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Teddy was the son of a Marauder, just as Harry was, so Harry thought it was only right that the Marauders Map was passed down to him when he was 13 just like it had been to Harry. Teddy gave it to James, Albus and Lily as lend but it stayed in his posession. He eventually passed it down to his children.

Surprising Confessions

Young!Remus Lupin x Reader

Summary: you and Remus haven’t seen each other since leaving Hogwarts for the summer holidays and when you finally get to spend some time alone, he confesses a surprise to you.

Words: 2012

A/N: Okay so this is the first thing I’ve written in a while and is the first imagine I’ve written on here, so please forgive me. This was originally supposed to be a blurb from a prompt given to me by a friend for a first kiss between the reader and Remus but I was watching friends while I started brainstorming what to write and I ended up using a prompt from the show.(in the episode where it’s Thanksgiving and Chandler gets mad at Monica and to make up for it, she puts a turkey on her head and dances around to cheer him up.) Anyway if you haven’t seen the episode I highly recommend it, it’s hilarious. Anyway, I hope you like it :)

Remus and yourself had been friends for as long as you could remember. You knew about his lycanthropy and had for some time now. You were one of the only people that Remus was fully comfortable around, other than his three trouble making, partners in crime. Before you both came to Hogwarts, you often kept in touch and visited during holidays, but after you were both sorted into Gryffindor you became almost inseparable. The bond you had was growing and over the years developed into a beautiful relationship. It wasn’t until 5th year that the marauders convinced Remus to ask you on a date, on which you spent the day sitting by the lake with a picnic full of food that James and Sirius nicked from the kitchens.

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The Night Sky (Wolfstar)

It was dark, only a few stars could be seen, whether through light pollution or because of clouds, the two were unsure.

“You brought me here to stargaze, Sirius,” Remus chuckled, shuffling his arm beneath his head, as they lay beneath the night sky, attempting to find ANY constellation they could, “It’s been two hours now. Why don’t we just go back to the common room?”

“No, stay,” The other boy mumbled, reaching out to grab his friend who was about to sit up, “Moony, please, James has been talking about Lily too much and trying to set me up with Marlene and other girls he can find.”

Though Remus was freezing his tits off, he remained in the grasp of the complaining boy. The thought of him with other people, other girls, was bothering; extremely so.

“Marlene, huh?” he clenched his teeth together, “Why not, she’s lovely?”

Remus was good friends with the girl after all, but the bond she and Sirius had was undeniable. It bothered Remus, though he remained calm, like everyone expected him to.

“Yeah, she’s been helping me through some stuff recently,” Sirius shrugged, “James seems to think this means I fancy her.” He glanced up at Remus, his grey eyes finding nothing but the back of a beige jumper, at an angle in which Remus’ hunched up form was not convenient for eye contact.

“Like, what?” Remus tried his hardest to sound calm, like he wasn’t bitter about Sirius not liking him back. Remus liked boys. Most people already knew, especially after the drunken fiasco he pulled on the night of their 3rd year New Years party. After openly coming to terms with his sexuality, and finding no fault in it, he was widely accepted; this did not, however, assist him with the gigantic crush he had developed on his best friend.

“Oh nothing much,” Sirius shrugged, before breathing in deeply. He thought it was the right time to come clean, “Just,” He paused, was this actually going to be it? Remus slowly moved his head around, a calmer look taking over his hazel eyes as he realised how distressed Sirius sounded. Those hazel eyes would be the death of Sirius one day.

“Just what, Sirius?” Oh how smooth his name sounded coming out of those perfect pink lips.

Sirius licked his own chapped ones subtly, looking away from Remus’ face, “I just,” here it came, the boy gulped almost theatrically, “I think I’m into boys.”

Silence filled the room. The wind made trees in the distance howl, but this went un noticed by the two boys as they held eye contact for a few moments, trying to memorise each shadow on the others darkened face.

“Well,” Sirius looked away again, “One boy in particular.”

Remus saw the body language of the boy, saw the way he was on the verge of curling into a ball, embarrassment clear, “Oh,” was all Remus managed to let escape his lips, before a sudden joy took a place in his heart, “Would that boy, by chance, be me?”

Sirius looked up, and saw the small grin on the werewolf’s face, holding back his own shyly, very out of character for the boy, almost like the roles of the two had reversed, “Yes, it would very much be you.”

