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do you know that (8/8) : bts edition

He’s talking about the tango scene, hehe.

N7 Day is approaching!! Which means there will be a slight increase of silly Mass Effect doodles in my art blog woooo~~~


Hi friends!!

As you may have seen, I woke up Sunday morning to some dull knee pain. It wasn’t horrible, but I made the albeit annoying but smart decision to not run. I was bummed, but knew I was doing the right thing. I did make sure to do some PT exercises, stretching, and icing to help things along!

Monday my knee felt better, but not quite where I wanted it, so I took that day off too. Trying to be smart! The days off weren’t all bad though, got in some good snuggles with my boys :)

Yesterday I woke up and my knee felt SO much better! So I decided to head out and try

Indy Mini W12D2 - STRENGTH 4x1.5 miles

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, so I told myself just do one and see how I felt. After the first one my whole body was screaming LOLNOPE, so I turned home and cut the workout in half.

And I’m totally fine with that! During this run I had lots of thoughts about how much I push myself for running. And how I really need to be nicer and not put so much pressure on myself. I run for fun! Literally no one depends on how my runs go. My friends and family will still love me if I’m not running 100%. And I feel like I’m learning that more and more. I shouldn’t be nervous 3 days a week because of the hard runs I have to do after work. They should be something I look forward to! So moving forward, I’m going to try my hardest to have a different mindset towards running. It should be fun! Not another stress in my life. If I’m not running 9 min/miles, I’ll still be me and that’s pretty great :)

Okay enough rambles for today! My knee feels great again today, so I’ll be doing tempo tomorrow!

Happy hump day! :)

Games and Pain // Derek Hale
Summary: Summer before the original pack members go into their first year of college the pack developed a taste for video games. It was a shift from supernatural but with Kira gone they had to take Scott’s mind off of her. What happens when you and Derek misjudge where you both are? IS AU SLIGHTLY. Kira is still with the Skinwalkers.

Words: 574

Author: Caitsy

Characters: Derek Hale x Reader, Teen Wolf Cast

Warnings: Swearing, Video Games, Competitive!Derek, and Stiles throwing a shoe at Liam (Mentioned)

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters involved. Nor do I own any gifs, images, jokes, or songs either.

A/N This is the post we’ve decided to make due to the original request involving the reader returning to their significant other after they were physically abused. We’re sorry we were unable to write what you wanted but we have the right to deny any requests that make us too uncomfortable.


Prompt List

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

It was the Saturday night video game marathon again and you both hated and loved it at the same time. It was usually held at yours and Derek’s place meaning if you were sick you had to put up with the noise. This time around you were healthy and happy to be quite honest.

“I’m going to go get a drink.” You whispered kissing Derek on the cheek. He was too involved in trying to beat Stiles that he nodded.

You went into the nice sized you kitchen you had pouring yourself a glass of water as you leaned against the counter. You could see everything in the living room. Stiles, Derek and Scott were in the middle of their video game while Malia, Lydia and Hayden were talking with the level of comfort that had taken a while to get.

“Lyds? Do you want a drink?” You called out receiving a no from all the girls. Each of them holding a still full drink.

“Hey Y/N? Can you tell them to let us play the game?” Liam questioned.

“This is for adults-“

“Dude it’s my game.” Mason looked at Stiles annoyed. Stiles only rolled his eyes in return before looking back at the screen.

“Small unneeded details.” Stiles waved his hand back. You chuckled before coming more into the room.

“Hey Mason, where’s Corey?” You asked.

“He’s not coming.” Mason mumbled sobering up, “He doesn’t want to be around the pack because of the whole Theo wanting power.”

“He’ll come around.” You sighed. Liam rolled his eyes in return not liking how the ass was being rude to his best friend but he kept his mouth shut.

“Should we order more pizza?” Mason asked changing the subject. In return you shrugged your shoulders.

“Who’s winning?”  You asked walked back into the room. You came a little closer just as the the game announced the winner. You meant to stay a little bit away but you tripped over a shoe and landed on your foot too close.

“NO!” Derek exclaimed throwing his arms out to the side. You miscalculated where each of you was.

“OW FUCK!” You screamed holding your shoulder. Derek’s head whipped around to see where his arms had hit.

You were grasping your shoulder with pain as it ebbed, it didn’t help that Derek nearly tripped over himself. He had rushed to get over the couch and almost face planted.

“Shit. Are you okay?” Derek asked checking your shoulder over.

“I’ll consider this as karma for when I sacked you, I should have known a burglar wouldn’t open the door with a key.” You winced at your boyfriend, “Besides I tripped over A FUCKING SHOE.”

Stiles looked down at his foot before hiding his foot that was bare; he had thrown it at Liam. The runt was pissing him off with snide comment on his gaming skills. Next thing he knew he threw his shoe and entirely missing. He didn’t bother getting it either.

“That hurt.” Derek winced remembering that incident, “Are you sure you’re fine? I should have known you were close by your scent.”

“Can we not talk about my scent?” You awkwardly asked shifting your eyes around the room.

“I’ll get you some ice.” Lydia squeezed your arm in comfort as she went to the freezer.

“Thanks!” You called, “Derek you’re doing dished and doing laundry for a month.”

“Deal.” Derek chuckled pulling you into a hug and kissing your sore shoulder.

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I.... I'm kinda shocked

So I’ve been stalking around the soul contract and spiritpact tag for a while and I’m surprised to see completely different reactions.

In the soul contract tag we have some people actually enjoying the show and liked it for its animation and story (then again people marathon all 20 episodes in one sitting so they’re getting more of the story than people watching spiritpact)

And on the other we have people absolutely disliking spiritpact, saying that the animation is jilted, the voice acting is terrible and the pacing is completely off

The pacing part I can understand since episode 1 of spiritpact is two eleven minute episodes put together and the first half of soul contract was rushed because they were cramming almost 100 chapters of story into 20 eleven minute episodes

And it seems like new watchers of soul contract are mostly people who can speak Chinese so they can get the nuances of the language (that, and the Chinese voices are just better than the dub)

Perhaps the bad reviews spiritpact is getting is because people are judging it as an anime and not a donghua. As an anime, it sucks. There are so many other amines better than it and it’s drowning.

But if you look at it from the context that it’s a piece of Chinese animation from a Chinese studio, it actually looks kinda good

in any case I’m still going to keep watching the dub and making fan content no matter what the reviewers say