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Going Down? (Elevator AU)

Overview: You’re running late for work when the elevator at your apartment breaks down. The problem? It happens to break down with you and your obnoxiously attractive next door neighbor stuck inside. (Sirius Black x Reader)

Word Count: About 2,100.

Warning(s): Swearing, enclosed spaces, talks of sex, they’re both sort of assholes.

Note: Elevator AU / Modern AU I wrote within two hours or so. They’re supposed to be in their mid-to-late twenties here. Enjoy! (Alternatively Titled: “Ellie the Elevator”)


“Hold the door, please!”

You rushed toward the closing elevator, the sound of your heels muffled by the carpeted floor. With only a few inches to spare, you saw a hand jut out and push the metal door open.

Clutching your purse to your side, you entered the elevator, meeting the deepest pair of grey eyes you had ever seen. With his dark hair and unshaven face, you knew it could only be your notorious neighbor, Sirius Black.

“Hi,” you said, slightly breathless from your run down the hall.

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Cop Car

Summary: Sirius and yourself get tangled up in some trouble when Sirius cannot keep his sarcastic mouth closed.

Words: 1900 

A/N: First off I want to say sorry for taking a million years with the Remus mini series I’m working on, I changed my mind on how I wanted to do it so I am working out the kinks with that. However, while I was driving the other day, Cop Car by Keith Urban came on and literally all I could think about was Sirius the entire time. So the main inspiration for this one shot came from that song if you want to check it out :) anyway, I hope you enjoy xx

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“Sirius, love, I’m pretty sure that sign said No Trespassing…” you laughed as Sirius slowed his motorbike to a stop at the end of the worn path.

“I’ve been here loads of times with James, it’s fine don’t worry!” he said confidently as he got off the bike, you climbing off after him. You saw the mischievous glint in his eye and for some reason, you knew that what he had just said was false. You shook your head and laughed as he led you towards a spot in the clearing. The clearing was just off of an airport and as Sirius reached for your hand, a massive airplane flew over your heads, causing you to jump. Sirius started to laugh but with the wave of his wand, he had conjured a blanket and had pulled you down with him.

“What in Merlin have you gotten us into, Sirius Black.” You laughed as you snuggled into his side, watching as airplanes flew over head every now and then.

“I wanted to do something romantic okay?” you laughed and kissed his cheek at his attempt at romanticism. You loved that he tried to put so much effort into little dates like this one. “We are lying on a blanket, looking at the stars and watching airplanes take off into the night sky, romantic.”

“Okay Mr. Smooth Moves, whatever you s-” you said ruffling his hair, knowing how much it would annoy him. However, before you could even finish your sentence, Sirius had grabbed hold to your sides and started to tickle you. You laughed uncontrollably and couldn’t help but smile as Sirius had pulled you into his lap. As another plane flew over head, Sirius brushed a strand of hair out of your eyes and tucked it behind your ear before pulling you closer, leaving one of the best kisses you had ever experienced on your lips. You pulled away, breathless and happy, smiling before leaning in for another kiss. You tangled your hands through his tousled, black locks and he gripped your face with an urgency that felt as if he let go, you would disappear into thin air. Neither of you parted, except to catch your breath. It was as if the two of you were in a world all your own, where the only thing that mattered was being in the presence of the other. You were in no rush for the night to be over, you could spend the rest of your life wrapped in Sirius’ arms like this. However, you were no longer the only two in your little world as a beam of light was being shone on your faces and both yourself and Sirius pulled apart to see what was going on.

“Are the two of you aware that you are trespassing on government land?” a stern voice sounded from the bulky man standing above the both of you. You moved to stand but Sirius kept a protective hold on you. You turned around to see a police car parked behind you with lights flashing. You nudged Sirius and nodded towards the car. You saw that glint of mischief in Sirius’s eyes once again and a small smile broke onto your face.