I was going through the Marauders confessions and I read some of them saying that the reason they didn’t like the Marauders was because they were bullied. I was bullied in the 7th grade and one of the only things that made me happy was Harry Potter- especially the Marauders- and it was never triggering or anything for me. I could see both sides, and I could see that the Marauders were more than just what they did to Snape.

Harry saw the Marauders in Lily, Hugo, Rose, and Scorpius.

He saw quiet Peter in Lily. prankster James in Hugo, studious Remus in Rose, and a family reputation like Sirius’ in Scorpius.

As he was the eldest son, James got the invisibility cloak and Albus got the Maurauders Map. Harry didn’t have anything that cool to give to Lily so he took her out before her first year and told her that she could pick any pet she wanted (James and Al didn’t get to pick). Lily decided a snowy white owl with little black flecks and said that she was going to call it Hedwig II in memory of Harry’s owl. Her father was so touched and everyone agreed that it was much better than any cloak or map.

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Potterhead Frustrations....

i’m thinking the one day….

why didnt the Marauders and other friends say…“Hey! lets give Harry our memories in a Pensive so that way he can know his parents when they were his age!”  

the only person that gave harry an idea on his parents kids was Snape…and that was of james being a bully and of his love for lily….harry didnt see james and lily together, dating, with friends, or on their wedding day. all of the memories that Sirius, Lupin and others would have had. 

its like they are bloody wizards for crying out loud….how do they not think of these things! muggles have videos and photos, and will at least sit down b like oh hey so and so did this this and this, and more. but no…all harry got was a photo album, snapes memories, and few bits of ur mom was smart n ur dad was a good man. 

"Ginny's loser" - Hinny one shot

Okay I kinda went haywire on this (I’ve literally been writing on this for two hours now, non-stop) and I think it’s kind of rubbish as this is one of the first oneshots I’ve written during the day (I normally write at like, 11PM because.. Idk bro) and about Hinny so yeah. Hope I did well, anon! 

“Can you please write a fanfic of Harry and Ginny’s “stolen hours” in hidden parts of the grounds while dating in the sixth book and they do crosswords and have little Charms competitions to see who can make leaves dance the best and Ginny figures out Harry’s ticklish and gives him endless shit for it and cheek kisses and snuggles and so cute”

‘Guess who?’ a pair of hands clasped on the young Weasley’s eyes from behind. Ginny’s friends rolled her eyes and stood up, walking away. They were glad she finally got on with the boy she’d been fancying since her First Year but it was annoying hearing her talk about him all the time. She tried to keep it to a minimum but it was so hard not to talk about his eyes – big green ones – or about his messy black hair she loved to ruffle through with her fingers or about how his muscles worked during Quidditch practice.

‘I don’t know,’ she smiled although she absolutely knew who – the smell of parchment and the woody scent of broomstick handle unmasked the young boy. She pretended to play along for the sake of it. ‘Is it Michael? Dean?’ the boy kept quiet. ‘Okay I give up.’

‘Well then I guess I can eat these sweets alone,’ Harry sang, letting go of her eyes and holding a bag of Muggle chocolate bars in front of her face. He’d been keeping them since Christmas, after he’d found Ginny and Dean snogging. He’d hoped they’d break up so they could share chocolate to reduce her heartbreak and maybe kiss her, too.

‘You’re mean,’ she fake-pouted, kissing his cheek. ‘Please share with me?’

‘Only if you’ll follow me,’ he smiled and reached out his hand.  She smiled and wove her fingers through his.

‘Only if you’ll promise not to kidnap me.’

‘Well maybe I’d like to keep you for myself and the only way to do that is to lock you up. I’ll feed you chocolate a few times a day though,’ laughed Harry.

‘If you keep onto that chocolate promise I might follow you,’ Ginny said, wrapping her other arm around his arm.

And they set off, wandering around the castle. It was mostly empty; almost all of the Fifth Year students were revising for the O.W.L.s coming up, the others were enjoying themselves on a trip to Hogsmeade. Ginny had been revising all day and was glad that Harry took her outside.

‘How come I’ve never been here before, Harry?’ she asked once she realized they weren’t on common grounds.

‘Found this part of the ground with Padfoot once. He led me to it,’ Harry confessed. The Marauders had found a lot more ground and passageways than most pupils did and Harry gladly went there to avoid the stares.

Harry let go of Ginny’s hand, got his schoolbag from his shoulder and revealed one of the covers they had on their beds in the dorms, laid it down on the grass and pulled her down with him.

‘Figured I don’t like green stains on my trousers and Dobby’ll do my laundry anyway,’ Harry said, answering Ginny’s questioning look. She’d obviously never been picnicking before at home.

‘Where’s my chocolate?’ she questioned, seeing Harry take out a few papers and both of their wands – she wondered how he’d gotten her wand, seeing as she had it lying next to her in the common room.

‘I didn’t know it had your name on it,’ Harry winked, tossing her one of the chocolate bars – milk with hazelnut, her favourite. She’d told him – once – that it was her favourite and he had remembered it ever since.

‘Well it does now,’ she said, reaching out for her wand and scribbling “Ginny Weasley” on the wrapper.

‘Okay, let’s test your Muggle knowledge,’ Harry said, crawling over to sit next to her. She automatically leaned against him and Harry wondered again how luck he’d gotten with her.

‘A crossword?’

‘Yes,’ Harry smiled, kissing the top of her head and getting dizzy again with her flowery scent.

And so they filled out crosswords until their stomachs began to growl with hunger.

‘C’mon I need to eat. I’m starving,’ Ginny proclaimed.

‘You know, you remind me an awful lot of Ron in this way,’ Harry said, ruffling her hair. He loved that she wasn’t like the other girls, having to make up for class and getting mad when their hair wasn’t perfectly in place.

‘Sod off, Harry,’ exclaimed Ginny, prodding his stomach. The tiny squeal he let out lit Ginny’s eyes up.

‘You’re ticklish?’ Harry ignored her. ‘Oh Merlin, the great Harry Potter, the Chosen One is ticklish!’ her boyfriend pretended she didn’t exist again and this set off her tickling.

‘Are you ignoring me?’ she said, tickling his stomach. Harry let out a very unmanly, feminine giggle, pushing her off softly. And so the pair spent the next fifteen minutes tickling each other on the grass, until both had to catch their breath and lay heaving on the ground.

‘Ron’s going to have a fit when he sees me like that. You do realize that, don’t you?’ Ginny questioned him, her hair a bird’s nest and her t-shirt crumpled up.

‘And Hermione’s going to laugh at us for the next two weeks,’ Harry added, his hair and clothes in the same state as Ginny’s. ‘But we can fix this.’

So he turned around, getting Ginny’s brush and a new, though exactly the same as her old one, shirt from his schoolbag.

‘My god, Harry, how the hell do you manage to sneak up to the girls’ dormitories and steal my stuff?’

‘Didn’t. Hermione got them for me, because she knew your hair was going to be completely tangled and your shirt ruined when I told her I’d take you picnicking. She’s done it before with her parents, you see,’ he grinned, tossing both the items to her before he turned his back to her, allowing her to change her clothes.

‘Brilliant,’ the Weasley girl breathed out.

‘And you can test your knowledge on Charms by fixing my shirt as I was stupid enough not to get one of my own,’ Harry said, giving her her wand.

‘Mum’s way better at this than I am but this’ll have to do,’ Ginny waved her wand, muttered a charm and a few ruffles disappeared out of his shirt.

‘Hmm, we’ll have to work on your Charms before your O.W.L.s then,’ Harry smiled wickedly, kissing her cheek.

‘Oh? I bet you that I’m better at Charms than you are,’ Ginny exclaimed. ‘Make those leaves tap-dance and the one who does it worse than the other has to tie a banner on their broom with “I’m a loser” during Quidditch practice.’

‘Agreed,’ Harry said, sealing the bet with a kiss on Ginny’s lips.

Ginny won, as hers did summersaults and tap-danced across the grass and back. Harry had let her win but there was no way he was going to tell her that – ever.

‘I told you so,’ Ginny smiled deviously, cuddling into Harry. The pair quietly packed up their stuff and walked to the Great Hall. They found Ron and Hermione quickly, the former sulking as soon as he saw his sister enter with his mate. Hermione smiled knowingly at Ginny’s neat hair and shirt and Harry mouthed a ‘thank you’ her way. The couple sat down next to each other, in front of Hermione and Ron who, every so often, touched each other with their elbows or got the same food off of the table.

