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Dating Remus Lupin A-Z

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Warnings: suggestions of sex, being drunk, unedited sorry

A - Annoying. Not Remus, he’s lovely but trying to get a moment lone with out a marauder there’s to try to embarrass remus. Sometimes you just want to kiss him or cuddle without being interrupted.

B - Brave. You think of Remus as the bravest person you know and you aren’t afraid to remind him every full moon and generally when he’s feeling low about his condition.

C - Cuddles. Remus loves to cuddle, he can’t believe your his and he’s scared to lose you so takes every opportunity he can to hold you close.

D - Daffodils. Remus will pick you daffodils when you’re sad (if they are on season) because there bright and happy colour always cheer him up so he hope it’ll work for you, which it does .

E - Embarrassing his friends. They always try to embarrass Remus around you and every now and again when you’ve had enough you’ll wait until all his friends are there, sit on his lap and kiss him with out stoping until they go away. If they don’t leave you’ll get up and drag Remus to your room while still kissing him just to get away from the marauders.

F- Full moon. After he tells you he’s a werewolf, you are always scared on full moons incase Remus is hurt badly so you can never sleep. He won’t let you help like the other marauders do. You’ll wait for him and cut him the moment you see him or follow him and the others to the hospital wing after a bad night.

G- Gryffindor common room. Sometime you’ll stay up late and talk by the fire until he walks you to your common room / dorm (if you’re a Gryffindor).

H- the Hospital wing. Whenever he’s had a bad full moon you’ll sit with him all day no matter how many times he tells you to go to class.

J- Jokes. Messing around with the marauders is a constant. They always liked you and the moment you agreed to be remus’ girlfriend you were there friend. When you stayed with him after he told you he was a werewolf they loved you.

K- Kissing his scares. He hates his scares but you love them, they remind you of how brave he is.

L- Love. You love each other, Remus will get jealous if anyone goes near you, if they aren’t a marauder. You hate any girl talking to him (other than your friends).

M- being an honorary Marauder. As I mentioned earlier they’d love you and make you join in with there pranks.

N- Never getting enough of each other. You never get fed up of Remus you could be in his company 24/7 and vide versa.

O- Owls. All summer and Christmas you send each other letters back and forth at least once a day.

P- Pacing. All night on a full moon you pace back and forth though in the common room. Once the moon starts to go and the sun starts to rise to try at make it look like you’ve gotten some sleep so Remus doesn’t worry but he can always tell.

Q- getting an injury playing Quidditch and Remus being as worried if not more worried than you every time he has a bad full moon. He stays by your bed side until madam Pomfrey discharges you. Even then he refuses to let you do anything for yourself for a week at least.

R- Remie-Pie. Remus never lets you use the nickname in front of the marauders because they’d never let him live it down but he loves it all the same.

S- Strawberries covered in chocolate. Remus loves chocolate but chocolate covered strawberries are even more romantic as he always has chocolate to give you the strawberries are for special occasions.

T- Trust. He trusted you enough to tell you he was a werewolf after a 3 months of dating, he knew that even if you broke up you’d never tell anyone. He was nervous and he friends told hi to wait longer but he knew that he had to tell you.

U- Underwear. Matching and sexy underwear would mean he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of you. You’d whisper it to him at breakfast and he’d be distracted all day.

V- Very romantic. Remus would remember every anniversary even the smaller stuff like your first hug.

W- Werewolf. You don’t mind that he’s a werewolf and you’d never tell anyone.

X- anXiety. Remus would get very anxious around you before asking you out chickening out a few times before james offers to do it for him and he finally gets the nerve to do it him self, you say yes first time obviously.

Y- Yours. Remus’ eyes never stray to anyone else, he’s yours and only has eyes for you.

Z- Zem. When you get drunk on fire whiskey you slur your words and Remus and Rem become Zemus and Zem. He find it adorable but cuts you off after that so your hangover isn’t too bad the next day.

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The Debt of Time, Ch 106-110

Remus comforts Hermione in a moment of distress. Sirius runs into an old enemy. Sirius breaks into Hogwarts for the second time, only to fail in his mission to track down Peter. Remus and Minerva come to an agreement about Hermione, who is beginning to hurt herself with the use of her Time-Turner. When the Marauder’s Map falls back into Remus’s hands, he ponders whether or not Sirius can be trusted. The future and the past collide in the Shrieking Shack on a full moon when a life debt is owed.

A group of Hufflepuffs and Andromeda Black spending the day at the beach. Andromeda really gets along with her boyfriend’s friends, better than she gets with her sisters.

- taken by Ted Tonks, Summer of 1969