“Ohhhhh, is that what that sign said? Well, I suppose that puts us in a bit of a pickle now doesn’t it.” The sarcasm was dripping from the words Sirius spoke and you could not help the giggle that you tried to hold in. the expression on the officer’s face was not amused at all and when he did not laugh Sirius pushed him further with more smart-ass comments. If anything went wrong you both had your wands on you and were able to apparate if you got into too much trouble. You weren’t one to take things too far in sticky situations but you were in the mood for a little fun so you played along with Sirius. You wrapped your arm around his waist and the officer stepped forward in an attempt to separate the two of you.

“I was willing to let this go but now you’ve given me no choice. You’re both coming into the station with me.” He signaled to his partner who got out of the passenger side door and pulled you out of Sirius’s grip quicker than expected. You stumbled slightly and Sirius’s gaze watched as you stood your own with the officers. You winked and signaled to him to let you handle it.

“This is all just a big misunderstanding, Officer,” she quickly glanced at his tag. “Handsome, is it?” you batted your lashes and saw Sirius stare, wide eyed, at you from the corner of your eye. He looked as if he was in total shock that you would even attempt to sweet talk your way out of this one.

“It is Hanson, ma’am, and the two of you are under arrest for trespassing.” You grumbled something under your breath and rolled your eyes as the police officers hand cuffed the two of you and led you towards their car. Sirius and yourself were side by side as you approached the car and before they pushed the two of you inside you caught Sirius looking at you in amazement. He was not used to seeing this side of you and you were surprising the hell out of him.

“Hey, mate aren’t we supposed to get one phone call to someone or something like that?” Sirius tried easing the tension again but the police officers remained outside the car talking and ignoring Sirius and his constant whining. The mischievous glint that you noticed in Sirius earlier was still there but you had caught it now and your eyes lit up when you got your best idea yet. While Sirius was fiddling his hands in an attempt to reach his wand, you nudged him with your elbow.

“What, Y/N, I’m a little busy trying to get out of these things you know…” you laughed at how he acted like such a child when he could not get things to work out how he wanted. You laughed and thought the spell Alohomora, watching as the latch on the hand cuffs popped open. You were very gifted at nonverbal spells and ones like that were fairly simple.

“You’re, welcome, by the way.” you winked and nudged him in the arm again, “Give me your pack.”

“What? Why? Y/N you’re still locked in those things and you don’t even smo-”

“Just do it, trust me.” You smirked as he reached into his pocket and grabbed the pack of cigarettes you were asking for. Sirius had no idea why you wanted them, you were constantly telling him to quit so he could not understand why you wanted them. You popped one out of the pack and brought it up to your lips.

“Hello, Mr. Handsome, could I get a light over here?” you whistled to get their attention and the police officers looked enraged at how ridiculous you were acting. One of them marched up to the car and slammed the door in your face. Sirius burst into fits of laughter before he took the rest of the pack from you and you tucked the one in your mouth behind your ear.

“You are absolutely mental,” Sirius laughed as he muttered Alohomora to unlock your own hand cuffs. You let them fall to the floor as you rubbed the skin where the cool metal had hurt. You slid closer to Sirius and leaned against his side while the officers still spoke outside.

“I know, but that’s why you like me.” You giggled and looked up into his grey eyes. A smile ghosted across his lips as if he was about to say something but just kissed your forehead instead. You both talked and laughed while sitting in the back of the police car for longer than what you thought was normal, however, you didn’t mind. The more time you two spent together, the happier you were, no matter where you were.

“Well, I’ve had enough of this foolishness for one night,” you laughed looking up at your boyfriend. “I say that we obliviate them once they are in the car and we can apparate outta here.”

“What has gotten into you tonight, running from the law? I suppose you will want to tell everyone this tomorrow.” A sly smirk playing on his lips.

“Well it would make a great story, besides Prongs will never believe you if you tell him.” you laughed and kissed his soft lips once more. “Oh look they’re coming!” you moved slightly away from Sirius and hid the fact that neither of you had the hand cuffs on.

