marathoning anime all day every day

Here’s Cartoon Network Canada’s schedule (MON 7/3 TO SUN 7/9) … oh my gosh. What a nice schedule we have here. Local shows in the day, Adult Swim going into the night AND cartoon classics like the Eds and Johnny Bravo in the midnight hours? It’s everything a viewer could ask for! The scheduling guys over the border should really take down notes, because THIS is how you balance Adult Swim and CN, and give your shows an equal chance. 

I also really appreciate the 3am to 6am slot, giving shows half hour reruns in the late hours is unseen in other regions. Also, apparently weekend midnight hours are used for marathons, which is pretty interesting and I love it. NEW Clarence every day, TTG on Thursday (like CN US in 2016) and PPG, Mighty Magiswords, Uncle Grandpa and anime Turning MeCard on weekend mornings to noon time (refer to bolded slots). Nice variety of premieres, Clarence at 5.30 (instead of 4 which was too early imo) and weekend morning premieres starting not too early at 9.30AM? Great job, that’s pretty good scheduling in my book.

This channel is hitting all the right notes here, and if they maybe removed some of the older and lower-quality shows during the day, this could be the best CN schedule out there. Still, congrats to CN Canada, you’ve successfully surpassed your counterparts across the border.

Just give me Steven, Rick and Morty and the Eds all on the same channel and I’m down for it. And this channel has done it.

My Dear Valentine (Malec Oneshot) by may10baby

Here it is! My Valentine’s Day oneshot based off of the 58 one word prompts sent to me during my little inbox spam a few days back!

Here’s a list of all of the prompts you guys sent me: selkie/music/arrow/coupon/chocolate/candles/heartbreak/admirer/letter/single/champagne/sweetheart/mermaids/frozen/bullied/dick/piercing/heater/storm/primitive/foxy/lullaby/breath/faithful/boxes/brave/cinderella/tangled/disney/dancing/crush/sext/special/secrets/forever/spies/parka/broccoli/jealousy/poison/marathon/slave/pretend/only/mirror/glass/surprise/sneaking/pizza/car/bleed/underworld/anime/witch/Schadenfreude/kelpie/hogwarts/normandy.

Random they are, but I think I’ve managed to create a lovely fic for every Malec shipper on Valentine’s Day.

To my happily involved readers, I wish you many happy Valentine’s Days to come!

To my fabulously single readers, I hope you join me in the great Single Awareness Day tradition of buying all of the discount chocolate tomorrow!


“I didn’t know if you were busy or not, but I wanted to…surprise you.” Alec said, looking nervous. Magnus sent him a confused look.

“Surprise me?” He repeated. Alec nodded, holding his hands out.

“Uh, Happy Valentine’s Day.” He said, holding out a box roughly the size of Chairman Meow. Magnus blinked, staring down at it. It was wrapped in white wrapping paper with red hearts patterned across it, as well as a messy red bow.

“What’s this?” Magnus asked, confused.

“Um, your present?” Alec tried, looking nervous.

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