS. Sometimes people call them the CANNON. Sure, they’re a PUREBLOOD, but that doesn’t define them. (( emily 19 she/her))

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Good (almost) afternoon to everyone!! We’ve got two applications in our inbox right now which means we only need one more to hold an early acceptance tonight at 5pm EST! We have so many amazing open characters, though we’d love to see some more Ravenclaws! Gilderoy Lockhart, Fabian Prewett, Dorcas Meadowes, Gwenog Jones! And you can always check out our most wanted tag here to get some ideas as well!