marauder picspams


marauders era // male deatheaters

craig roberts as severus snape

  harry lloyd as lucius malfoy

  iwan rheon as rodolphus lestrange

  aneurin barnard as rabastan lestrange

  skandar keynes as regulus black

marauders era modern au

➥ remus lupin

remus works at the florist which is located directly next to the coffee shop that sirius and james work at, and is also studying photography at uni. remus began the friendship between the coffee shop and the florist (specifically between the four boys; james, sirius, peter, and himself) by offering them a trade: coffee for flowers. this was ultimately agreed upon by sirius and remus as sirius thought this was a good way to get to know remus (and james wanted free flowers to give to lily)


marauders era // women of the order of the phoenix

karen gillan as lily evans

  antonia thomas as marlene mckinnon

  tuppence middleton as mary macdonald

  jessica sula as hestia jones

  aiysha hart as emmeline vance

  yassi pressman as dorcas meadowes

Genderfluid pansexual greyromantic Sirius Black (in a relationship with dfab demisexual biromantic Remus Lupin) (he/him/they/them/she/her but usually they/them)


get to know me meme: favorite male characters [1/5] - sirius black
 “You’re not a bad person. You’re a very good person, who bad things have happened to. Besides, the world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters. We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

hpshipweeks | jily

“He stopped on a picture of his parents’  wedding day. There was his father waving up at him, beaming, the untidy black hair Harry had inherited standing up in all directions. There was his mother, alight with happines, arm in arm with his dad”