‘Oh, by the way, Harry’s ti –’ Ginny started off, before Harry pulled her against her, ruffling her hair in the process and dropping his cutlery on his plate.

‘Harry’s Ginny’s boyfriend,’ Harry finished off Ginny’s sentence and let go of his tight grip.

‘Indeed,’ smiled his girlfriend, snuggling into him and kissing his cheek.

Dinner progressed quietly, Ron glaring every so often at his mate, but Ginny and Harry escaped before he could get to them.

‘Quidditch practice tomorrow, see you then,’ Harry said hastily to Ron before they literally ran out of the Great Hall.


‘Banner done yet?’ Ginny teased at breakfast, sitting down next to Harry.

‘Couldn’t be better,’ he said, kissing her cheek. They went to the Quidditch stands a little before 9, dew still on the grass after a cold night.

‘Wait here,’ Harry said before he went to tie the banner to his broom and fly off. ‘GINNY LOOK UP.’

And there she saw her boyfriend flying, the fabric saying “I’m Ginny’s loser.” And if she’d been smiling more she was afraid her cheeks were going to burst.

‘It’s cute. I like it,’ she said when she was flying next to him, daring to kiss his cheek 16 feet off the ground.

‘That’s good because I’m never taking it off again. I’m your loser.’ He said, before she took off flying with an amazing speed.

‘Come and catch me!’

‘I already did,’ Harry muttered, before going to catch the girl he loved.

Teddy had three best friends, Finnick, Annie and Tristan. Professor McGonagall always had flashbacks to four of her favourite students when she watched them interact with one another. Finnick & Annie were just like James & Lily. Tristan was like a Muggleborn version of Sirius. Teddy was almost exactly like his father except for a few traits he inherited from his mother & god father. The friends were very close & had a tendency to pull a prank every once in a while due to boredom.

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Preference #26- Confession (Marauders Era)


James is so chill and laid back, playing with his stupid snitch like its nothing, that he’d easily walk up to you and be like will you go out with me but the twist is you thought he was superficial and it was all just an act and you told him you wouldn’t say yes until he showed you who he really was.. Now James Potter loves a mission so he set up all these things to show you he deserved you. He gave you flowers and tried to impress you whenever he could. He also was nicer to people, he deflated his head a bit, and for the final gesture, he set up a moonlight picnic on top of the Astronomy Tower with mason jars full of candles (that almost set Hogwarts on fire) scattered all around. Let’s just say you gave in and he didn’t play with that snitch so much. 


Sirius is such a fucking womanizer its scary hed have a new girl every other week.. BUT when it comes to you hed be kinda on edge because you shut him down every time he tried to make a movie. Now its a challenge for him and hes so much more into now because you now your the girl who actually said no to Sirius Black.. Plus your like perfect in his eyes.. One day he’d see you talking to some random Ravenclaw dude and just be so done that’d he’d push his way in between the two of you and be like “Okay (Y/N) look. you cant do this to me Im like so into you and you know im so into you and i know im a manwhore but i wouldnt just keep trying and trying for any girl so will you please just fucking tell me wh-” And you’d kiss him just to shut him the fuck up and once you pull apart you’d be like “Hogsmeade next weekend.” then smirk and walk away anD HED BE SO STUNNED AND IN LOVE OMG 


Remus would be sosooso nervous like he couldnt even handle  the butteflies in his stomach.. once he actually plucked up the courage (a.k.a being shoved into you by Sirius) he would just blank out and you’d have to snap him back to reality and he’d be like ‘wut? uh OH (Y/N) hi uh um uh ummmmm ummm willyougotohogsmeadewithmenextsaturday” and youd say “um can ya slow down a bit?” and hed take a deep breathe and calmly say “will you go to hogsmeade with me next saturday” and get really really red faced and you’d think it was the cutest thing in the world and because its Remus freakin’ Lupin you’d say of course and kiss his cheek and hed be that happiest person alive 


“Hey (Y/N) I like you will you go out with me?

“No because you turn into a horrible, disloyal, betraying freak rat face who fucks over his best friends in an attempt to get more powerful and frankly thats the biggest turn off there is” 


“Hey (Y/N) I like you will you go out with me?

“No because your a greasy asshole whose obsession with one women who will never love you is so creepy that you stepped over HER HUSBANDS DEAD BODy, ignored her crying child, and instead violated her lifeless body just because you “loved” her so ew no k bye”