“I knew I liked you for a reason.” Sirius smirked but could not take his eyes off you. He was so amazed at how quickly he had fallen for you and he couldn’t wait to get out of here to prove that to you.

“Now, we will be taking the both of you down to the station and see how it goes from there,” the police officer’s stern voice boomed in the front of the car. You tuned out most of what they were babbling on about as you knew that it had no power over the two of you. You glanced over at Sirius who was still looking at you with a peaceful smile on his face.

“Ready?” you mouthed, as you tightened the grip on your wand.

“Ready.” Sirius mouthed back, grabbing your hand tightly in his. The two of you raised your wands and pointed them at the two officers sitting in front of you. The two were still babbling on about your rights and other nonsense and did not even see that you were no longer in hand cuffs.

Obliviate!” you said in unison, watching as they both paused in confusion. With a swift crack, Sirius and yourself apparated out of the clearing and onto the street outside of your flat. As you ran up the walk, laughter fell from your lips and you were surprised when you were whipped around to come face to face with Sirius. He looked at you with such admiration and love that your laughter turned into a shy smile as he placed his hand on your cheek. He ran his thumb over your cheekbone and leaned in to kiss you like you never had been before. It left you breathless and wanting more. There was so much passion behind it as your two bodies melted together and your hands ran through his hair. It was passionate but not rushed and it felt perfect in that moment. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead on yours and waited while you caught your breath.

“Merlin, I am so in love with you…” he said in an almost whisper. Your eyes fluttered open and you watched as he realized that he said those words out loud. He stumbled backward a little bit in an attempt to recompose himself but the smile on your face grew and you slowly walked over to where he was.

“I am so in love with you too, Padfoot.” You giggled at the surprised look on his face and before you had a second to react, Sirius was back to his usual self and smirked before he pulled you in for another heart stopping kiss.

Am I A Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy? - A Wolfstar Drabble

With an essay to deliver on the following Monday to one of the most exigent professors in the school, Remus Lupin could be found, naturally, in the library, sharing a table with Lily Evans. Both students liked to study together so they could help each other when needed and therefore finish their work faster than if they did it each one alone.

Remus and Lily always occupied a bigger table so they could spread out, in front of them, the books required for their essays. Lily had left a few minutes back to go find a book herself so when the chair beside his was pulled back and someone sat, Remus didn’t look up. However, the words that were then uttered earned his attention. One for their content, and two for that was no girl’s voice. “Am I a Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy?”

Remus blinked a couple of times to make sure he was indeed seeing friend in front of him. “Excuse me?” He whispered back.

“You left this on your bed and I was bored.” Said Sirius as he threw Remus’ copy of Pride and Prejudice onto the table. “I figured it was a muggle book from the unmoving cover and lack of magical subject within but it was interesting enough to catch my attention.” Sirius continued, keeping his voice low as he didn’t want to be thrown out of the library.

Remus grabbed the book and ran through the pages quickly. “Did you read it all?” Remus asked and glanced up at Sirius only to catch him nodding.

“Anyway. Am I a Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy?” He asked again.

Remus huffed out a small chuckle. “I don’t know.” That sounded like such a silly question.

“You don’t know?” Sirius frowned. “Am I not agreeable? And amiable?”

“When you want to be you’re quite the joyful and nice kind.” Remus replied.

“Then I am a Mr Bingley!” Sirius grinned.

Remus shook his head. “There’s more to one’s personality than being a Mr Darcy or a Mr Bingley.” Said Remus. “In the world, you have Mr Bingleys and Mr Darcys, but you also have Mr Collinses and Mr Hursts and Whickhams and…” He paused. “Hell, you even have a lot of Mrs Bennets.”

“Don’t you mean Mr Bennet?” Sirius asked.

“I meant what I said.”

Sirius went pensive then and completely ignored as Lily approached with a big book in her hands, forcing her to take the chair on the other side of Remus’. Remus helped her with the book and handed her quill and parchment back to her so she could resume her work. “Wait.” Sirius broke his thoughtful trance. “You don’t think I’m a Mr Collins, do you?”

