Never been so cranky at my garmin before…. it wasn’t picking up distance/pace right on the track tonight, so I asked the assistant coach for my training group to time my last 800 and it was 3:57!!! I never ever run in the 8:00/mi range, much less sub 8, and there was NO PROOF!!! So flipping sad.

Track workout tonight: 6x800 with 200m jog in between. Starting at comfortably hard, building up to 90% effort. Garmin says I avg’d 9:44 pace, but it was definitely faster than that!

I haven’t been doing track work regularly for the past two months or so but it felt so good to get out and work out some stress! I ran hard but I feel a million times better now than I did before I went. It’s like magic!

Chester Marathon - W5 D2

3 mile run in the morning and then the quest to find some new running shoes in the evening.

I tried on a million shoes, narrowed it down to two and couldn’t decide so ended up just buying both pairs. Can you tell it’s payday?

I’ll be giving one of these a proper test tomorrow! It’s important that I find something I really like before the marathon 😐

Still morning the loss of my lunaglides 😭

to contribute to the ‘humans are weird’ posts...

Okay, but what about marathons tho. Humans are built to follow animals on foot. Until the animal literally gives up and dies. That’s how we hunt. We’re not super fast or claw-y or bite-y. we just keep running. Forever

Imagine aliens finding out about marathons. Aliens who are stealth predators or evolved from sedentary species learning that humans just straight up run their prey to death. 

Alien Wimu: Human Nik, I have been watching this hologram for several ngu’la. What are these humans doing?
Human Nik: Oh, wow, that’s the Olympics! It’s a competition where humans see who is the best at various physical tasks. This is the marathon, I think? 
Alien Wiro: We have tests of physical prowess on Mngumu as well. But I have been watching for several ngu’la and these humans have been running the entire time. I am concerned. Are they well? Has something gone wrong with the event? Is something chasing them? 
Human Nik: Nope, that’s the event! It’s actually really cool. A long time ago, this human ran – a bunch of kilometers? Something like 40, I think – because he was carrying a message to a place called Marathon from … someplace in Greece because of a war or something. He died I think. Anyway, now a lot of people do it! I actually ran a half-marathon for charity once. It was pretty grueling but it felt really good.
Alien Wiro: …I’m sorry, but I believe you said 40 kilometers. That is equivalent to roughly 349 shmo! 
Human Nik: Yeah, that sounds about right. 
Alien Wiro: And you said the original person died?
Human Nik: Well, I think. But like I said we train for it now. It’s not so bad, really. 
Alien Wiro: … 
Human Nik: Anyway, thanks for showing me! It’s really easy to lose track of time up here, wow. Had no idea the Olympics were happening. 
Alien Wiro: