BREAKING: An explosion has been reported near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. (photo via @Boston_to_a_T; ht Evan Fleischer)

EDIT: Check’s liveblog for more details.

SECOND EDIT: One early report has the injury count at more than 50.

THIRD EDIT: Please follow our Boston Marathon Explosion tag for more details on this story as we receive them.

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Jen Loong, a Canadian runner, participated in the North Korean marathon earlier this month, and she’s got the Instagram pics to prove it. 

“We ran unguided for the full distance, high-five-ing locals along the way,” she told Reddit. “We couldn’t run off tracks surely with soldier on every block, but running at your own pace and interacting with locals was good enough for me!”

When you’re on that course and want to give up, think about all the times you kept going. Not just in running, but all those times you were strong in life. When you hugged your crying friend, when you grabbed your mom’s shaking hand, when you decided to keep living. Let those moments of pure strength rush through your blood until you realize you are indeed strong enough to beat this course. Because you are strong, no matter what anyone thinks.