Remus raised an eyebrow. “No! Mr Collins is an annoying kiss ass. You are not good at that.”

Sirius looked a bit relieved when Lily interjected. “Although you are good at kissing Professor McGonagall’s ass.” She said promptly.

“Minnie’s different.” Sirius waved it off. “She’s worth praising. Besides in the future I am going to be her second husband so I must get on her good side right away.” He said the last part with a serious face but everyone at the table knew he was being playful.

“What happened to the first?” asked Remus and only received a wink and a grin in return.

Sirius then grabbed Remus’ arm and shook him a bit. “Am I a Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy?”

Remus huffed. “What about me, am I a Mr Bingley or a Mr Darcy?” He asked instead, trying to mimic Sirius’ voice but in a more annoying way.

“You’re Mr Darcy, of course. He’s the most interesting man in the book, and although proud he is the most agreeable and very intelligent too.” Sirius said as if it was the most obvious thing he had ever clarified to anyone. And although

Remus didn’t fully agree with him, as he didn’t see himself sharing some of the character’s traits he conceded. “Then you’re Elizabeth! What’s the big question?!” Remus said, rolling his eyes and turned forward so he could resume his work. Remus was so focused on finishing his essay, at last, that he never realised what he had implied in his words, he did not realise what he was confessing to Sirius either. He just turned his attention back to his work.

In doing so he missed the purest and rarest sight of all for a gentle blush spread across Sirius’ cheeks. Sirius looked down at his own lap with a dopey grin and got up after a few moments. “I’m Elizabeth.” He said to himself and practically skipped out of the library.

Fun in the Snow

Pairing: Remus x Reader

Request: Can I request a story where the reader (ravenclaw) and the marauders are the only ones to stay at hogwarts for the holiday break, and they try to get to know her but she’s always in her tower or the library and the only one who she lets be around her is Remus, until Christmas where she finally goes with them and they have a snowball fight and mess around the whole day and it’s just cute? - anon

Word Count: 1,286

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“Ah, the first day of winter break!” Sirius said, dramatically throwing himself down in the middle of the corridor. “We have the castle to ourselves and we can do whatever we want!”

He and James high-fived. “We could set the whole place on fire!” James said.

“The castle is made of stone, guys. It doesn’t burn,” Remus interjected. “Calm down.”

Peter cleared his throat. “We don’t have the whole castle to ourselves. There’s a girl over there.” He pointed at you, a Ravenclaw who was hurrying along, keeping your head down and clutching a stack of books to your chest. 

“Damn it,” Sirius muttered. “Almost to ourselves.” He grinned at you and waved. “How’s it going, sweetheart? Want to join us in the Great Hall?”

You didn’t answer, just scoffed and kept walking. But you tripped over the air in an effort to speed up and dropped your books all over the floor. Remus approached you and smiled kindly. “Sorry about them,” he said apologetically. “Let me get these for you.” He bent over to help you gather your books. “So I guess we’re the only ones here, right?”

You smiled hesitantly at him. “Yeah, guess so.”

He scratched the back of his neck. “…do you want to join us in the Great Hall? You don’t have to eat alone.”

Shaking your head, you took your books from him. “No, thank you. But, um, I’ll be in the library if you want to join me, later.”

“Yeah.” He smiled. “Yeah, I’ll find you there.”

You walked off in the other direction, throwing him one more smile over your shoulder. He’s cute, you thought, heading toward the Ravenclaw tower to pick up some work before you went to the library. Maybe you would spend some time with him over break.

