marauder village

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"In truth, the gods are not quite as omnipotent as they're often depicted. They are not divine because they can raise mountains, or direct the tides, or blot out the sun. Their power is not in great deeds, but in great words. The gods are divine because they represent an idea. (1/4)

“They speak truths and teachings that are beyond any one person, that mean more than anything you or I have ever said. A sword may defend a village from marauding bandits, but an idea makes someone pick up that sword. An idea makes them defend their home and their loved ones. An idea shows that there is something worth defending. The gods are divine because they discovered an idea

"People often ask why the gods are worth worshiping. Why do they deserve it? What do they actually do? Where are the miracles? A miracle is a chapel feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and healing the sick. A miracle is a band of adventurers delving into a dungeon and slaying the fell beasts within, before they can wreak havoc. A miracle is someone who cares, who continues to fight for what’s right and defend the innocent, even when their faith is shaken. The gods are divine because they taught an idea.

"I have faith in that idea. I have faith that there is good in this world, and that it’s worth protecting. I do not worship the gods because of the radiance of their light; I worship the gods because of the truth in their words. The light does not beget the idea, the idea begets the light.”

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