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Lion Fights - Sirius Black | Harry Potter

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Requested by Anonymus; “Can I get a Sirius x Reader where the reader walks in on Sirius and James having a pillow fight and she joins but the whole time Sirius and Y/N are just double teaming James and it is just fluffy? Thanks!”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Female!Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter

Warning: None

Number of Words: 473

You were sitting in the Gryffindor common room, waiting for your boyfriend. The one and only, Sirius Black. He was already twenty minutes late as Remus and Peter came down the stairs. Both of them were not only his dorm mates but also his best friends. You stood up and stopped them from leaving. “Do you know where Sirius is? We were supposed to meet up twenty minutes ago.” Both boys nodded and Remus pointed towards the stairs. “He is in our dorm, with James.” You nodded and shot him a thankful smile. Before Remus left he yelled, “Be aware. You might get hit.” With that, he left you confused.

You shrugged and went up to his dorm. Once you were only a few steps away from the door, you could hear laughing and yelling. It was no surprise that he got caught up with James again. Would not be the first time. You knocked on the door. Nobody answered and you decided to go inside. In the moment you stepped inside, a pillow hit your face.

Once you opened your eyes again, you saw both boys. Eyes wide and pillows in their hand.  Sirius was about to open his mouth, probably to apologize, but stopped when he saw the smirk on your face. You took the pillow from the floor and ran towards them. Your boyfriend knew exactly what you thought and raised his pillow. You did the same thing and hit James right into his face with it.

The boy looked at you with a playful grin, “Oh you did not,” And hit right back. It was a back and forth and Sirius joined in. Once or twice, James hit you as well, but he actually stood no chance against the two of you. Your boyfriend and you both teamed up against James, who began to complain. Just like in a cliche romantic movie, feather began to fly through the room. “Stop guys! That is not fair.” He groaned and coughed up some feather. “Yeah it is not, but maybe you should not keep my boyfriend up next time.” You said and hit him once more. Your breath was short and heavy, so you laid down on Sirius’ bed.

“Yeah, Prongs. How could you do that?” Sirius pouted and fell down next to you. “And if you excuse me now, I want to spend some time with my girlfriend. Alone.” James rolled his eyes and adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose. “This is not over, Y/N,” He said in a really deep voice and left the dorm. Sirius moved to his side and leaned his head against his hand. “Now… What are we going to do?” Sirius wiggled his eyebrows. As an answer, you pulled the pillow, which was placed beneath his arm, away and hit him.

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|| Imagine being a Professor with Remus and the students all ‘shipping’ you || {Requested}

“That kid was running faster than Snape confronted with shampoo.” Remus whispered out of the side of his mouth to Y/N.

Y/N snorted, spitting out her chewed toast into a napkin as to not choke on it. She turned to Remus in humoured surprise, lifting her eyebrows at the man.

“You haven’t changed a bit.” Y/N commented, a wistful smile on her face.

The corners of Remus’ lips tugged up despite his best efforts to supress them, “Most people would have said that James and Sirius were the jokers.” He supplied modestly.

Y/N let out a tinkling laugh, shaking her head, “James and Sirius are… were…funny,” Y/N agreed, amending her speech sadly, “But so were you- your humour was just a little more subtle… I thought you were brilliant- I still do.” Y/N assured him earnestly.

Remus turned to Y/N, lifting his eyebrows with a flattered smile, “Thank you, Y/N, you were always very kind to me.” He replied gratefully, bowing his head slightly.

Y/N smiled bashfully, her cheeks flushing, “And you to me,” She replied easily, standing up from her seat at the Head Table, “But I have a class to teach in fifteen minutes.” She excused, brushing down the front of her robes.

Remus stood, grabbing an apple from a silver dish plate, “Let me walk you.” He insisted with a warm smile.

Y/N hesitated but nodded, pushing in her chair and walking out of the hall side by side with Remus.

It was the first day of term in 1993 and Y/N had been reunited with an old friend for the first time in nearly thirteen years. She had gone to school with Remus, James and Sirius- she had been Lily’s best friend along with Snape until he went and cocked that up for himself. From there it was Lily and Y/N together- as thick as thieves…until she was murdered.

Y/N hadn’t seen any of her old friends since before that fateful Halloween night, everyone going their separate ways. Y/N did her best to check on Harry every now and then, she was his Godmother after all. Dumbledore had explained why she couldn’t take Harry in, but it didn’t make it any easier to swallow, knowing what the Dursley’s were like…

“I heard that you tried to get Sirius off the hook.” Remus randomly admitted as they strolled towards Y/N’s classroom.

Y/N licked her lips quickly, “He and Peter switched out last minute- no one would think to go after Peter as everyone knew that Sirius and James were like brothers,” She explained, “I was there that night, Sirius chased Peter down but he didn’t kill him… my memories were apparently biased though… so he’s still stuck there.”

Silence followed her words for a few beats of a moment, her feeling Remus think it all over.

“He was going to ask you to marry him on his birthday.” Remus confessed, seeming to harbour no malice for Sirius after Y/N’s words.

Y/N’s mouth went dry as her eyes became wet, “He was always so forward, we hadn’t even kissed yet and he wanted to marry me- James definitely rubbed off on him.” Y/N attempted to joke.

Remus smiled to himself, watching his shoes strike the floor of the hallway, “What would you say to him if you saw him again?” He inquired.

Y/N thought on it for a moment, “I’d apologize for not trying hard enough to stop him chasing Peter,” She revealed before shrugging, “But we’re not the same kids that we were back then, I know that I’ve changed immensely from who I was the night that… it happened… I don’t know if I could look him in the eye.” She added, her eyes going distant as she stared blankly ahead.

Y/N felt Remus’ eyes on the side of her face, “You’re not that different,” He observed, “I recognised you right away- you hugged me the same way you used to.” He added with a small smile.

Y/N managed a laugh, “Is that a good thing?” She chortled out.

Remus nodded, smiling, “I liked you the person you were back then, and I still like you, Y/N, if that’s anything to go by.” He replied.

Y/N smiled sheepishly, “Blimey, Remus, just declare your undying love, why don’t you?” She joked lightly.

Remus let out a sound and hearty laugh, “Sirius got to you first, I’m afraid.” He said softly.

Y/N raised her eyebrows, “If you had asked me out at any point, in school or after… I would have said yes,” She assured him, “I used to have a big crush on you in school, you know?”  She informed him lightly, smiling timidly.

Remus’s face collapsed into shock, “Really?” He asked in disbelief, his voice an octave higher than usual.

Y/N laughed nervously, nodding, “Really,” She confirmed, the two coming to a stop at the door to her classroom, “I’ll see you at lunch?” She asked to conclude their conversation for the moment.

Remus nodded, noting that some of Y/N’s students had arrived already, “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind talking about the old times a bit more, when we were this lot’s age.” He said, nodding to the students and winking in farewell before turning and striding off.

“Y/N?” Harry’s voice asked, snapping the woman out of staring after Remus, “Everyone thinks that you two should get together, you know?” He informed her awkwardly, stuffing his hands in his robes pockets.

“Everyone? He only arrived yesterday?” Y/N asked sarcastically, crossing her arms and feigning sternness, “And it’s Professor Y/L/N to you, Harry.” She joked, grinning and ruffling his hair, it hurting her heart as it always did.

She always used to do it to James too.

Harry’s eyes that he had inherited from Y/N’s best friend glinted mirthfully up at her from his face, “It’s obvious that you two have a history,” He commented, “He mentioned that you two went to school together?” He baited, fishing for information of his parents that Y/N always tried to give him- as much as she could remember.

Y/N smiled congenially down at Harry, “He was one of your father’s friends as well as one of mine, his name’s Remus,” She informed Harry before making a playfully shooing motion with her hands, “Now let me teach you, in you get, sport.” She hurried him, closing the door behind herself.

Harry took his seat by his friend Ron and Y/N made to begin teaching her lesson, Remus lingering in the back of her mind the entire time. The way his tired eyes still manage to glint with hints of the happiness from when they used to wear the Hogwarts uniform and how he stilled strolled like he had Sirius and James either side of him. It was enough to keep Y/N smiling until she met him again for lunch.